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  1. The business of America is business is a statement made by President Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s.
  2. The borders of our country have always been porous. With us trying to stop Mexican migration northward; we are trying to stop something thats been happening for hundreds of years. The recent change in the last 30 years or so is that more are crossing because there is more work for them. When I was a child in Washington State when had the same if not more seasonal farm work, but not a much Mexican labor. I have seen pictures of migrant hop pickers in Issaquah in the 20s and 30s, they where not Mexican but what you would call more American, of European and African origins. I had cousins who pic
  3. The city had signed a contract with the union and in it agreed to what kind of work it covered and if there was a dispute there is a grievance process. If you where a real estate agent and had a listing (a contract) to sell a house and while your listing was in force, the seller sells to friend and refuses to pay your commission, youd sue him because your listing agreement says that if the house sells while the listing is in force then you own so much commission. The contract between the city and a union is no different except that this contract has a process (grievance) to find out if the co
  4. I live in the city which would have got the new 787 line for Boeing. Boeing never in good faith bargained to keep it in Everett. The union, the city and the state worked hard to keep it here. But the company never had the intention to keep it here. The line workers here make $25 + an hour; in North Carolina without a union they make $12-14. Boeing claims a month long strike is why to 787 is 22 months behind schedule. No it is mismanagement. Back in the 80s in Portland Oregon the bus service had the same dust up over an Eagle Project taking union work. Back when I was in student govern
  5. Do you if you arent a relative of US citizen you more the likely will not be able to immigrate legally. Even then the waits can be well beyond ten years from certain countries like Mexico or the Philippines. The only quick way in is by refugee, asylum status and by taking high tech jobs away from Americans (H1B visa). Up until the 1920s anyone could immigrate here unless you were undesirable, criminals (including political), sick (TB etc.) and oh, Japanese and Chinese (since the 1880s). The first comprehensive immigration law was in the 20s, we decided that we needed to protect against u
  6. read this right, the 5 months 10 days is how long after he was Life he served as a Den Chief an Eagle POR and you have a problem with either being a Den Chief as a qualifying POR or that he didnt do a good enough job as Den Chief. If you have a problem with a Den Chief as Eagle POR, get over it, the requirements allow it. If you had a problem with his service as Den Chief and he has served a year and Im assuming he used it for Life, why wait until 20 days left. You should have discussed with him earlier in Scoutmaster Conference. By the way all he need to serve is 20 days more in POR, yo
  7. I guess all Im trying to say is if you ran under the banner of a party and the voters of a district who know what the party stood for and then voted for him. You should not be surprised that the representative voted for those things. The representative should listen to you as he listens to all the people of the district, and then votes the way he feels is best for the district and the nation. If the people of his district feel he is not representing them, then they can vote him out. What I am saying if your district has been electing a representative for multiple terms as a Democrat or Re
  8. My representative does all that too, newsletters and polls. He got plenty of complaints about the health care reform, most of them based on misinformation propagated by right wing scare groups. The interesting thing is he received an equal number of communications from people who did vote for him who felt he didnt go far enough. They want not just a public option but a single payer plan like Canada and the European countries. They want the insurance companies out of health care. Most of the people who where at the healthcare forums, yelling and calling him names would not vote for him wh
  9. I have used back packing stoves since I bought a Primus back from REI (then called the Coop) in the 60s when I was a Boy Scout. I now have a MSR WhisperLite still from REI, liquid fuel, prefer it over gas canisters, dont like sleeping with my fuel to get it started in the cold and worrying how to correctly to dispose of canisters. The pot I used back then was a 3lb metal coffee can (Folgers, I think was my parents favorite). I once bought this neat fold up non-stick fry pan. I hiked in with a frozen steak to impress the scouts with what they could cook. It thawed perfectly by dinner and
  10. I got these out of the Washington Trails web site wta.org. These are recipes by Sarah Kirkconnell. Her blog is www.trailcooking.com. The names sounds real fancy but it is easy to do on a backbacking stove. I know it calls for fresh picked Huckleberries, too late to get them around here now but be creative with the fruit. Many like the freezer bag method, no pot cleaning. Just rise out the bag and put it in your carry out trash bag and your dish washing is done by throwing it in the first trash can you come to. Curried Salmon Pilaf In a quart freezer or storage bag put: 1
  11. I want to ask you a question. What is the way you determine if a legislator/representative is not doing what the people he is represents wants? Not just who yells the loudest or disrupts meeting the most, but what the people in his/her district want. It is called an election. They were elected by a majority of the people in their district (I know a very few by just a plurality). Every two, four or six years you get to vote them out if enough of you in their district agree with you. This summer I went to two of the town halls my US representative held, I talked to many of the tea baggers,
  12. Did Jackie Paper die or just go away-- you decide. Singers do not live forever, Mary Travers RIP A dragon lives forever but not so little boys Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys. One grey night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more And Puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar. His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain, Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane. Without his life-long friend, Puff could not be brave, So Puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave. (This message has been edited by nwsco
  13. struax, you said: Lets start with the easy ones.... #2 AOL Square knot worn by Scouts and Adults alike..... The aol knot I believe is not worn on youth uniforms at least not Boy Scouts. They I know wear the badge, the arrow.
