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  1. I am not sure where you got this information from, but whomever revealed it to yo can in all probability lose thier job and even be prosecuted for doing it. My next point is unless you somehow have seen or have access to an actual criminal history, not what someone has told you, I would tread very lightly before you get accused of slander.
  2. Come to our camp in NNY. The paths are to rough for golf carts and UTV's are illegal in NY so you have to walk.
  3. WE have only ever had 1 scouter allowed to use his UTV at camp, but he can't do that anymore seeing as NY state has outlawed UTV's.
  4. There are lots of things that are felonies that the ordinary person doesn't realize are that can affect you differently the rest of your life. Back in the 70's draft dodging was a federal felony conviction. Would you exclude a leader that was convicted of that in 1973? But its still a felony. How about illegal disposal of Solid Waste, thats a felony in a lot of states. I see people of all walks of life in court that got a felony 30-40 yrs ago for a dumb thing, then 30 yrs later something happens and up it pops. Now everyone at first glance thinks your a bad guy. The gentle
  5. Here is my opinion. 1. To clunky. 2. Why do you need an email to put a scout of leader in there if your not harvesting the info to sell it? 3. Who are you? Name, Address, Phone number. 4. Its not a secure website, but you want me to give you all my Info. 5. Way over priced. Woth maybe $1.OO A MONTH Only an Idiot would use this.
  6. I am trying to figure out why they would even ask you for an advancement report after you told them why you needed it. There is no rule at national that says you cannot buy extra's. Tell the Council advancement person to pissoff, because its not any of his business anyway.
  7. I find none of this disturbing, in fact we are not doing it enough. If we started killing more of those in these terror organization, then eventually they would get the word to stop. You have to make it as painful as possible, so painful they don't want to try anything. And this is nothing new, we have been doing it right along. Seriously we did it Central America in the 80's and it cured a lot of problems then.
  8. They do not use a crane to raise up a crate full of flags, thats another rumor someone has started. On roof there is a spot with 3 smaller flagpoles. The flag is raised up and immediately brought down and then done again and again, over and over. The flags are then refolded put back in the box and distributed accordingly. According to the Achitect of the Capitol's website, they do it about 100,000 times a year.
  9. AnnL, "Yeah, I didn't see how having him arrested in front of his kids would help much, if it could be avoided. " I would ask you, how would it have helped if he had drove away and run over another child in the street or a person down the road? If he only lived a short distance away, he could have walked. You did him no favors by not calling the police, he has gotten away with this CRIME once more because soft minded people don't see it as a serious problem. Here in NY it is a FELONY CRIME to operate a motor vehicle under the infuence if alcohol with a child in the car.
  10. OGE, There is one essential rule of war. Kill the other son of a **** before he kills you so you can come home safe and in one piece. If you will note, there are not nearly as many taken captive these days as in the early days of the conflict.
  11. I will tell you exactly what I am talking about. Those interrogators used means that were approved in a presidential finding, they gather valuable information that have saved soldiers lives. If you beleive otherwise then you are as bad as the terrorist. I work on a military base with soldiers that have, are and will deploy over there. I have myself been to some of the worse armpits in the world during my 26 years I served. I don't give a damn about some stinking lowlife terrorist life. If killing 100 of them saves one servicemans life then so friggin be it. If what you call
  12. you know Beav, The polite scouter part of me is going to answer you and say that what these people did, they did under legal orders and therefore are exempt from prosecution. The nasty, retired military side of me, who has been to places where the average american would not want to ever go repeatedly, will not comment because it would be totally unscoutlike to say what I think of your comments.
  13. Can you hear these 6 experianced scouts at the next district camporee when some younger scouts ask about it. Rescued? Rescued? No way. We were prepared, just like scouting teaches you. We were warm, had food, water and we were just chilling. We only took the helicopter ride because we didn't want to waste the pilots time, and besides the ride was so cool. Now let me tell you about...... And they will go on proudly speaking about how the perservered. This is without a doubt a great teaching moment for younger scouts.
  14. That document is another over the top effort by a bunch of well meaning, well intentioned adults whom have nothing better to do than try and show they are in charge. It is WAY over the top.
  15. Mostly a case of those who were not familiar with the group to know what they were capable of, or a helicoptor parent. As to why not wait and hike out rather than take the helicopter ride. Heck, thats easy, why would any youth pass up an opportunity for a cool ride in a helicopter. It maybe the only time to do this, and its COOL.
  16. I hope like heck Frank didn't stick his nose into something he shouldn't have and destroy the troop through his lack of knowledge.
  17. Sounds like a lot of helicoptering going on here. Lucky the place we do most of our winter camping is remote, very limited access and no cell coverage unless you hike 1/4 to 1/2 mile to the mountain top. So once your at the camp there is no going home or parent coming up to pick someone up.
  18. We used to try and get some award for our DE's but it never seemed to impress them or others much. What we deceided on doing for our DE at the annual awards banquet was to solict all the leaders and volunteers to get a gift certificate of coupons for restaraunts, diners, or even fast food places. Any where he could eat. Some years they would get 100 or so. As much as they are on the road and have to eat out and as little as they get paid it seemed like a nice gesture, cost little or nothing and was appreciated a whole lot more than a pretty ribbon.
  19. Whats really amazing is so farthere are 182 filings of one kind of another and they are not even through with the discovery phase.
  21. It very well maybe that its based on some law. Here in NY, if you dump Fish entrails in the water you must be atleast 100 ft from the shore line. If your caught dumping them off the bank you can be punished with fines and surcharges of $425 and you can be incarcerated for 15 days. We take our fish guts seriously up here!
  22. If singlemom is not TROLL, then she is an ENTITLEMENTER, you know, one of those entitled to everything and nothing is ever hers or her sons fault.
  23. If anyone thinks that they can influence what happens with a scout a whole lot after he leaves the troop and goes on to lifes other things is sadly mistaken. Other factors come into play, especially drugs and alcohol, add peer pressure to that and you never know what will happen. I will tell you one of the darkest days I have had as a judge was being called on a saturday night to arraign 2 people on a whole litiny of charges and walking out of my office to take the bench and there sat, in handcuffs , a young man who made eagle while I was the SM 4 years before. I think he knew I was unh
  24. Unions are the worst thing ever thought of. They serve no legitimate purpose except to suck up peoples money and make life hell for everyone else. Get rid of them all.
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