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  1. Question to everyone pretending there's no problem: what happens when an atheist wants to join the CGAUX's official youth group? The BSA has always said that atheists can't be members, period. They get their membership revoked. So what happens?
  2. The BSA's rules and even 36 U.S. Code Chapter 309 (which doesn't mention religion at all) cannot conflict with the US constitution, which does not permit a part of the US government to have an official youth group that excludes people on the basis of religious belief. This is the same situation where the BSA had to drop all public school charters for packs and troops.
  3. No, the base problem is an organization of the government is using a "no atheists allowed" youth group as its official youth group and sponsoring their units. It doesn't matter if that agrees with the BSA's guidelines or not.
  4. Use Maritime Exploring Clubs, they're under Exploring/LFL and don't have religious requirements for membership.
  5. No, it's a sure loser in court. I've already notified the FFRF and the AHA, both of which file lawsuits to protect the rights of atheists. The BSA simply can't be trusted.
  6. Even the BSA's own documents on chartering organizations says the USCG AUX can't charter units: https://scoutingwire.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Chartered-Organization-Resource-Guide_522-925_wb.pdf In the section titled "Chartered Organization Code List" starting on page 125, it lists codes for various chartering organizations, and EVERY government organization has an asterisk, which is at the end of the list meaning "* Available to Learning for Life only" Note this entry on page 126: 075 Coast Guard (Stations, Reserves and Auxiliaries)*
  7. What six are ahead of atheists? They no longer exclude gays, transexuals, girls, etc.
  8. 2. Reviewing every element of our programs to ensure diversity and inclusion are engrained at every level for participants and volunteers by applying a standard that promotes racial equality and denounces racism, discrimination*, inequality and injustice. 3. Requiring diversity and inclusion* training for all BSA employees starting July 1 and taking immediate action toward introducing a version for volunteers in the coming months. (*atheists not included)
  9. "Feel free to tell that to the units that have already been chartered over the last few months." I'm sure the Freedom From Religion Foundation legal department and the Appignani Humanist Legal Center will be contacting the Sea Scouts and the CGAUX instead of individual units. "I know this on actual fact, let me know if you would like to the National Commodore, I have his info." I would, thanks.
  10. "Any Sea Scout from any ship can join the CGAUX even if they are not in a Ship that is not sponsored by the Auxillary." That's not what I'm talking about at all. The CGAUX can't charter any Sea Scout Ships. They can't have the Sea Scout program as their official youth program. "Explorer Posts are part of the Learning for Life program on the BSA and can be sponsored by the Auxillary, Police, Fire, and others." That's because Explorers don't exclude atheists. The Explorer program USED to, but when the ACLU sued, the BSA split it into Exploring and Venturing (with Exploring
  11. "An Auxiliary Flotilla can actually offer both registration status at the same time." No, it can't. The US CG AUX is part of the government and can't discriminate on the basis of religion by chartering any BSA unit that does not allow atheists. "So, a young adult who wants to be active with the youth program offered by a Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla can resister as either a "Sea Scout" or an "Explorer" and do the same things." But this is advertised as being only GCAUX and Sea Scouts as its official youth program. Anyone looking into the Sea Scouts will see that you have to
  12. The BSA requires that every Sea Scout Ship excludes atheists, which is not something the US Coast Guard Auxiliary can do. ------------- Here was my message to the Sea Scouts: Can you please tell me if Sea Scout units chartered through the US Coast Guard Auxiliary admit atheists as members and/or leaders?Thank you. This was the reply: As Sea Scouting is part of the Boy Scouts of America, regardless of Charter Partner (that would be the role of the CGAUX) they must still adhere to the BSA membership standard. However, if the unit is a Maritime Exploring Club there
  13. Fine with me, since UK SA was opened to atheists just a few years after he became Chief Scout.
  14. So, I assume the Sea Scouts are allowing atheist members now, right?
  15. The main change was back in 2005, when the Illinois ACLU pointed out to the BSA that public schools couldn't legally charter units that excluded atheists. At the time, roughly 10% of all Packs were chartered by public schools (in Texas, it was 25%) -- this figure does not include PTAs/PTOs or private schools. PTAs/PTOs can charter units and can meet in public schools on the same basis as other groups.
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