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  1. The decision of not going to the Jamboree has been made because it is a $1500 per person event in our council. I could go as staff and pay 1/2 of that but my son's cost will still be $1500. We feel that we can do allot more with the $2300. My son is doing well with his testing and shots. We are working with him to be self sufficient. He has decided against the pump. It is his decision. He is comfortable doing the shots when needed. He is not comfortable with a device attached to his body. Typically when being physically active in scouting he needs few if any shots a day. Ther
  2. Thanks to all for your comments. I have a better understanding of Scouting and how things work now. Tomorrow I will be helping the OTHER district with an event and then OUR district's event next weekend. My son will be at OUR event with his troop only. I will be solo tomorrow and hope to help out the other Scouters. I like Scouting people and being part of the Scouting thing. Again thanks to all who replied and I have a better insight on Scouting.
  3. I did NOT put that on my application. But every one of my references knows about it. When telling the jambo master about it after being rejected at least the jambo master said he would look into it. He did not know about it even though scout master jim knew about it in great detail and he was told before me that I was rejected. I would think scout master jim would at least tell him about it to give me a second shot? I know that jambo master did not talk with any of the other references. If jambo master knew about this from jim and was I rejected I would say at least jim tried for me.
  4. All good stuff to ponder! Some more about the issue: Our scout master jim was the one who told me to wait a year to do Wood Badge. I did it anyway. I told him before Wood Badge started that I had discussed it with many Scouters including the DE who told me I should go for it. jim also knew I was interested in going to jambo with my type-1 son. I asked him for a recommendation as he went to the previous jambo. jim said he was not going to this one because he would have to work too hard to get to the acceptable BMI. At the interview I told the jambo committee that I knew jim and
  5. I have been a leader for about a year now. Yes I am new without too much experience. I have done more than my share of training including the Wood Badge weekends. I have completed 2 tickets so far. I have done every required personal and online training class and them some along with EDGE. By time Jambo is here I will be 2 1/2 + years in, completed Wood Badge, be Wilderness First Aid and Powder Horn trained. My Wood Badge vision is High Adventure. This is supposed a High Adventure Jambo? Because of this I also got my amateur radio licencee and handheld radio just in case an emergency o
  6. After the 1st weekend of WB training is it customery to wear the Troop 1 neckerchief and self-hand made woggle slide to troop meetings / round tables / and other scouting uniformed events not directly associated with the WB training program? And then after completing the ticket and the presentation is it customery to wear the awarded beads, leather slide, and neckerchief to regular uniformed scouting events? OR is this being a show off of all the hard work that you should be proud of doing and accompishing? I am doing the 1st weekend WB the weekend after Labor day and will ask t
  7. I made the decision to do WB. I have communicated with the WB course director and distric executive and told them about my concern and they have NO problem with me doing WB. They actually encoraged it. Some ticket ideas I have are: Take Powderhorn Take BSA Lifeguard (also to invite other adults and then senior scouts to take it with me) Take Climb Instructor Training Take Wilderness First Aid Possible create a special HA special requirments and release form I also have many other possible ticket ideas like: Bus trip to see an Army Football Game with allowed guests
  8. The SM thinks as you do, that with more experience I will get more out of WB. The SM is an Eagle Scout and has done WB. He is a great leader but to participate in HA activities may be a bit a of challenge for him. I personaly am not looking into being SM but just the ASM for the scouts capable of HA. I am also looking into Venturing for my older son which I may be of some help? My other reason for WB is that I am presently doing my MBA (2/15 in) and I think this training will help me in many of the managment classes.
  9. I have looked into powder horn and the closest one is many hours away. I was going to use powder horn as a ticket along with other high adventure classes.
  10. I am a ASM and have done all my basic training. While at OLST I became very interested in doing the WB this Fall. In the last 2 months I have done 4 camping trips couple of hikes, and all the leader training. This Summer I will be at camp for a week with my son. I was a scout as a kid and was involved in high adventure activities. I did not make eagle as this was not my focus. My focus still today is high adventure and hope to do my ticket around high adventure activities which the troop is presenly lacking of. I asked the SM about doing WB this Fall and he said I should wait until
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