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  1. Just completed woodbadge training and am on fire. help me to move duval county florida from the number 1 city of murders committed by youth in florida to the last
  2. We are starting a crew at our troop and went to purchase Passport to High Adventrue" from local council and found out it was discontinued. Does anyone have one we could purchase or is there another publication similar to that one. Thanks for your help SMT650 Brian Burns
  3. I have been an adult leader for 8 years, 4 as we started our pack and now finishing my fourth and last year as SM. Both my sons will make Eagle this year. I think my favorite memories are when I look at the trophies they won in the pinewood derbies (and no I did not do all the work on the cars, only the wheels). Then i think of the times I see the boys looking at their compasses with a topigraphical map figuring the best way to get to all the stations, or canoeing through the Suwanee River with the gators. It is hard to pick just one, the memories just keep coming. Am not leaving scouts, will
  4. Can we go on troop water activities without a BSA lifeguard in the troop?
  5. Is serving as your patrol cook and supervising a Leadership Position and therefore subjective to: is the cook being a leader during the meals. Or is this a skill activity same as knot tying?
  6. I am planning my first court of honor are there any prepared plans?
  7. My name is Brian Burns, I am the new SM for Troop 650 in Middleburg, FL. I am fortunate to be at the reigns of a troop well established with adult leaders, scouts and troop gear. We are now working on getting the troop to be a totally boy run organization. Can use some suggestions on ways for SPL to take charge of meetings and be prepared for them. Brian Burns
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