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  1. Buddy system doesnt always work. Two stories An Eagle Scout and his girl friend, a neighbor of my kids' grandparents, went for a day hike up Mt Pilchuck. They were crossing a snow field. They took off their shoes to get a better grip in snow with bare feet. They were found dead a few hundred feet below the snow with the shoes on the snow. In August, just before my sons senior year, the cross country team from his high school was up at the school districts eco camp for a team retreat. They decided to hike up to the top of Mt. Dickerman. A boy and girl arrived at the top well behind the
  2. Here in Washington State, the State Constitution in Section 11 states in part: No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise or instruction, or the support of any religious establishment. This is a stronger separation of church and state than the US Constitution, While our state as well as other states give tax exceptions to church property it does the same for any non-profit be it the Little League Field, Hospital, Masonic Temple or animal welfare society. The reason that the state does so that it demeans that provide a public servic
  3. I dont get the numbers. First off I will have to tell you hiking in the Northwest, especially backpacking tend to be in Wilderness Areas/ National Parks with a hard limit of 12 beating hearts, i.e. people and dogs/horses/llamas in a group. Many other low level hikes, which is all you get this time (too much snow) have this limit too. So if the interest is high for a hike only two adults go. By the way my reading of the rules is if you sending a scout out for medical care, you can send him out with the one adult and one other scout, no over night stay, no adult alone with a scout. Youre going h
  4. Ed, thats not what I was saying, Merlyn disagrees with you on the interpretation as do many theologians and biblical scholars do. Merlyn understands it but comes to a different conclusion than you do.
  5. I want to take the word clear out of this discussion, as it has turned into a loaded term. What Christian scholars have are varying interpretations of the passages. Let us take an other belief that Christian disagree on: baptism. Lutherans, Roman Catholics and others believe that infants can and should be baptized, but Baptists and others believe that baptism should happen only when there is ability to understand and agree with the baptism. Both look at the same passages and come to the opposite conclusions, they would both say the passages are clear but that the other is interpreting
  6. When I was SM we made a big deal about presenting all of it to scout at his ECOH. We also paid his frist dues to NESA. I'll always made some lame joke about the Eagle Credit Card, just like my Vigil Card with it and $4 you could get a latte at Starbucks.
  7. It comes to cost, to stock the Scout Stores around the country with badges and books. When it come time for a new batch of books or badges, especially if there has to happen just because of design change, reference or updating the material. If they havent moved then all the stock on the shelves is obsolete and the cost of the new stuff comes down to a business decision to keep or not.
  8. Im ELCA also, and hold the Lamb Award plus the Vigil Honor. If we were to go to a Missouri Synod more than likely we would be refused communion, at WELS we would. MS pastors have been disciplined for co-officiating in everything from weddings rites when their child married a child of an ELCA pastor to the most famous one of a District President participating in a multi-faith prayer service in New York after 9-11. This traces back to the founding of MS back in the 1840s by German Lutherans who fled the kingdom of Prussia when the king combined the Lutheran and Reformed Churches because h
  9. Many Christian Denominations have issues with the Masons not just because they are secret. Lutheran Church Missouri Synod: Bylaw 3.925 of the Synod's Handbook summarizes the rationale for the Synod's longstanding position on the lodges: "Pastors and laypeople must avoid membership or participation in any organization that in its objectives, ceremonies, or practices is inimical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the faith and life of the Christian church." It is because tenets and practices of Freemasonry conflict with the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ that our church from its very b
  10. The major thing you need to do is inform everyone of the rules when they join and when you update them with the amounts of their scout account. In the ten years I was scoutmaster we never had a problem with the rule that if he went to another troop the money went with him. Didnt have many do that though. We even kept scouts money separate after they dropped out in case they came back. In a few cases I had to remind the treasurer that Billy wasnt going to rejoin because he was 20 now.
  11. Any flap issued by a lodge is official and may be worn by a lodge member in good standing in that lodge. The lodge needs to meet some requirements on design and elements but be it one color or 200 it can be worn on the uniform.
  12. Can anyone change this topic title to Logging at Scout Camps?
  13. Big story about logging in scout camps around the country: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/specials/scoutslogging/ Highly critical
  14. Here is a another trivia question what African Americans have been 4th in line for succession to president?
  15. When I was a scoutmaster, a scout at his first meeting, during the steal the bacon game, did a header into the pin on a door hinge. Mom hauled him off to the ER for stiches while we cleaned up the blood. Thought that was the last we would see of him. Boy did I have a great story for his Eagle COH five years later. Do a good little cubmaster minute praising him for his actions while hurt and don't forget to inclued all thoses who helped. Thank the other cubs for just being good scouts for all they did to help situation, i.e being good, staying out of the way
  16. What is with the big deal to have all the advancement in one meeting. Cubs advance when they are ready. Cross over at the Blue and Gold, that is a special time for the Webelos why mix it into a celebration of the birthday of Scouting give them their own special night. Cubbing is to be for young boys with short attention span, plus many Cubs have even younger siblings. Get some reality into the meeting planning,
  17. Just a little hint for those of you dont want to be called by campaigns. If they know how youre are going to vote they will stop. If the democrats know if you are voting republican they will stop calling and if the republicans know you are voting democratic they will stop calling. If you are undecided you are red meat and they both will call. In the primary season they will call people who are have indentified with their party to find out if you are voting for their party candidate in the primary, if you are a state that allows independents to vote in party primary you will get called
  18. Found this in the uniform regs online at the BSA site referring to drill teams and such: The wearing of special helmets, scarves, gloves, unofficial leggings, and the carrying of ceremonial guns or swords by members of such organizations using the uniforms of the Boy Scouts of America is in violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America. (http://www.scouting.org/media/insigniaguide/03.aspx) Guns real or not are against the rules.
  19. I have seen this happen, a Cub Den (made up of Tigers, Wolves or Bears) picks a den totem and then refers to themselves as the Eagle Den rather than Den 1. That is not permitted, they are Den 1 but I suppose that they in their den yell could say were the eagles from den one rah, rah, rah (I know it's a lame yell). They are numbers until they become Webelos.
  20. Now to get confusing, there were (not sure if they really officially gone) both Venture and Varsity patrols available to Scout Troops. The idea was these were for senior boys (no girls) to specialize in sports or high adventure in order to retain the older scouts. They were established before Exploring went to Learning for Life. Then Varsity Teams as a stand alone program was formed for boys fourteen to eighteen. Now we had four BSA units types Cubs (boys ~8 to ~ 10.5), Boy Scouts (boys ~10.5 to 18), Varsity (boys 14 to 18), Explorers (co-ed 14 to 21). In the nineties in became untenab
  21. Just a suggestion, it might be a fitting symbol to the merger of the units to make the troop neckerchief to be combination of the old troops ones and if neither of the units has a long veteran status to combine the numbers. If one troop neckerchief was blue and the other red make up a blue/red one with a lightening blot linking the numbers or something.
  22. I first saw the James E. West knot shortly after it was introduced. I was helping out as a commissioner at summer camp in the craft lodge. A new scout was there and had a knot on that I had never seen before. So I asked what it was for? O, my grandpa got it for by giving money to the Scouts. So ever since I jokingly refer to West knot as my grandpa got it for me knot
  23. One thing I found very bothersome with Ayn Rand was her view that someone who was altruistic was stupid. I think that kind of goes against scouting ideals.
  24. Lisabob, I may be wrong but a knot is worn when you do not wear the badge -- So the AOL as well as the Eagle knot is not worn on a Boy Scout as well as a Cub (in the case of the AOL)uniform because the Arrow of light Award is worn.(This message has been edited by nwscouter)
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