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  1. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Schools & Religious Principle

    The main change was back in 2005, when the Illinois ACLU pointed out to the BSA that public schools couldn't legally charter units that excluded atheists. At the time, roughly 10% of all Packs were chartered by public schools (in Texas, it was 25%) -- this figure does not include PTAs/PTOs or private schools. PTAs/PTOs can charter units and can meet in public schools on the same basis as other groups.
  2. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Schools & Religious Principle

    To get back to Protoclete's question instead of the usual bickering of theists lying about how atheists can't have morals... You can't legally charter a traditional BSA unit (pack, troop, etc) to a public school in the US; as your initial post points out, that requires the school to exclude atheists, something a public school can't do. It looks like some international schools in the US are private, and some are attached to a public school system; only the ones that are private would be able to charter a unit.
  3. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Discussing LDS beliefs in relation to Scouting

    OK, when Tahawk or another member accuses me of deriding all religious beliefs with a vengeance in the messaging function, I'll reply that way. When he accuses me in public, I'll respond in public, otherwise only one side is ever heard.
  4. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Discussing LDS beliefs in relation to Scouting

    No, if Tahawk wants to quote something I've actually written where I "deriding all religious beliefs with a vengeance", he needs to. Otherwise, he's just lying about me.
  5. Merlyn_LeRoy

    Discussing LDS beliefs in relation to Scouting

    Where have I done that, Tahawk? Or are you just projecting how you deride atheists and Humanists?
  6. Merlyn_LeRoy

    School Newspaper

    I assume this is a public school -- maybe they don't want the school newspaper promoting a group that discriminates on the basis of religion.
  7. Merlyn_LeRoy

    And so it begins

    Now it is, yes. It used to have the same "no gays, no atheists" requirements as the Scouting program, until it was pointed out (via lawsuits) that police departments, fire departments, etc. couldn't legally do that.
  8. Merlyn_LeRoy

    And so it begins

    What is moral/ethical? By whose example do you judge? Atheists are certainly prone to this. Sure, but trying to say something like "I get my morals from my god, therefor atheists, who don't have a god, don't have morals, either" isn't valid reasoning, and is shown to be false by the existence of moral atheists. with the possible exception of the Ba 'Hai ? and Buddhism? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_and_violence I think a good first pass to find violence by religious view X is to look for where they are in power -- I don't think Bahá'í have been numerous enough to be in charge anywhere, and I don't see much organized violence by them, either. Atheism points to Humanity as it's authority While that's common, atheism per se doesn't assign any particular authority.
  9. Merlyn_LeRoy

    And so it begins

    Try https://www.atheistalliance.org/about-atheism/can-atheists-moral/ https://www.atheists.org/activism/resources/ethics-without-gods/ https://www.thoughtco.com/atheists-have-no-basis-for-morality-248301 I'll just add this: Can there be moral absolutes if there is no Giver of moral law in the first place? Since people don't agree on what gods exist or even (if they agree on the same god) exactly what that god wants, "god-based" morals are also, essentially, subjective, because the god you end up following is a subjective decision. And it's even worse, because so many people think they end up with objective morals, and they get at loggerheads with other people with different, objective morals. The phrase "different, objective morals" is, of course, impossible if both of you really have objective morals, so this is a big hint that at least one of you is wrong.
  10. Typical BSA member insulting an atheist yet again. It's possible I don't know what YOU are really saying, but I'd put that down to your incoherence.
  11. Which is nonsense. Gods never show up to state what these morals are, it's always only humans. Christianity has changed drastically over centuries. Different Christian sects don't agree on what is moral even though they supposedly all worship the same god. And since gods can have any morals, theists can claim any behavior as moral, too. And theists could say slavery is moral today too, because it's really only their opinion of what is and isn't moral; they only claim they know what their god wants, like the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845.
  12. SSScout, theists (mostly Christians in the US) are constantly using that exact argument to claim atheists are innately immoral, as people like Eagledad has. I will not interpret it any other way.
  13. Typical BSA member insulting an atheist for not being humble when insulted.
  14. Neither are religious tenets, of course, but plenty of people pretend they are, which is simply not dealing with reality.