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  1. shortridge To answer your question. I deal with criminal and vehicle matters almost exclusivly, very rarely a civil claim. What a persons orientation is of no matter in those circustances, why would it. A criminal is a criminal, be they male of female, White or black or latino or any other ethenicity, straight or gay, tall or short. Either you commited the crime charged or you didn't. I cannot recall someone being gay ever being brought up in a case. There is a big difference between court and being a member of a private organization. Why are you people wasting all your energy
  2. Oh please, cry me a river. I said what half of the people on here think and say in private. It doesn't matter if you think its PC or not. The fact is they are words that people, a majority of americans use in thier everyday speech. Fact is, I don't like gay's. Never had and never will. It is an unnatural abomination plain and simple. If you disagree, thats your choice, just like its gays choice to be gay. No one is born gay, they choose to be that way of thier own free will. But BSA rules say no gays, no athiest. So if you can't live within BSA rules then your free to leave a
  3. So you want enlightenment. If you get arrested and appear in front of me in court, I could care less what your sexuallity is. That has nothing to do with commiting a crime. Being a member of the BSA is subject to certain rules. BSA has reiterated those rules, as reently as a week or two ago. That said, if you don't like the rule or can't live within them then feel free to leave. No one is forcing anyone to stay. I gaurantee BSA will march on without any of us. And for your information the questions of DADT ant Gays in the military haven't gone away. They are just being sur
  4. "Is NLDScout the type of leader you want for YOUR sons?' Well, Gee. I guess since I was a SM for 12 yrs and still participate it must be. I guess around here in non-liberal land not being one of them is considered a good thing.
  5. A good post from an eagle on why he wouldn't turn his in. http://unwashedadvocate.com/2012/07/26/a-word-about-awards/
  6. When I say immoral, I am refering to those people you refer to as homosexuals, what others of us call queers, dikes, fags, homo's, and other choice names. My point is National made a decision as to who is accepable to be a member and those people are not. If you cannot accept what the membership rules are then I thank you for your past service and suggest you fold your tent and move on.
  7. Except they haven't had a policy of accepting immoral people for 12 years. This was a few people in authority trying to appease a minority again. BSA policy and rules haven't changed. If your one of them, you can't be a member, plain and simple. Since BSA has made a decision not to change, everyone now has to make up thier mind, they have 2 choice 1. Stay and work with the youth while following the rules. 2. Leave. Its a simple as that, if you don't like the rules, then quit **** ing and just go, because those of us that want scouting as it is do not want your dis
  8. The same thing that happened in Philly will happen in Northstar. They will "Clarify" what they said and this will just die a quiet death as it should.
  9. vol_scouter, what is the double standard you refer to? Any registered BOY SCOUT or registered BOY SCOUT leader is eligable for election/selection in the OA if you meet the minimum standards. Since venturers and OBTW Cub Scouts are not Boy Scouts what seems to be the problem.
  10. A lot has to do with the laws of the particular state . That even impacts on Rifle/shotgun shooting. In NY with the strict pistol laws, I don't see it happening. Hell, you can't even take a youth under 12 out shoot unless you are the parent except for BB guns.
  11. They are very useful. I have used a similar product while winter hunting. If your sitting in a tree stand at -10 degrees for 6-8 hrs at a time, you want something like this to stay warm and cozy. Also would come in handy Ice Fishing at times
  12. Considering that more and more camps and activities are not using blue cards at all, I can't see how as it matters at all.
  13. So you dont like rude answer? Shoe is on the other foot now isn't it. A young man asks a reasonable question and you answer it with a snide remark. No wonder young man don't come on here that often with people like you here.
  14. Callooh! Callay! said, "You registered 9/3/2011 according to the info in the left margin and your first post is the one that starts this thread." I wasn't aware of any rule that said a person couldn't observe, read and learn before asking any question. Gee, did I miss something or did you suddenly become the Scouter moderator to deceide which youth get to ask question? That was a very unscout like rude response to a young mans honest question.
  15. concernedparent I tell you what, I will do you a favor. Email me the phone number for your COR and I will call him, since no one there in the unit seems to have the backbone to do it. This individual has NO business being around the troop.
  16. Skeptic is correct, the files have been ordered released to other attorney's but never to the public. I understand that they are going to Federal court for a Writ of Prohibition as very few of the actual files were entered as evidence.
  17. You probably should tell your CO so if a claim is filed they would know. Other than that you should do nothing. You shouldn't report it to the police, you definatly should not respond to her at all. Any coorospondence you receive give to your CO, but don't talk or communicate with her. This is a civil matter, not a criminal matter for the police.
  18. My response would be to tell her we are not paying. She never said anything about it when she was there and left only to come back later, I think not. It would take more that a hose touching a windshield to crack it. Lastly, its not even her car.
  19. Here is what is funny about your so called polls. If the majority of americans favor Gay Marriage explain to me why it was voted down in 34 out of 34 states where people had a vote.
  20. If it was a real petion of 275,000 names it would be something, but it was an online petition. They are worthless as some people sign then hundreds of times if not more.
  21. Definately not an issue the troop or the Co should be involved in. Using NY courts as an example if she gets a full stay away order then the obligation is on him to obey it. If he doesn't then he is going to get arrested for a new crime for violating the order. But unless he turns violent at a troop meeting, you cannot enforce the provisions of the order. The CO could ban him if its going to be an issue because you do not want to get dragged into court to have to testify against him. Odd that I should be writing this when the police called for just the same situation, except n
  22. Our primary camp here in Northern New York is so far back in the woods its not accessable for half the year. It only get used for summer camp.
  23. Don't get a response, take them to small claims court.
  24. I will say this. Disappointed sent me a PM which shows me he is the one who was rejected by the CO, not council. Also unanswered was how would he know what the council said to the other leaders, they probably lied to cover up the fact they were rejected.
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