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  1. I have been involved on the district level as a Committee Member, Unit and Assistant District Commissioner, for more than 15 years . Im now the District Commissioner. My present district was formed from parts of two older districts a year ago. All the but my first and last DE that I have worked with (7) are still in the profession one is our field director who came back to council after working in other councils for 10 years. They all but our but my last had extensive scouting background and he was a retired naval officer and very professional and trainable. He worked out well but got hired
  2. It is possible to reach Eagle as when a Scout is 11. To reach first class you can make it in one month, for the only time requirement is the one for physical fitness. I admit it is would be hard to have ten activities with three overnights in one month but possible. A Webelos may cross over early in the year after being in fifth grade for six months so there is no real minimum age he could be a young ten. The time for star is four months and the Life and Eagle are each six months. So based on that one could be an Eagle in seventeen months ( but you might have to add month or two to gather the
  3. What people forget about history is the very selectivity of historical fact. What is currently accepted as fact and how that has changed through the years, there is a whole field of history that deals with the changing views of history historiography. The very inclusion of some facts and the exclusion of other facts are what most groups complain about what is taught our children today. But you cant included all the facts in any age level history text. The age of the student presents limits. The younger child made not understand, be able to read well enough, have the attention span, or the ti
  4. Parents are allowed to be alone with their own child. Youth protection standards states that the child's parent is the only adult allowed to share a tent with his/her child. P.S. I made a mistake and started a new topic and posted this there first.
  5. It doen't sound like a registration fee as that is $7. There was some talk when out here in Washington State we started to require State Patrol checks for all people working with kids that the state was going to charge a fee for that check. It finaly agreed to do it free for non-profits. Maybe in your area is required and costs.(This message has been edited by NWScouter)
  6. I tried to edit my last post to correct there to their in the first line. Why would it not allow me to edit? All I got was a notice that I didn't have a vaild account. Anybody know? Thanks.
  7. I grew up buying tents from REI. There return policy is just like that other Seattle Company Nordstroms, no questions asked. They have two web sites rei.com - the regular store and rei-outlet.com - their lower price site. You may join REI, as it is a co-op. Each year you will receive a rebate on your full priced purchases. My first time I went to REI was back in '60 when I graduated from 'patrol boots' to a real pair of vibrum sole hiking boots. A very knowledge man fit them on my feet. A few weeks later my patrol was down at the store to buy supplies for our fifty miler around Mt Rainer,
  8. A few years ago on a local station out here had a late Saturday night comedy show. They had a bit that were using to promote the show that had a character named Ranger Bob. He called his buddy to come over and the buddy was a Boy Scout in full uniform with council strip of the city where the station is. The Scout was carrying a keg strapped to his backpack. I called the council office to inform them and the station to complain.
  9. I became a Cub in 60 and Scout in 63 stayed in till I was 18. I became active again when my son became a Cub in 84. I now have served for 18 years as a Scouter. Scouting, my parents and my religious faith shaped my values. One of which was pluralism, a central value of our nation and one that is I always believed was core to the BSA. We require units not to force their beliefs on boy joining their units. We have only required that boys have a belief in a higher power or God not what that belief requires. For some Scouts that means no fish on Friday during lent, no pork on camp outs, and no
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