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  1. Set your DVRs: Turner Classic Movies is scheduled to air "Room for One More" (1952) on Monday Dec 21 at 4pm (check your local listings) According to Wikipedia: Cary Grant adopts a handicapped boy whose life is changed by family and Scouting, becoming an Eagle Scout. Also called "The Easy Way". Astute viewers will also recognize George Winslow who plays a major role in another Scouting movie, "Mister Scoutmaster" (1953). I have "Room for One More" on DVD and if you've never seen it, I think it will be worth your time. It was made when Hollywood still depicted Scouting in a positive li
  2. Maybe. But many of the movies mentioned in this thread were produced before tody's Scouts were even born. The current movies (e.g., A Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) do indeed rely on the tired trope of a nerd Scout. Can you name a recent movie that shows Scouting in a positive light and doesn't make use of the pedophile or nerd tropes?
  3. One could argue that if the producers followed BSA uniform requirements exactly then BSA would sue them for infringement (else work out a licensing deal which the producers might find too expensive for a single episode). I wish BSA would work more cooperatively with Hollywood so the public could see Scouting in a wider and more positive light. As it is, typical Hollywood portrayals of Scouting involves either pedophiles or nerds.
  4. Was the late Gus Grissom ever an Explorer? I stumbled across this photo of him standing in front of the Exploring logo, but there is no caption of explanation:
  5. Here's the song, "Be Prepared", sung by Doris Day and Jack Lemmon from the film, "It Happened to Jane" (1959), re-released as "Twinkle and Shine" (1961). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUAObYotzDQ
  6. Just FYI, I watched the episode and I believe the kid in the pics is the SPL (although in the episode, they never identified his rank or office). The SM is not included in the pics I posted because none of the online pics show him in uniform.
  7. I agree. THC is no longer about history but about entertainment. I had high hopes for "Project Blue Book" when I first heard about it, but after watching a couple of episodes, I was sorely disappointed when they decided to go all "X-Files" on me. As if sticking to the facts wouldn't have been interesting enough.
  8. Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I did a quick search and didn't see a thread or even a post on it. You'd think as often as Scouts go camping, there would be more cases of Scouts reporting sightings of UFOs. There was a famous (at the time) case in 1952 from West Palm Beach, FL of Scoutmaster Sonny DesVergers claiming to have been "attacked" by a UFO (see, for example, https://www.nicap.org/bhoax.htm). The Air Force investigator concluded that that particular case was a hoax. What got me thinking about Scouts and UFOs was a recent episode of "Project Blue Book" on the History Ch
  9. It (1990} The 1986 Stephen King horror novel was filmed as a miniseries in 1990. I've never read the book, and I didn't see the original miniseries, but the DVD (and I assume both the book and original miniseries) has a character named Richie Tozier, identified by Wikipedia as a "Jewish Boy Scout". I noticed the uniform Richie wears in his first few scenes appears to be a very faithful version of the Boy Scout uniform, which got me to wondering if it was in fact, an authentic BSA (albeit 1960 vintage) uniform. Did BSA cooperate in the production of this film? I didn't notice a mentio
  10. Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1727776/combined is a good movie that is unfortunately rated R for violence, language, and nudity. It paints Scouting in a positive light, despite the obligatory swipes about it being for nerds, etc.
  11. FYI: "Immaculate conception" means born w/o original sin, and according to Catholic teaching (I'm Episcopalian myself), only four people were conceived immaculately: Adam, Eve, Mary, and Jesus. This is different from "Virgin birth". I think you meant the latter. Fred Goodwin Cub Scout parent San Antonio, TX
  12. Buzzfeed has a great review of "The Hearts of Men" about "three generations of men as they return to a Boy Scout camp in northern Wisconsin over the course of 60 years": https://www.buzzfeed.com/lincolnthompson/6-great-books-to-read-in-april The cover art got my attention and obviously points to a story about Scouting in some form. This begs the question: what other Scouting fiction or Scouting novels have I missed? Any personal favorites you'd recommend? Fred Goodwin Cub Scout parent San Antonio, TX
  13. I know this thread is old, but I found a link to the LA Times article I quoted above. I don't know how long this link will be good but here it is: http://articles.latimes.com/2000/aug/17/news/ss-6081
  14. I've used Yahoo Groups for over a decade for units and for districts. They have a files and photo area to store pics, and privacy settings if you want to keep your group unlisted. I recommend them.
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