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  1. It's Divine Posts like this are just about causing me to not look at this forum. All I ever see is hatred directed at just about every aspect of Scouting. Everybody knows what BSA is and stands for. If you don't like it go elsewhere.
  2. I bought a flag at our national scout shop to use during den meetings. This past weekend it got wet and the colors ran. I think I've seen somewhere they don't do that but they did with the flag I was sold. I don't want another one but I want someone who can do something about it to know. Any suggestions of who to contact?
  3. Has anyone used the yucca packs recently? I am an old school kind of guy. I'd kind of like a small pack for hiking. I like alot of new designs but I want something American made. I haven't found an American made current style that I like.
  4. GP1971

    Bb guns

    What type and brand of bb gun do cub scouts use? What kind of distance do they shoot at?
  5. Call me what you want it doesn't make it true. In the actual wording it does not mention Jamboree. Is it the 2013 jamboree or the world jamboree? If its the world I would have no problem. Why don't done of you go to Mexico and see if they will adapt everything to your needs?
  6. For all the preaching of diversity on here those that that don't agree with me or the original poster sure would like to see us go away or change our views. I am not assuming anyone completely agrees with me but the original poster does seem to feel the same way I do. No where in what he posted did it say that the program was offered as part of Jamboree as a courtesy to those from out of the country. If thats true than thats great. However we are THE Boy Scouts Of AMERICA. We speak english here or whatever some want to call it. Lets stop changing things to suit others. We have a long prou
  7. They are offering the "first ever Spanish wood badge course" to be held in conjunction with Scouts de Mexico. Why? It's not just the Mexicans having a jamboree here. I read that to mean that they are offering Woodbadge in Spanish for Spanish speaking people that live here. Until you can put a name to what we are writing in here I'm calling English because that's what it is. Yes it is a dialect. I don't expect people visiting here to learn the language but I do expect people that come here and live to assimilate. They would expect it if us in their country. I do not see why we have to offer ev
  8. Um. Because we speak English in this country and those that want to be a part of it should speak it as well. The book I mention could be half as big and and half as much if it included one language.
  9. I think it sucks. I bought the Light of Christ book for my boy and it's bilingual. Why does it have to be this way?
  10. @skeptic. Unemployment is handled by the state but they receive loans from the Feds because the Feds extended the time so much and the states have to repay the loans to the Feds. So ultimately the Feds are telling the states what to do with their money. States Rights.
  11. To me socialism is the fact that in the first qtr of 2008 the unemployment taxes for my general contracting business were $1200,in the first qtr of 2011 they were $7000. How do I pass that on to customers? Whether it makes Obama a socialist or not I don't know but it does mean he sucks.
  12. Your kidding about the footprints right? I agree with leaving no trash and not taking anything but nature is not so fragile that we can't leave some firewood or move something. The earth was here long before us and will be here long after we are gone. Let me state again that I am not in favor of leaving trash or taking things but nature is not glass and if knowing that someone was there before you ruins it get over it.
  13. My understanding is the prohibition is against activist homosexuals and the meaning is simply don't talk about sex whether hetero or homo one way or the other. Why do people make things harder than it has to be. If BSA did adopt a open policy towards sexuality I would leave it though
  14. I do think that our uniforms are expensive and should be USA made but I think those Canada uniforms are awful. Uniforms set you apart,make you look sharp,and should always be worn correctly. They(Canada's) look dumbed down.
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