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  1. I do suspect that the current procedure in our Troop relates to adult leader convenience. The very large Troop (65) is run by a few very dedicated adults. (So my next thread will be about how to get more parent volunteers to take on ongoing responsibilities!) Yes our Scout shop also takes Fax orders for badges & insignias! Thanks again for all the info & insights.
  2. Thanks to all for the timely responses! Just what I was looking for ...I agree totally on the "immediate recognition" aspect of advancement. (Now...Anyone have any advice on a tactful way to suggest to our Troop's Advancement Committee that a particular-scout-who-happens-to-be-related-to-me really wants his rank advancement now, not in 3 months!) Thanks Again, New ASM & Troublemaker
  3. In our Troop, official rank status & badges are awarded only at the Courts of Honor. So, if a scout meets all of the requirements of a particular rank a couple weeks after a Court of Honor, then he has to wait 3-4 months to be considered as promoted to the next rank. Consequently, the scouts cannot start the clock for ranks that require "being active for _ months as (the previous rank)" until the next Court, even though they have passed all the requirements. I know it is frustrating for the boys, but it also seems inconsistent with "immediate recognition" of advancement. I don't have a
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