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  1. Hard to make the cut. I guess the six I that made the cut were because: one I earned as a youth, one was given on recommendation of youth in the unit I served as Scoutmaster, one represents the service I gave in what I think is the most important positions in scouting, and the last three because they were awarded to me based on total service I gave in Scouting. AOL Scoutmaster Award of Merit Scouters Key (UC & SM device) District Award of Merit Silver Beaver Lamb Award (Adult Religious) Had to leave off: Den Leader Award (Webelos pre 88) Training Key ( Boy Scout &am
  2. My understanding is the only ones in this state that has to keep strict records on hours and are paid by the hour is the dinning hall staffs the rest fall under some state rules for volunteers with stipends. The volunteer part would play havoc with them registered as employees. The crews that the camps staff are registered seem to turn out most of Venture advancement in our council and are quite active. See my post on young woman in camp Leah was president of the crew.
  3. I can tell you guys arent from the west coast. I started to go as parent/ scoutmaster to scout camp in the mid 80s. My last as a youth was 69. I went to camps in my home council Evergreen/Mt. BakerFire Mountain, Chief Seattle Parsons, Portland Ore. Council Meriwether, and Northern Idaho Easton; all which had females on staff. The one Im most familiar with is Fire Mountain, my son served on staff there for ten years, starting as Staff in training 14 years old and end up for two years as Program Director. They had females on staff there back when he was cub scout and that was not
  4. Its been quite a few years since I took any Venturing training but I remember thinking I would have been in violation of the YP rules if Venturing had be around when I was first married and we had both been involved. I was 21 and my wife was three weeks short of her 19th birthday on our wedding day.. The rules as I remember say that an adult leader and a youth in venturing cannot be romantically involved. It is a sticky wicket trying to protect youth that age and accepting the reality of society.
  5. Since a non-registered adult is one that has not been vetted, I would think that allowing a non-parent or guardian on an outing is a loop hole that you drive a truck through in youth protection. When I was a Scoutmaster we made uncles, moms boyfriend, older brother all register before we let them go specially on overnight.
  6. Is it not like the rest of the BSA, the non-registered adult must be a parent or guardian of one of the youth members?
  7. Just my understanding of how presidential campaign financing works from my spot as Precinct Committee Officer and Legislative District organization Vice-Chair. The great debate on signing on to Public Funding is who will be able to raise the most money The Candidates campaign or the National/State Parties. To effectively run a campaign you need money, you need organization in the local communities to identify, register and get out the voters (GOTV). Ads on TV are just a small part of it. It is not much different than The Boy Scouts. You hire people to work full time to recruit volu
  8. What the BSA says about the groups like this: Statement from the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America Regarding Solicitations Scouters and others have been receiving letters from various nonprofit organizations claiming to support the Boy Scouts of America and seeking contributions. Some of these groups refer to Scouting in their name: "Save Our Scouts", or "Scouting Legal Defense Fund", and some do not. All of them claim to be supporting Scouting's legal activities in some fashion, but none of them are authorized by BSA to be seeking funds. Most importantly, no contributions to
  9. A few years backs I was on camp staff and we had a young man who kept coming into my area, crafts and saying he had to finish up his MB because he would be going home early. He spent much of his time in the medics office. When at 10pm she was called to treat a sprained ankle out at the troop site. She had him sent to town to be checked out. I went as the second adult with an ASM from the troop into town to the hospital. It wasnt until 2:30 am (due to an lady dying in the ER) that we found out that the Scout was on medication for depression and his parents had decided to give him a vacation fr
  10. I got this request in email from a den leader I met while I was visting the pack Im commissioner for. I have a question, do you know where I can obtain a good diagram as to where all patches, pins and insignias are to be placed on a Leader as well as a Cub Scout' uniform? I found this one: http://www.scouting.org/forms/34282.pdf but it is visually not very clear. What do you recommend? I not having much luck. Any ideas? Thanks, Curt
  11. I'm so confused now. What are you calling the loop? Looking at my palque (from 1993), the interwined line to make the knot is on top and what I would call the loop is down. This is the way I have it on my uniform also.