  14. Baden does not speak for me. Leroy brings up the contradictions in what some of the posters dont understand. If the BSA discriminates against gay and atheists for whatever reason; the government cant give any kind of sponsorship because it is against the law. The BSA can be a discriminatory organization, thats their right, but to cry about it when we loose some government support is not standing and taking what we deserve.
  15. What are they using a relatively small object, like a 10 lb. boat anchor. Why not use a new scout size dummy?
  16. Out here Lakeside HS (Bill Gates and Paul Allens alma mater) are forfeiting this weeks football game because of too many players sick.
  17. I believe you have to be trained as a Den Leader as a separate requirement for the award. This requirement is to show that you have participated in additional position related or local training and/or active in the district.
  18. Here is a good site for all sorts of BSA history: http://www.boyscoutstuff.com/ A Meirit Badge that would cover what youre asking would be Collections BTW Historic Trails Award is not in the avancement scheme but an award for completing or designing historic trail.(This message has been edited by nwscouter)
  19. Reading the topic about WWII scout uniforms reminded me of website I read about Scouting world wide during WWII. It is really a book length site called The Left Handshake, The Boy Scout Movement during the War, 1939-1945 by Hilary St. George Saunders. http://pinetreeweb.com/left-handshake.htm . It is fascinating full of stories of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in the ruble of the Warsaw uprising, working with the Dutch underground. I only found one factual error dealing with Norway, the author said the invasion of Norway followed the Danish by 24 hours; they were all part of the same operatio
  20. Now the Webelos misconception, first the only difference between a W1 and 2 is the grade/age of a Webelos, the program is the same the W2 are just about finished. What you called Webolos 3 and assuming this because you said they were in a troop, is used by LDS troops. They divide up their program strictly by age because their responsibilities in their church are done like that. The Boy Scouts 12-13, Varsity 14-15 and Venturing 16-17 are under the Young Mens Presidency, while the Cubs 8-10 (no tigers) and 11 year old Boy Scouts are the Womens Relief Society. Im out here in Washington, at least
  21. No we have to be registered there are bad guys out there. I was a district advancement chair for two years and maintained the MBC list was a pain. It was an excel spread sheet and data consistency problems. James Jones, the same person as Jimmy Jones with a different address (move?) or Jim or Jr Jones at the same address (son or a different MB?) . Then they started tracking on the National Database (just names, not enough time to add MB counseled). Well that allow us to drop scouter registered in other positions when they left them; but what if he was a great leather crafter and would have
  22. Ya betcha they did especially the cub but that shrunk by 7th grade. The Boy Scout not until my late 30's, it help that I stayed in till I was 18 and 195 lb HS lineman. It also was short sleeved and v-neck collared.
  23. It didn't copy over. Here is the list of handbooks: Official Handbook/A Handbook of Woodcraft, Scouting, and Life-craft (1911) The Official Handbook for Boys (1911-1914) Boy Scout Handbook/2nd Edition The Official Handbook for Boys (1914-27) Boy Scout Handbook/3rd Edition Revised Handbook for Boys (1927-40) Boy Scout Handbook/4th Edition Revised Handbook for Boys (1940-48) Boy Scout Handbook/5th Edition Handbook for Boys (1948-59) Boy Scout Handbook/6th Edition Boy Scout Handbook (1959-65) Boy Scout Handbook/7th Edition Boy Scout Handbook (1965-72) Boy Scout Handbo
  24. One thing I like to clear up, the accident insurance that a unit has purchases only medical coverage coordinated with any insurances a member of the unit has. It is not liability insurance, it will not cover the shingle that gets away and hits a park user for medical or for his windshield being fixed. It only covers specific persons. Last time I read one policy, the wording was such that it would cover a boy on an outing checking out Scouting but uncovered are non register persons like a little sister tagging along. The last I heard is the National is the holder of the General Liability.
  25. I do remembering the change. I started Boy Scouts in 63 and stayed until I was 18 in 70. The handbook had changed in 65. In 67 they got rid of the Lion badge, added 15 activity badges and made a one year stand alone Webelos den for 10 year old. The badge we know as the Arrow of Light was added to Cubbing in 41 and called it Webolos, in 54 they started the Webelos Den for 10.5 year old Cubs. In 72 the cloth Bobcat badge we know today was added. From 67 to 71 only diamond shaped rank badges worn were Wolf and Bear. The Old Webelos badge name was changed to Arrow of Light in 72. The diamond sha
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