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  1. If I may venture my personal opinion, I think we need to keep in mind that this movie is being used for the "Citizenship in the Community" merit badge, and should be used to reinforce the specific principles of making the community better. Additionally, I think the movie should show a direct correlation between the character's actions and the improvement in the community, without requiring extrapolation or an understanding of a metaphor. So, while there are countless movies about someone doing something "good", I don't think science fiction, western or sports movies should be used for this requirement. If possible, it should be a movie where the character exists in a real community, and does something that is realistically relevant to the communities in which the scouts live. Something "based on a true story" would be even better. (I know there are arguments that "sports" does provide a real improvement in people's lives and their communities, and I love a good sports movie, but I still think a more direct movie should be used for this requirement.) That being said, I would suggest the following movies that give concrete, realistic examples of people making sacrifices for the benefit of their "communities" in such a way that it applies to Scouts living in America, circa 2009: Mr. Holland's Opus (composer sacrifices personal career and priorities for the benefit of his students, who go on to great success in the world because of his inspiration) Stand and Deliver Lean on Me Follow Me Boys- (musician moves to small town and sacrifices personal ambition to be a lawyer and benefits the community through supporting a Boy Scout troop among other things). (and any movie about the American civil rights movement is probably very relevant, since that movement was full of "normal" people taking heroic risks for the betterment of their communities) Selma, Lord, Selma - good movie about the civil rights era The Long Walk Home (This message has been edited by cineburk)
  2. After moving into a new pack, my wife and I were asked to be Webelos Leaders. When discussing the upcoming Pinewood Derby, one of the new Webelos boasted that he "always won", and had placed first the last two years. Well, yesterday my wife heard from another cub mom that this boy's dad had bought an engineered car off of Ebay for $100, and this is how he won. I was a little surprised to hear that you could even buy cars like this off Ebay. I'm wondering what should (or can) be done. The other boys seem to know, and it dampens their enthusiasm for building cars that have little chance of winning. I don't know the boy's parents well, so I would be reluctant to actually confront them. Other than making a clear rule about parent/boy involvement in the car building process, and having them sign a form attesting that they designed and built the car, is there anything that can be done?
  3. I have to Webelos trying to finish their Arrow of Light badges, and their last requirement is the attendance at an indoor and outdoor scout event. We went to a Court of Honor for the indoor one, but there just aren't any outdoor oriented activities that I can find. Does anyone have any ideas for things we could do? I've got about 4 weeks to find something.
  4. Please post pics! Back in '05, there was an museum exhibit of original Star Wars Costumes in Los Angeles. I took our Cub Scouts down there, and we were able to sit in the replica X-Wing. I put some pictures from the trip up here: http://community.webshots.com/album/562612316tuRVaW (This message has been edited by cineburk)
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to get custom troop numeral patches made (the kind with all three numbers on one patch)? We have a small group, so I don''t need more then 4 or 5.
  6. I am planning a cub activity where we have an expert come and address the dangers of alcohol, drugs and cigarette abuse with the boys and their families. I'd like to have an activity or craft for the boys to do afterward that is related to the subject. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I'll be taking our Den to an LA Dodgers game, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on ways to make the event more exciting, especially for those boys who aren't really interested in baseball.
  8. Our cub pack is doing its first service project this weekend. We are going to assist the local Veteran's Cemetery in placing small American flags by all the grave markers for Memorial Day weekend. Are there any Wolf or Bear requirements that this would fulfill, or any other aspect of the Cub scout awards program that this would apply to?
  9. We've been working on the computers pin in our small pack (7 boys), and for our upcoming pack meeting, I'd like to have a computer-oriented theme. My wife will make a computer-shaped cake, but I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas for an activity or presentation that might work?
  10. It's a day outing, so we should be OK. Thanks.
  11. I understand the requirement to have two adults at every activity, but what do I do for trips where we won't all fit in one car? Can I have each adult drive some cubs in their car (so there is only one adult in a car with several cubs)? Or do I have to find two adults for every car? Also, can I double up Cubs in a seat belt, or do they have to each have their own?
  12. I've read this site... http://members.aol.com/coffeeweb/LO/yearpins.htm ...but I would like to see what different people do for their year pins. I was a Cub Scout for 3 years, then a Boy Scout for 7 Years, and now I'm in my first year of being a Cubmaster leader. So, should I just get one pin? Or do I get seperate ones? And are pins worn at all times, or are they like medals, and just for special occasions?(This message has been edited by cineburk)
  13. I'm trying to encourage parents to help their cubs earn loops and pins on their own, especially for areas where the cubs already have a skill or interest. Is there any kind of official form or paperwork for them to show me their son has fulfilled the requirement?
  14. Hello all. I'm a new Cubmaster for a very small pack (5 boys!). We're going on a short day-hike this Saturday, and I'm not sure if I should have them wear their uniforms. They usually wear T-shirts underneath, and it could get pretty hot here in Southern CA. Is there a protocol involved? Also, are there any hiking related belt-loops or badges for cub scouts? I can't seem to find any. Thanks, JonB
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