  12. When I was a Scoutmaster, our Scouts put the pressure on the boys with camp partials. It all had to do with our Fall Court of Honor. The PLC would set the date late in September or the first week in October with liberal announcements that it was so anyone who had a partial from camp would have time to finish. No one seemed to want to look like a slacker when all the families were there to see the all the work that had been done since the last COH. The call to me from Scouts wanting to know where they could find a counselor would get hot and heavy as the date loomed. I remember many a blue c
  13. Just reading the information in the news article, I am speculating that there are two reasons for the husband to seek the ruling. The first that pops to mind is avoiding prosecution for statutory rape. He is in his thirties and she is or was in her low teens. The second is to their rights to benefits that they may have due to him serving time, they may be spousal visits and welfare type benefits. It would be interesting to know why the issue of the marriage ended up in court. Child support and visitation rights seem to be not dependant on marital status.
  14. Just to get a little controversy going for Scout Sunday. Who is going to win, the Seahawks or the Steelers? For this Blue (Seahawk blue) Stater from the far Northwest I pick the Hawks 28-14. How do you see it?
  15. And as for what units expect from their councils all I can say is that I expect them to do their job -- as they expect me to do mine. If processing paperwork competently and on time is a burden then they're not doing their job. That portion of their responsibilities should have nothing to do with popcorn money or FOS. It has a great deal to do with FOS and popcorn and camp fees and scout store prices. It what pays for the salaries of the people who make their living working for you and your unit. It pays for the building and supplies and the upkeep of camps and the program. If not for FOS
  16. I hate to say this guys but the MBC in with in his rights to not sign off on the card. The grid on the back of the card is entirely optional. It can filled out or not. As a partial it can be accepted by a different MBC or not. He may retest or not. The MBC is stating by signing the blue card that the Scout has completed the merit badge requirements. The MBC is the final judge. If you believe that MBC is adding or subtracting to the requirements the only final recourse is to have the district advancement committee remove him from the list. Now weather or not this MBC is wrong in this insta
  17. I've seen the arrows decorated with narrow and wide stripes for dots and dashes to spell out the scout's name in morse code. (corrected -- I couldn't get the edit feature to work)
  18. I've the arrows decorated with narrow and wide stripes for dots and dashes to spell out the scout's name in morse code.
  19. He should wear it on Scout Sunday/Sabbath and whenever he is at presentation of a religious award.
  20. Another knot that a youth may wear is the James E.West Award. In fact the first time I saw it , the knot was on a brand new Boy Scout at summer camp back in 1995, he proudly said to me "I got that because my grandpa gave money to the council" The Jame E. West Award is given to anyone giving or has given in their name $1000 the a council endowment fund.
  21. On which charter you are listed? The COR is listed on the unit charter therefore wear the unit loops- red if is a troop, blue pack, and so on with unit number. If your charter organization has more than one unit chose your color or wear the color for the unit you are with at the time. Never wear a different color on each shoulder. I wore red and unit number on my Scoutmaster shirt and when I wore the one with my district position patch, I wore silver and no unit number. Now some read the uniform guide that you wear the color of your primary registration. I find this confusing.
  22. Most camps would be glad to let you recharge. I know my batteries for Nikon D70 only take two hours to be fully charged. They also last forever it seems. Helps that you don't and can't use the lcd screen to compose the shots. I just had to send back one of my batteries to Nikon, they had issued a recall on some the batteries for SLR D cameras. They may short out, overheat and melt. Check the Nikon site, search for battery recall (the web address took up 8 lines).
  23. The unspoken reason for the creation of Ventures and Learning for Life is the ability to change the membership requirements for both youth and adults. The governments sponsored posts in Exploring had to be nondiscriminatory
  24. There are two types of Eagle Board of Review one set up and staffed by the district advancement committee and the other set up and staffed by the troop committee. It is the council decision on which type. The district run board members are recruited and organized by the district advancement chair or person he delegates to be in charge. They members are drawn from a cross section of the scouters from the district (including some SM and ASM) and community leaders (mayors, councilpersons, police chiefs, judges, bussines owners and other community leaders). Members of the candidate's unit
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