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  1. You should avoid them as they have some issues you may not want to get mixed up in.
  2. You should avoid them as they have some issues you may not want to get mixed up in.
  3. You should avoid them as they have some issues you may not want to get mixed up in.
  4. There is no difference between sponsoring a BSA unit and a GSUSA unit.
  5. So here is my question. All these religious groups except maybe the LDS sponsor GSUSA troops and they allow Gays. So what is the difference?
  6. Obviously the vote was to withdraw the statement and stay with the program, because thats what they did.
  7. 24 hours locked up in the Jail, Betting he won't he won't do it again.
  8. You all are missing one important part of the rules. "All persons involved in Scouting shall report to local authorities" The local authorities, ie the police should have been called. This really should be out of everyone's hands. In NY this would be a felony. Why do you or any ordinary leader think they are equipped to handle a situation like this. If this had happened in the local McDonalds you would have called the police, why is this different?
  9. This is not the first time that a convicted felon qualified for a pension from an organization or business like this. There is nothing that can be done, once he earned the pension you cannot take it away.
  10. If you know anything about these, you would know they are not rocket launchers. They are expended training devices. They can't fire anything and they are junk and get thrown in trash all the time. All it is is an anti gun nut trying to make news.
  11. School resource officers are a fine thing, however they won't be any good if they are not at the entrance. Look at the size of Sandy Hook School, if he was at the other end of the school it would have taken him about 2 minutes to get to the scene of shooting. The only way armed officers work is if they are stationed at the entrance and don't move
  12. One thing no one has pointed out is that all of these mass school shooting happen in small towns. A lot of larger urban school already have guards and metal detectors present in there schools. Urban schools have been dealing with guns and other weapons for years now and know how to deal with these issues. Small town america needs to change like they did years ago.
  13. Basement, I don't need an excuse to carry, I carry 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. My firearms are with me more than my wife. I carry because its my choice, because I am authorized to, and because I can think of no good reason not to. qwazse Why would I need or want a gun lock? If its locked it won't do you any good when you need it.
  14. Why do you call us insecure because we carry a gun? I am not insecure about anything. I have been accosted one to many times to not carry.
  15. I have at least one firearm sometimes more than one, with me 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. I never go anywhere without it. I see no reason why I shouldn't.
  16. Do you have $250K in liability insurance on every knife you own, or how about on each of the tires of your cars? Thats a stupid and rediculous idea. Here in NNY owning guns is a part of life. I have close to 50 all are legal. I have a Bushmaster, plus several others on that list. Cases of Ammo too. Its my business what I collect, guns happen to be one of my hobbies. Have my guns killed anyone, not lately, because I have no intention of shooting anyone. But don't tell me to give up my guns, it might change my mind. PS: I am ready for the Zombie Apocolypse are you?
  17. As far as I remember when we changed ours last it was a matter of notifying the registrar at recharter time. COR are not registered leaders like the rest of us.
  18. >>>"Winter camping in our area means we can leave the battery-powered fans at home and actually sleep without sweating. Ahhh....Florida." That sounds like our typical summer camping trip in NNY. If you don't get to snowshoe into a camp and set up in the deap snow your missing something. You know its winter when you have to get up at 2am to pee and its minus 30 degree's. You find out real quick just how bad your really have to go.
  19. We camp here in NNY year round. A little snow and cold won't kill you. The best thing is if you have snow is to build Igloo's/Quinzee's and stay in them. The boys will love that. The guer is not that expensive, just more layers of clothing. Our troop has Ski's and snowshoes so we can do it all.
  20. Yep, here we go again. Taking a perfectly ludicrous thread that was fun to talk about but we all know is not serious and making it into something controversial. Jeez people it was a fun thread, can't we keep it that way.
  21. Just for the fun of it I went to the site and created 6 users using 6 different email addresses. It let me log in 6 times from same computer, it doesn't check IP addresses apparently. I voted on the same petition, actually 3 of them 6 times. So that system is BROKEN. My real comment is WOW, you got 25000 people out of how many?
  22. I heard from a friend that heard from a guy that he saw scouts politicing for Obama. They were passing out flyer on some street somewhere. There, now we have 2 rumors and they cancel each other out, so its ok. Back to regular scouting thanks.
  23. If your only paying $17.50 they are not getting much of a check. depending on the depth of the check an extensive BI can run into several hundred. Your getting by cheap. That said this is why the schools never did them, its the cost.
  24. They are perfectly legitamate examples to use. They do not meet membership rules. So if they don't meet membership rules you would exclude them, correct? So you have a person thats gay, or one tha says I am an athiest, so they don't meet membership rules. So your just going to ignore the rule? Once you deceide to ignore that rule, where do you stop? Is then 20 Merit badges enough for eagle, or 12 nights of camping for OA? How about we stop worrying about the speed limit, drive what you think the speed is. I see people everyweek in court that think the same thing, why th
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