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  1. We've learned that our just-elected SPL had been signed off on his Star rank, in error (had not held POR). The biggest problem is what to do about the rank advancement, but the other problem is that our Troop had instituted a policy that the SPL had to be at least Star rank. Advice?
  2. Thanks to all of you who responded. In particular, my head was nodding enthusiastically while reading the comments made by Bob White & acco40--just seemed right to me. We still haven't decided what to do yet, as there are other things within the troop that need attention, too, so we don't want to wage war on every issue. But, having advice from others sure helps to clafify your thinking.
  3. EagleinKY is right . . We were told that this was instituted several years ago, when a couple of different guys had been elected as as SPL, and they turned out not to be good choices for that job. Our current, long-serving SM is a Wood Badger, so I know that he knows the "policy" (?) is that the SPL be elected and the other jobs be filled by SPL appointment. So, I believe he prizes the ability to choose the SPL, himself. What I'm wondering is . . do you folks think that our Troop's procedure in this regard is a "bad" one, and we should lead the charge to have it changed? Or, does it fall i
  4. Old Grey Eagle: I serve on the Troop Committee as Fundraising Chairman and my husband is an ASM, who has just finished his Wood Badge training and has a ticket to punch! All of the superb training he's just finished and learning the "Scout Way" is causing us to look more closely at things we didn't question in the past, primarily because he/we didn't know better.
  5. We have made some good friends among our fellow leaders in our Troop in the year since we joined and are uncertain as to how to proceed on this. I wondered if you all could offer some advice. Our troop has, for years, had the Scoutmaster appoint the SPL, who then chooses his APL. The other jobs are then filled by election, by the boys. We know this isn't the right way to do it but feel that our new friends on the Troop Committee might take offence if we recommended it be changed, particularly the Scoutmaster. Could any of you experienced Scouters on this Board offer your opinions on this?
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