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  1. Merlyn_LeRoy

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    Except the BSA doesn't follow them with regard to atheists, nor (judging by past comments) does Eagledad.
  2. Merlyn_LeRoy

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    We went through this 14 years ago: And 13 years ago: And 10 years ago: And probably more.
  3. Merlyn_LeRoy

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    The BSA has said in various court cases that they are a religious organization, but they didn't use that wording in Dale -- that was pretty much just whether the BSA was a private club or a public accommodation (which by itself would probably cut them off of public school chartering, since I doubt public schools could own & operate a private club). And the BSA didn't part with public schools and the military until the ACLU threatened to sue, which was 5 years after Dale. And yes, that was totally due to the BSA's discrimination against atheists.
  4. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Fort Worth Catholic Bishop endorses Troops of St. George

    Well, about a quarter of 13-18 year olds are prohibited from joining the BSA, for a start: https://www.barna.com/research/atheism-doubles-among-generation-z/
  5. Merlyn_LeRoy

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    If it changes depending on what god(s) you believe exist, does the term mean anything at all?
  6. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Girl Scouts letter to BSA

    As far as the UW (and probably most of the corporate sponsors), they still have a policy against giving to organizations that discriminate on the basis of religion and/or creed.
  7. Merlyn_LeRoy

    A letter from my SE

    So do I, and I know of all the recent policy changes. I don't agree it's the same organization. An organization that excluded Jews (as many US clubs did decades ago) is different from the same organization once it stops excluding Jews. Excluding people is teaching by demonstration.
  8. Merlyn_LeRoy

    President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    I've been fine, how's by you?
  9. Merlyn_LeRoy

    President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    On what possible grounds?
  10. Merlyn_LeRoy

    President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    And still is.
  11. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Religious groups and individual beliefs

    People can redefine themselves all they want -- but if you genuinely want to understand what another person means by "atheist" or "agnostic", you need to ask them what they mean. If you just want to slap labels on people, you don't even need to ask first.
  12. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Religious groups and individual beliefs

    Better correction here: ask people who call themselves "atheist" and/or "agnostic" (and plenty are both, like me) what they mean by the terms, not other people.
  13. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Boys and Girls (Co-Ed) Cub and Boy Scouts Are Coming

    And since LFL allows atheists, either atheist boys can join via LFL, or it's lawsuit time again. And the BSA can't argue that excluding atheists is somehow a vital part of the program since they would already allow atheist girls. As others have also mentioned STEM scouting, I've seen conflicting statements on whether that uses LFL; here's one that says it does: http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/04/15/stem-scouts/ Plus concerning the recent "atheists can be part of a Unitarian-Universalist" troop, maybe adding a "Public Lip Service" merit badge could be added.
  14. Merlyn_LeRoy

    "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    It does to fulfill stosh's imaginary governmental repression. It's the difference between being arrested for being a jerk vs. being treated as a jerk for being a jerk.
  15. Merlyn_LeRoy

    "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    By whom? Hate speech is perfectly legal in the US.