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  1. Frank, we've seen what you discribed before, and it does chafe after paying from your own pocket and then the stepdad go to Atlanta for a 4 day road rally. Gulp!! This case is much different, and more clear cut. We participate in popcorn sales, and have expectations that each will pay their dues in full by selling a quota of popcorn. It takes effort. This scout will have that opportunity in the months to come, but we've got lots of camping before then. Thanks for the comments. We'll make it work.
  2. We have a boy join from a disadvantaged home. Hispanic. No father. On every type of aid that is available. Zero money. What do your troops have as guidelines for how to deal with this situation? Our CO has refused to assist in any way, and severely restricts how we can solicit the membership for funds. We sell popcorn as our only fundraiser, and our scouts pay their dues this way, and the motivated scouts can pay for summer camp. So there isn't a line item for "scouts in need". In the past troop leaders paid out of their own pocket for scouts in need. With this level of supp
  3. I had this happen often. One time at camp I was called to the office with an issue with the paperwork. The dad forgot to get part C signed, and it was overlooked in the haste of leaving. He turned it in on the day we left for camp. I had the duty to call him and inform him we needed the form signed, or be here Tuesday night to pick up his son! That's the repercussion!!! And no refunds!
  4. A good end to a bad story! Follow the program. It works!
  5. We do a full on spread. SPL makes assignments for food; meat, vegetable, bread, drink, dessert. We make it a full party. It's one of four times a year all the parents get together and share company. The troop provides paper products and ice. Everyone enjoys it.
  6. joe Bob is right, the handbook doesn't have emough glue in the spine and after 8 trips to the woods it's nothing more than chapters. The spiral book is no better; the pages are so thin they pull out at the drop of a hat. We recommend the standard book and a gallon zip lock bag. And take pictures of incompleted ranks, often.
  7. Lots of folks live in mortal fear of public speaking. Poor presentation skills just make a bad powerpoint even more unbearable. Going to a well run Trainer's Edge is a good introduction for the great unwashed that don't do presentations every day in their jobs. Every three years? Ok, spend a day with friends and meet some new ones. I move in and out of District and Council training cycles, sometimes spending years hunkered down in our troop (it's not MINE anymore!) so it's not a big deal to take a class. Giving folks good skills for unit presentations is a good thing.
  8. Only the unit key three have rights to PIN changes. In case you were not aware of that.....
  9. If there isn't a non LDS troop, start one. You may be quite surprised at the demand. Not everyone in Utah is LDS.
  10. While meeting with another Scoutmaster not too long ago, I noticed his flag stand. It was made of 2 x 6's, notched to interlock, with a hole drilled in the center of the "X". You've seen them. The stands did their job, and well. I was surprised when my Scoutmaster friend pointed out the flaw of the stand. The radius edge of one of the parts was on the wrong side! While the stand had a flaw, it still did its job, and well. Remember, people are sort of like that stand, too. We all have flaws, but we don't have to let them stop us from doing our jobs, to the best of our ability.
  11. Joining at 16, he won't make Eagle, anyway. (well, unlikly, anyway. 18 months is a footrace, and that's with an aggressive troop program to get him there). Crew!(This message has been edited by Alabama Scouter)
  12. Not the same, but my Troop's PLC has done this 2 years running. Committee and me set the ground rules, no first person shooters, no beach bouncing volleyball, etc. Lights out at midnight. Pizza for dinner. Out door actvities during the day and advancement stuff for the scouts that didn't want to play video games (yes we have some of those!). Scouts brought their own monitors from home, and they swapped off games now and then. It went well, better than I expected, really.
  13. OOPS!. The new Tour Plan states "expiration date of commitment card/training (two years from completion date), exceptions are BALOO (no expiration) and Aquatics Supervision (3 years). So, it appears the new Tour Plan is adding a contradictory requirement on training. Which is right? Will National come out with a clarification? (PS, looks like Scoutnut did just that! thanks!)(This message has been edited by Alabama Scouter)
  14. "How Long are Trainings good for? You are considered Trained for as long as you stay in your registered position, if you change positions you must take training for that new position. Only the Youth Protection Training must be retaken every two years." So sayeth Texas. So shall it be. (Not including certifications issued by other organizations, NRA, Red Cross, etc.)(This message has been edited by Alabama Scouter)
  15. As usual. And it's getting worse even as they are trying to make improvements. My recommendation for my scout parents for next year is NO EAGLE BADGES at summer camp, except swimming, as it is done well. If they push it, they can get them, but their patrol buddies will know it, sooner or later. I saw Eagle badges "completed" in 70 minutes; I'm sorry, this is unacceptable.
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