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  1. Council will usually tell the applicant in writing why so you can appeal thier decion to national, not that it will do any good. They however will not tell anyone else why you were not accepted, that is to protect your privacy. Why would it create a problem by not expalining it to the troop? If you want to tell the troop your welcome to do so.(This message has been edited by nldscout)
  2. Surprisingly the wishes of the CO's are not the important train thats driving this choice. Yes that one CO may go, but thats just youth numbers, and we don't know if they would go either if there was a local option as it would allow them to keep thier units intact as they are. The train is driven by big alumni donors, All you have to look at is the most recent large donation of a plot of land and a small sum of construction money for some little ole thing called the "Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve ". If you don'r think the wishes and thoughts of the Bechtel family and othe
  3. Most everyone here talks about what CO's want, what we want, or what the public wants. None of that amounts to DIDDLY SQUAT! The only thing that matters to BSA National is: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And lots of it. So unless your one of the people or groups that donate in the Multimillion dollar range your opinion does not count. Money, its all about HUGE amounts of MONEY!
  4. There is no right or wrong on the applicantion portion of a blue card. That link is to one someone scanned and added to. Our council does not want the card, just the report. Find out what your council wants, thats the real answer.
  5. Someone, you being the UC needs to intervene before things get ugly. If the SM says he completed his POR, then he has. Since when is planning troop activities a requirement for life? Lastly, 5 months? Sounds like a bunch of out of control mini-dictators.
  6. Without more facts about your situation, I wouldn't express an opinion on legallity of registering it in Maine and being organized in NY. However if you really want to know the cost, here is how you figure it out. The annual fee of five dollars and thirty-nine cents for each five hundred pounds or fraction thereof of maximum gross weight but in no case shall the annual fee be less than fourteen dollars and thirty-eight cents. Like everything in NY, its a bit convaluted.
  7. I have to tell you this sounds fishy to me. Most trailers that are registered in Maine are commercial trailers and are registered by corporations. $99 for 5 years is Roughly $20.00 a year. Assuming this is a standard Troop size trailer in NY your going to pay around 20-25 dollars. One of ours is $19 for 6x10 and the heavy one which is 8x14 is $34. So for all the issues of having an out of state registration, which may not be legal either, is it worth maybe $5 a year.
  8. As a NY resident, retired SM, Owner of several trailers, I cannot preceive any reason to do this. The cost of registering a trailer in NY runs between 12 and 45 dollars a year. I cannot beleive that Maine would be that much cheaper.
  9. Gunny, This is exactly the article I commented on. "Yerger had returned to his truck after dove hunting alone near his home. He says he leaned his shotgun--a Remington Sportsman 12--against the wheel well, with the safety on. As he tossed his gear into the back, the gun fell over and went off." No one trained in proper gun safety leans a loaded gun against a vehicle, NEVER. "He does not believe anything he did that day was wrong." Really?
  10. Fraud and theft is committed daily by the people you would least expect it. I see these people all the time, they are the ones that you would least expect. I do know that GSUSA is ruthless when it comes to money, unlike a lot of BS units that will let things slide rather than causing an issue. It might be that the CO's do not want to make waves and would rather settle things privately.
  11. While these are all great ideas and will work for the honest person, we all know that if someone is determined enough they will find a way to beat the system. One thing to look into is Bonding your treasurer. Most Non-profits already do it for thier employees that handle funds, you may beable to piggy back off your CO for a minimal cost. Also watch the treasurers home life. If there is a life altering event, loss of job, divorce, death of immediate family member, or anything like that. These are the times to watch them closer. Lastly if you do detect or suspect some ongoing
  12. I read the stories. Its not new news. This story has been around for a long time. I also read the stories of some of those injured. Everyone committed a really stupid act. One leaned a loaded shotgun, that he says the safety was on, against the tire of his vehicle. Never lean a loaded gun against a vehicle. In NY that would cost you a Misdemenor conviction and loss of your gun. You cannot fix stupid.
  13. I have never heard them granting a shorter period, however he can always ask for an extention past 18 if there is good cause. HE, and I me HE, not you, needs to speak to his SM about his situation. If he is almost 18 he can speak for himself now. So what is the reason you think he needs an exception?
  14. well neither of these will happen at our council as both of these things. ATV's and Jet Ski's are prohibited by law in the wilderness area wher our camp is. Another knife in the back of traditional scouting.
  15. I am afraid I wouldn't let this go with someone saying the council would not enforce accepting the work previously done. We would make so much stink over this it would be the district or these two. I can't beleive that your council would do that. Whoever approved the project should have revoked the approval as they were not scouts and not eligable.
  16. Putting the shoe on the other foot, When will the Girl Scouts start accepting boys? Unless the two organizations agree to combine, it will never happen.
  17. "Easy fix, go as your son's caregiver check it out." Your going to have to point that out in the rules, because no one in my council ever heard of such a thing.
  18. "I understand the plan to replace the membership and financial systems is in progress. But be patient as it can take a long time to successfully upgrade a large system. Also, as far as what you have heard what is coming, remember this is from council staff seeing presentations on possibilities and not what is being done immediately." I hope they are having more luck than we are having with a new and promised Logistics System the Army has promised us for the past 12 years. The answer we always get is "Its in testing"!!
  19. They are more than just a list of names. Depending on the person they may have collected statements of they sometimes have actual court documents. As an example, In December I sentence a sex offender who was a registered leader. The local council asked for a formal disposition and any related paperwork they were allowed to have under NY law. So if you look in this mans file now there will be several pieces of paper. Once they declare you not suitable for BSA, then destroy everything. All you need from that point fwd is a name.
  20. The best thing the BSA can do at this point is to shred the files. Keep a simple list of those not qualified for membership. Once its determiined the decision to exclude you is final then destroy the background papers. One list for anyone excluded period, no reasons, no appeals.
  21. I think the reasoning is it was a private transaction between two people, its when one of the 2 of them deceide to make the pictures public that it becomes an issue. There is a lot of things about the law, police, and courts that haven't kept up with todays technoligy. It just takes time for change. When sexting started and people heard about it they were shocked, now a majority take a hohum attitude. Unless your the parent of 15 yr old female who does it and the pic gets passed around, then you think its horrible and every male who looked at your little darlings naked pic should be br
  22. Packsaddle, Sorry didn't see this thread earlier, I have been canning bear meat all day. But to answer from my perspective. I don't see or haven't seen many one to one cases of sexting that get prosecuted. Those being where one person takes the pic and sends it to one person. The problem comes in when a girl send the pic to her BF and he then for what ever dumb reason you can think of he shows it or forwards it to others. Now you have a crime of diseminating. Fortunatly I do not deal with people under 16 yrs old. In NY under 16 is a family court offense. At 16 you are
  23. For those that winter camp in buildings. learn to make Igloo's or quinze's or even Ice block shelters. The boys have a blast making them and sleeping in them.
  24. One of the things you need to keep in mind is what the law says in the state where you are. Some states make leaders Mandatory reporters of things that affect the "Health & Welfare" of a young person. The problem is defining what constitues conduct affecting the health and welfare of another. In NY under certain circumstances you could be charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration or Endangering the welfare of a child. Both are crimes under NY law
  25. When I was the SM, the only way we didn't tent camp was a REAL special occasion. We even camped in tents at -30. But thats the way it is here in NNY.
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