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  1. If I'm correct all wolf and bear requirements not used for the badge-- those done beyond the 'do two of the following' --- are considered elective requirements too.
  2. Ed, Have you ever tried to get a federal, state or local contract? If you had for example a company that would not hire people based on their race, religion, or sex (and some areas sexual preferences), you could not get a contract. There are some laws that make you hire without discrimination but if you are small enough no one can make you hire anyone but the law says they cant buy from you. The law says the same thing about the BSA, it may set its own membership requirements but it must accept that it has consequences no government entities chartering units, United Way chapters not
  3. Ed, So you agree that these are violations of the constitution, but we just shouldnt uphold it.
  4. American What is more American that our system of laws and the rule of law instead of the tyranny of the majority or rulers? Civil They act and speak more civilly than many of their detractors. They seems to understand that in civil system one must seek to right grievances by seeking redress in court not by just saying I think Im right so therefore Im right. Liberties They seek to protect our liberties from governmental actions that violate our rights. Union They band together people who value those rights on which our country was founded. By the way the bill is fl
  5. While it is good and well to encourage the wearing of the full we must remember that the uniform is a method of scouting not the complete uniform. To that young boy who just got his Cub Scout shirt and wears it to bed because he so proud to have it, he doesnt care about pants. Or the young Boy Scout that is so proud to wear his Scout shirt with his new Scout badge even though all he has to wear with it is his jeans. The uniform as a method means it identifies the young man as a member of Scouting and ties him to the other Scouts it matters not if it just is uniform shirt, cap, or day camp
  6. My copy of The Boy Scout Handbook, 1998 eleventh edition fourth printing 2002 on those pages describes the activity and field uniform but does not make any reference to class a or b, or that matter to field or activity.(This message has been edited by NWScouter)
  7. I found this reference in Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leaders Specific Training: Session ThreeThe Uniform : The parts of the field uniform are: BSA Long-sleeve or Short-sleeve BSA trouser (long) or shorts BSA socks or knee socks BSA twill or mesh cap or campaign hat (troop option) BSA web belt and buckle BSA troop neckerchief (troop option) The parts of the activity uniform are these: BSA t-shirt or activity shirt (designed by the troop or Scout camp shirt) BSA shorts BSA socks or knee socks BSA belt and buckle BSA cap, expedition hat, or campaign hat
  8. Most day hikes for Tigers should not any more challenging than handicap accessible. Remember these guys are only in first grade and if I know the Tiger program you should not repeating activities, as there are plenty of activities to fill the year they are in Tigers.
  9. You technically lost a year of service toward training awards and year pins. It surprises me you DE didnt get a heads up earlier, if you went through training they should be putting that into Scoutnet and that would show you as unregistered. The only other thing is for most unit accident policies you would be uncovered. There may have been some liability problems but nothing came up, so youre lucky. If you can swing it get a member of the unit committee to be in charge of membership (and other advancement) it takes a load off the cubmaster.
  10. Ed, There is a difference ,the Law as determined with the final say by The Supreme Court says there is. To keep saying that youre right and theyre wrong reminds me of the old hound dog that keeps going after porcupines. He believes he is right but it doesn't stop him from getting a snout full of quills.
  11. Ours were October, so they could get all the partials from camp done, Feburary for Scout week and FOS and late May/early June to get all badged up for summer camp.
  12. Called up my councils registrar and she says ours is a council board member but he has to be registered somewhere, there is no OA Lodge Advisor position code.
  13. No reflection on you OAEagleDude but no unit should accept anyone as a leader without knowing for sure that person is registered, just standard youth protection. Registration policies are the first point of youth protection.
  14. We hold a training yearly for council and district committee people, it's an all day affair.
  15. You are stepping into a can of worms if you have the school be the charter partner. If it is a private school thats ok, but the same reason the military units cant charter a unit apply to a public school. The school itself is a government entity and the BSA membership policies would run afoul of state and federal antidiscrimination laws. Youre inviting the ACLU to make your life miserable.
  16. Here is a good one for you: An eagle project came before a troop committee meeting I was attending as their commissioner. The project was a two-story shed for a local little league ball field, the bottom for storage and the top floor for scorers box. The debate first centered on a permits that may be needed. Then it was brought up that the field was one that the county wanted removed. The county position was that the field had been built on land designated protected farmland and the use as a ball was not permitted under law. The issue is in court. The scout says that the shed will be built
  17. The unit commissioner should not be questioning the validity of your charter. As Fotoscout has said it is not an uncommon for units to be chartered as you describe, it may not be the best way but it is permissible. The only one to question a charter partners suitability is the Scout executive or his agent the district executive. He can refuse to issue or pull a charter. The unit commissioners job is to assist you in getting that paperwork filled out and in.
  18. Trail Pounder, if you were to seek to serve on any of the scouting activities that I have leadership, your sexist, homophobic, and general intolerant attitudes and comments would cause me to exclude you. If my children were younger I would not have them in any unit you had leadership in and I would ask my CO not approve you for leadership. In other words your attitude creeps me out.
  19. This is a ghost OA lodge flap: http://www.oaimages.com/cgi-bin/buildpage.cgi?pp=338&dd=3&ii=3159
  20. Here is a web site about Camp Parsons. http://www.seattlebsa.org/Pages/Camping/Parsons/historic/BOS/chapter05.html Scroll down the page and read about Harold "Bud" Fisher in 1919. This was the camp I went to for 7 years in the 60s.
  21. The religious award programs are not a pack or troop activity. The role of the units is to encourage the youth to earn the award and recognize them when the do. Many units give the knot for the award to the youth as the place to receive the award is at the youths church, synagogue or whatever. The youths religious leader should work with the youth or appoint someone to lead the youth through the program under his supervision. If a youth wants to earn the award, his parents should pick up the correct workbook (most available at the scout shop) and then talk with your religious leade
  22. He could but it looks better at his Eagle COH to be wearing a Life badge.
  23. I got a few on ebay. As scout I first had a Seattle, then we moved out just north of the city, still had a Seattle address, new unit sponsered first by the community club, the strip now read Innis Arden (the club and the area name). When the unit moved up the hill to my church, even though it was First Lutheran of Richmond Beach, we still had Innis Arden. Go figure.
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