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  1. Beavah I have always followed your post and mostly agreed with you. In this case I have to disagree. I am the one that see's these kids in court. I am the one that has to deal with Johnny because someone thought they cought "Talk" to him earlier and make things alright. Then when it reaches a final point I have to deal with them. It gets irritating at times. Last week it was a 17yr old that I sentenced to a year, another 17 yr old that the Parents thought talking would do it, now is facing 3-7 in Prison. Plus others. Courts do have programs your young people, records are
  2. I am with SP on this. If people do not like that the OA chooses to use Indian symbols and dance, then I guess they can look the other way or go somewhere else. The stuff the OA uses is not copyrighted so its available to anyone. Politically Correct be damned.
  3. Your chance of having the decision overturned are ZERO!! Maybe even less than that. Unless they get some extraordinary epifany at national it won'r happen. Make up your mind on that and move on to something else. So do you want to share what happened?
  4. For Boys just doing general canoeing The Carlile or one like is is the best, and they last forever. We choose a comfortable Class III for PFD and bought some ClassII as spares. I am curious about the statement you made about each watercraft needing a throwable device and an audio device. Where is that coming from? As far as I know the USCG rules only apply to Power Boats.
  5. nldscout

    Bb guns

    Rick_in_CA One reason that cubs can't use 22's is state laws. In NY for example its a crime to allow a child under 12 to shoot a rifle, and its not the only state that has rules like this.
  6. In NY which recently passed a law allowing same sex marrige, members of the clergy are allowed to refuse to do the wedding on religious grounds. Judges like myself however were not afforded that right, so legally I could not refuse because its a same sex wedding. The problem is there are same sex advocates traveling around pretending to want to get married and looking for someone to say no so they can sue them. Some people have already been caught in this web.
  7. Your right in you just never know who they are until they have been caught. In the month of December I had to deal with a 39yr old, who by the way was SM and Crew Leader. He pled to having sex by force with his 15 yr old niece. A 78 yr old man who touched his 14 yr old grandson, 2 21yr old young men who interacted with 14 yr olds and a man who raped his wife. You just don't know, in the case of the 39 yr old everyone knew him and swore he was a great guy. When I first arrigned him some months I had a hard time accepting it too.
  8. What strikes me about this post is you seem to be under some illusion that your the best and most qualified to go as a leader. You said that by the time Jambo gets here you will have 2 1/2 yrs as a leader. That means right now you have about 1 year as a leader, sorry but your not qualified. In our council you probably would not have even been given an interview. Most leader of Jambo troops have 5-10 years as a leader around here. I may sound harsh to you, but maybe its about time someone said it to you directly. When I went as 1st Asst SM, we had several boys that had serious
  9. We get our thru the council service center. they can order custom ribbons for you.
  10. Here in the Northern Tier section of New York Hunting season starts with early bear on 15 September and we Just closed late muzzleloader on the 11th of December and we have been hunting all the way through that time. Sundays are not off limits, hunting is allowed 7 days a week. When I was the SM, we went out camping during hunting season, we were just careful and was aware of the surroundings. The problem is not the hunters its the IDIOTS who think they are hunters.
  11. What you should be doing is reporting him to ICE, so they can pick him up and have huim deported. Its every citizens duty to insure that people that are not supposed to be here are properly deported back to where they come from. If your not willing to do your civic duty as a citizen of this country, then I suggest you seign because your not setting a good example for the scouts.
  12. They could have dealt with this years ago by simply shredding those files and being done with them.
  13. You just know that if national is involved then money is going to be required.
  14. The problem is while people are tolerating the Gay lifestyle, saying they don't care what people do in thier private life, The vast majority of parents would draw the line at having the son go camping with openly gay leaders. That is the crux of the whole arguement. The average person doesn't care if your gay, just not alone with my son. If you don't think so, just ask your parents at a private meeting to vote, by secret ballot, Would you allow your son to go camping with openly gay leaders?
  15. I can only answer for what happens in Small Claims in NY. We would not issue a warrant for failure to appear for the claim, but could for contempt for further proceedings. Seattle, Typically the Girl Scouts are not Small Claims, they ar3e handled as a regular civil suit because they use an attorney. The difference being the attorney gets to collect his fee. As far as Bad checks, thats a criminal charge. Jeffrey H. "It was not worth taking to court" How much is worth going to court? $100? $250? I would submit that anything is worth doing it. Remember, who's money is it?
  16. I have to tell you this is not new to me. Every year I get Civil claims filed in court from the Girl Scouts and other similar groups for adults not turning in money. The Girl Scouts pursue claims against people that have not turned in the money for cookies they were supposed to deliver. They don't take no for an answer. While most are less money than this it is not unheard of to be hundreds of dollars. Its to bad that the BSA won't pursue some of those that do this more often.
  17. When I went a an ASM in 2001 we had no problems like your descibed. When we toured DC, we turned them lose with instructions to stay in groups of no less than 3, and to have FUN. All the leaders from the 5 troops in our council spread out all over the mall area and just were there to observe. We met up at a certain time without any problems. As to what you get for the council fees Transportaion Food during pre Jambo touring Training weekends Equipment, like cooking gear, tents, tarpss Cost of gateways patches troop flags and much more.
  18. No matter which way you spin it, an ALFORD plea is a plea of GUILTY. I have taken Alford pleas in court before. Its a guilty plea, plain and simple. The only difference between it and a standard plea is you are not required to say I am guilty, but your still pleading guilty. They are guilty, plain and simple and no matter what they proclaim now, they took the guilty plea.
  19. Sorry Merlyn, but thats not true. They entered an "Alford" Plea, That is a guilty plea in any court. If they was truly innocent why didn't they stick to thier guns and take the new trial? because they are GUILTY!!
  20. What I think is no matter what they say claiming they are innocent, they pled to murder, they are convicted murder's, plain and simple. If they had wanted to claim innocence, then why plea. They are trash and scum.
  21. Hal, The difference is the cost of doing the flags comes out of the Capitol Architects budget, whom oh by the way is responsible to congress for maintaining their House. So so you really think that those congresspeople and senators would cut back on their own house expenses, I think not!!
  22. Medical Marijuana is a crock of crap. Its nothing but a way to back door an illegal drug. Look at the people that use it, doper, druggies, scuzbuckets and lowlifes. It has no place in scouting.
  23. It doesn't matter where you are or what rules you put in place relating to cell phones. People will do what they want because they think your entitled. When we tell people at court to leave thier phones outside, you would think we were cutting thier right arm off. Some people will actually go into withdrawls. Its that entitlement factor.
  24. My response to anyone proposing to buy a bus is to run like hell in the opposite direction. 1. Too expensive 2. Hard to get and keep drivers 3. Parents use it as an excuse not to help.
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