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  1. My 13 year old went. After a day or two he learned there were patch traders and patch Pirates. I'd rather planners prevent him having to learn that lesson the hard way, but, c'est la vie. He seemed to handle it OK, though the lack of PODs frustrated him and cost him hours on the couple of days he wanted the patch. Why not just make them participants patches? You do some themed activity that day and you get that patch. And if you visit the merit badge midway you get that participation patch. Getting sets of the PODs out through scoutstuff is a good solution - after the fact. Hop
  2. Welcome Radio, The fact that you wanted to ask the question and found a great place to ask it speaks wonderfully of you! It seems like you have a good handle on this and have already read several good paths toward the future. Emb021 and BadenP, seems like you guys are arguing the spirit vs letter of the law. Obviously, you're going to find it hard to reach closure. Isn't it obvious? The rule is clear, but will be enacted at the unit level so it's going to be handled differently by individual groups. My inclination would be to try to get it to work for the young adults
  3. bakerjw, For "official" documentation, you really don't need to look beyond page 6 in the Wolf Handbook (I use the '03 edition). The section entitled "The Arrow Point Trail" clearly separates Achievements from Electives. They're defined differently, and given discrete purposes. Additionally, they're described as being parts of different "Trails" (Wolf and Arrow Point). I know there are Packs that stretch and interpret the lack of specific denial of "Achiements = Electives" (in order to award additional arrow points?). I don't honestly see how you can read that as the intent of
  4. If you ship books to Roger through the US Postal Service remember to ask for the "book rate" -- a less expensive post, for books, CDs, etc. Each box is limited to 15 lbs. jd
  5. Again, Thank You for your efforts, Roger. Wish your Mom Well for us! If anyone's council uses the "participation segment" program for use with the red vests -- use the "book" segment as a thank you/recognition of particpation for a book drive. FYI, it's not just "books" that is being overlooked with these poor kids. http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/04/25/katrina.schildren.ap/index.html jd
  6. My apologies if I've muddied the waters with my June 1 comment. It's a standing policy with my council and I never thought to research it for accuracy (trusting the Service Center . . . Hmmmmm ...). Anyway, I can't find any documentation for the specific date, though my guess is that ScoutNut has explained my Council's policy. BTW, our Pack awards Bobcat in November. Another problem that I can't convince others of, . . . but perhaps this new June 1, 2006 policy will change our patterns a bit. jd
  7. SpongeBob, WELCOME!!! Bobcat requirements are in the Tiger handbook so that your boys can practice -- they cannot officially earn Bobcat until June 1 as they enter their Wolf year. OF COURSE, on this particular upcoming June 1 that will change and the new Tigers can earn Bobcat immediately, just like your new Wolves. jd
  8. I'm with Kahuna. The only thing I'd add is that it's very easy to help others make you look foolish -- especially for large organizations that achieve ICON status >> BSA, MLB, NFL, RNC, Fortune 100 companies, etc.. BSA did just that. It's not helpful when the only BSA participation in the program was a written "no comment" that had a vocabulary error (mistaking "respectively" for "respectfully") and charging $150 for the use of a BSA photo of Mr. Shields (assuming P/T are telling the truth about the fee.) On the whole, a serious non-event with more cursing than you'd hear
  9. Thanks for the heads up, Merlyn. I'll definitely be taping it. I think getting defensive about it, before it even airs, shows a bit of shortsightedness on our part. True, Penn and Teller are terribly irreverent concerning their program topics, but I haven't seen them lie yet -- though I've only seen a few shows. Many Americans are uncomfortable with our organizational stances -- it won't take much work on Penn and Teller's part to separate our present from our past -- in the eyes of their typical viewing audience. I guess, the important questions are: Does it matter or
  10. Well played, Trev! Eamonn, the notebook style CD holder works well for organization, saves TONS of space, is more portable, and looks better if they have to be stored in view. Even better, for functional CDs like training, etc. buy packs of CD pages (4 or 8 CDs to the page) that can be put in all your training ringbinders - so the CD is stored with the associated print material. jd
  11. Some day, in years to come, you will be wrestling with the great temptation, or trembling under the great sorrow of your life. But the real struggle is here, now, in these quiet weeks. Now it is being decided whether, in the day of your supreme sorrow or temptation, you shall miserably fail or gloriously conquer. Character cannot be made except by a steady, long continued process. - Phillips Brooks
  12. . . . second printing of 2005 C S Leader Book . . . ... either that, or a very helpful Frontiersman is pulling my Illini leg all the way to Oklahoma ... jd
  13. LyndaJ, I agree with your thinking. How does a Scouter go about getting MB regs changed. I'm not a bug person, nor a designer of MBs -- there might be a reason for this activity being part of the requirements. jd
  14. Again, I'd encourage the parents and Cubs to show growth. There really isn't a limit per se - so your "only twice" limit is arbitrary (even thought I get the thinking behind it). Adding "show growth" is arbitrary, as well, I'll admit, but I hope you can see some advantages and the motivation for parents and kids to stretch their efforts. A parent who wants to count the reading elective each night is just missing the whole point of the elective program and needs to be spoken with now so their behavior improves before they get to the other ranks. Besides, you won't discourage their read
  15. Beagle Scout, WELCOME!!! Thanks for the heads up! It always cracks me up that we get the info here at Scouter before the crowd at the Service Center and the Training Committee . . . jd
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