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    Bellowed pockets going away ??

    A friend of mine showed me a interesting trick. Take a wire-tie/bread bag tie, and wrap a small length of it around the loop of the patch. You don't need much, just a couple of inches. It holds the patch on the button, and it isn't seen behind the pocket. Since I started doing this, I haven't lost a patch.
  2. ScoutingEMT

    Gettysburg McMillan Woods

    Stupid Question - Isn't viewing the electric map presentation one of the requirements for the visitor center patch (central "Gettysburg" patch). I've walked and biked Gettysburg as a youth, and went back a year ago as an adult. My family has actually taken family friends on the walking tour... it is a really nice way to see the park. If I recall, there are some sections where the trail is a "trail" and isn't really suitable for biking. I'm sure that you could spend some time with a booklet and a park map (or 2) and come up with bike "detours". Have fun... and if you are walking... bring the walking shoes. The Billy Yank trail is LONG.
  3. ScoutingEMT

    New Training Course

    One of my fellow woodbadgers is involved in this course. He actually phrased it as "NAYLE for adults." Maybe next year.
  4. ScoutingEMT

    What patrol are you in?

    I used to be an Owl And a good ol' Owl, too. I just finished my 2 weekends...and I'm gonna work my ticket if I can!
  5. ScoutingEMT

    Uniforms in a Non-uniform troop

    I was recently "volunteered" by one of the district commisioner staff to serve as an ASM to an old, established troop in my council. (I was looking for a unit, he said they needed help). I know realize that this unit is a "larger" unit (30 or so active youth) but their idea of uniform starts, and ends, with a troop class B t-shirt. Having grown up in troops where Class A uniforms were mandatory at all meetings, etc... this seems very akward. Also, as a new member, it is hard to tell who the Greenbar are and who are ASM's vs. committe members. They wear Class A for courts of honor, BOR's (I think) and dinner at summer camp. I'm not sure if this is a uniform issue, or a program issue... it just feels odd, and almost "wrong." Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. ScoutingEMT

    The Well Rounded Scout

    Wow... I thought I recognized that quote as being from Heinlien, but I wasn't sure. Great point, though. I remember being the fire-builder and desert cook. I could also do pioneering stuff, but I wasn't the guy who could identify animal tracks, or fish, and didn't like long hikes with backpacks. We all "specialize" to some degree, but we need to make sure everyone gets a turn to try everything and find things they are good at.
  7. ScoutingEMT

    What patches may be worn on red wool Jac-shirt?

    I've been patiently waiting and searching Ebay for about a year. I found a 40 Long Jac-Shirt over the summer for my father. Looks almost new, and cost less than $50 total. I finally got mine, a 2XL, last week. Just over $90 total. (That is about the going rate for a "supersized" one). The jacket is, as far as I can tell, NEW. I got it for almost half price, compared with $160 something at the local store. If anyone is searching on Ebay, here are the 2 searches I had running for the last year: Search One: Search All of Ebay For "red wool boy scout shirt" Search Two: Search Category: "Boy Scouts > Uniforms, Clothing" AND Search For: "red wool" These two searches sometimes duplicated, but often there were items that appeared on one and not the other. Search #2 also shows many of the Red Berets that appear on Ebay as well. I hope someone else benifits from my trial and error. YiS, Jon
  8. ScoutingEMT

    Trebuchet competitions

    I like this... we are looking for ways to make scouting more intresting. How much of the camporee was dedicated to this event (hours-wise)? Jon
  9. ScoutingEMT

    BSA and the MPAA

    Wow. I forgot how opinioniated folks on here are. My concern is that this article has shown up in a few places where it is phrased as "the scouts are going to be policing piracy." Great points, everyone!
  10. ScoutingEMT

    BSA and the MPAA

    I saw this article on an online news ticker... I haven't been able to fully investigate it - what do you folks think, and does anyone know the "full story"??? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061021/ap_en_mo/scouts_piracy_patch "Be loyal, kind and don't steal mMovies" LOS ANGELES - A Boy Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, etc., etc. He is also respectful of copyrights. Boy Scouts in the Los Angeles area will now be able to earn an activity patch for learning about the evils of downloading pirated movies and music The patch shows a film reel, a music CD and the international copyright symbol, a "C" enclosed in a circle. The movie industry has developed the curriculum. "Working with the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles, we have a real opportunity to educate a new generation about how movies are made, why they are valuable, and hopefully change attitudes about intellectual property theft," Dan Glickman, chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, said in a statement Friday.
  11. ScoutingEMT

    Patrol vs Troop POR

    I'd agree with Vicki's views, at least for the Eagle requirements... For Star and Life, I'd be a little less concerned with using Patrol-level positions. In fact, I think my Star POR was 'patrol' scribe, but that was several years ago. I observed an Eagle BOR where the scouts' sole leadership position had been librarian - that was entertaining.
  12. ScoutingEMT

    Squirt Guns and G2SS Gray Areas

    I dunno... it is a gray area. I like the point about "laser tag" I'll have to remember that. Remember also that what is an "air rifle" to scout leaders is a "toy BB gun" to lots of parents. Oh... and as for the red door... "I see a red door and I want it painted black..."
  13. In a recent discussion, it was mentioned that a troop has a policy of how to handle a horrible tragedy striking the troop, with a Scout/Scouter dying on a trip. Do other troops or national have policies on this? It is something we NEVER want to think about, but it has happened before, and will happen again. Jon
  14. ScoutingEMT

    Camp Songs

    "The Window" "Patsy, Patsy, Ore-a" "I've got 6 pence" "Medicinal Compound"
  15. ScoutingEMT

    Summer Camp Skits

    Ed, Any luck with that pool skit??? As for REALLY funny skits... I saw the CPR "Switch" skit last fall... I almost fell over laughing...