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  1. The meeting before the B&G we had just finished going thru the books to see who earned their rank advancement. Everyone had been given requirements to work on with their Akela every week. One young man in the Bear den was very upset that he would not be receiving his rank advancement......He only had completed 3 requirements. I had spoke with him and his mom several times Well, He was in tears, his mother who is an elder in the CO and was working in another part of the building came rushing over and asked why I was singling her son out. I explained the situation. Her response was "Oh thats all" She took the book from him and for the next 10 minutes signed everything in the book right in front of me, I mean everything, electives and all. She said "there now give him his damn award". I told her that from what I had just witnessed I would have to speak with the Pack Leadership about it. Oh that's right they are already gone. Well I will try to get a hold of them. Well I didn't bother to call anyone, It was BS and she knew it. At the B&G when the Bears received their awards and her son was not called, She shouted You missed some one. I responded that everyone who earned the rank was awarded that rank, and I will speak with you after the banquet about it. She was with her family carrying on the rest of the ceremony. A real low point for me. The CM came over and asked what was going on. I explained to him the whole story. His response was "oh my". Well, no one was happy. She with drew her son out of Cubs because of the incident and trashes the Pack and me personally at every opportunity. Scout Sunday I heard she what running her mouth while the cubs were on the Platform.
  2. My experience with training and scouting has been all over the board, from really terrible to most excellent. The best have been when the instructors imparted relevant personal "believable" experiences. Had one instructor who was quite the story teller. Yes, some instructors have an agenda of their own, but I have found gentle hints will keep them on track. As far as LNT goes, I am a believer in the concepts and practices. Some of the instructors are a bit over zealous but that is to be expected. the saying used to be "take only pictures, leave only tracks" now they don't even want those. What can I say my tent is bright orange and by pack is bright yellow, guilty as charged.
  3. I believe there is more to the story than what you are sharing. It is well within the rights of the leader/volunteers to quite for any or no reason.
  4. Scouter website is hacked. Click on the red info button to the right of the advertisers names and here is what you see Hacked By Alqoliq!!TurkGroup TIM Please visit our web page at: http://www.xxx Contact this person for more information: Hacked By Alqoliq!!TurkGroup TIM Email Address: Hacked By Alqoliq!!TurkGroup TIM Phone Number: 979.680.9420 Fax Number: Hacked By Alqoliq!!TurkGroup TIM Hacked By Alqoliq!!TurkGroup TIM 2013 Oakwood Trail College Station, Texas 77845 My security software also went off indicating someone was trying to start a bot on my computer. I was unable to find anything when I ran a scan. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  5. Wow dlrscout, you put more in your 401k than most decent people take home a month. The big three are out of touch let them find their own way.
  6. In our neck of the woods, if the boys participate at all they will end up with a rank advancement. Summer camp kills a bunch of requirements and so do the single day camp events. To be real honest I could care less if they advance. Usually one Pack meeting awards ceremony fixes them. Sitting there while the other cubs are getting belt loops, beads and arrow heads. I had one boy in tears because of it. His grandmother came over and asked about it, I showed her my sons book, then his book without any signatures. Next pack meeting he was getting his advancements and belt loops. He had a huge smile on his face.
  7. With this being on record and your knowledge, The boy that made the threat/statement would never ever carry a knife while in my charge. Is it worth the risk?? Not with my son it isn't. A parental conference is in order. My reaction would be based on how the parents responded to the discussion.
  8. A lot of really great ideas. I like the recycle angle.
  9. Things over looked? How about insurance? Is your charter organization going to cover it? District or Council? It just takes one opps and one lawyer to ruin your retirement.
  10. Your removing the family out of family scouting. The requirements were meant to be completed by a boy and his Akela,Parent.
  11. A bunch of bickering old men. http://usmilitary.about.com/od/theorderlyroom/f/faqflag.htm http://www.army.com/articles/article_030505_how_to_wear_insignias_on_the_army_uniform.html If the District commissioner feels that wearing a uniform battle flag on his uniform makes up for some personal inadequacy then let him enjoy his virtual man hood. I would explain to any boy exactly what it and why it is.....and then why his actions are inappropriate. This clown could be an object lesson. Make sure you complete the lesson so he can hear it.
  12. The Bulk of the American Public are either very smart, got a nice house to live in for a little while for free, or really stupid. I think it is the later in most cases. I had a couple of aquantences who are $15 an hour kinda guys with wives working the cash register at Krogers, they bought a quarter million dollar home. I lost sleep wondering how they did it. My wife and I bring home twice what they do and I simply could not make the numbers work. I finally relented and went to his mortgage company more out of curiosity than anything. Hmmmm, I prequalified for $350k, what the heck???? Crazy. No way. High pressure in a subtle kinda way. I could have the house I deserved, I laughed in his face and walked out. Long story short, three and a half later they having a short sale on the house. The listing is 35k less than what they owe on it. Sad. I like having money for other things.......Taking the kids to the circus, Scouts, Brownies, vacations. Ya, I drive a ten year old truck, but it is paid for and reliable. how about college funds and retirement??? Should I shed a tear for those people, nope got what was coming to them.
  13. Crafts are good for tigers Less so for wolves Less so for Bears And even less for weeblos.
  14. Ok that make sense. The bear could bat it around and losing it is a possibility. Far as raccons and such rubber made with a couple of logs and a ratchet strap keep them out of the food. Bears are making a come back in the Buckeye state as well. Bears have been seen in a the area of a couple of the camps which is a little worrisome. Sooo, I am a believer of an ounce of prevention.
  15. CA....thanks for the info, do you secure the vault to the ground????? It looks to me like each boy would need to carry their own vault........
  16. Most Mormon young men and women I have met are what I hope my son and daughter become. Courteous, respectful and outward looking. They are more responsible than most adults I know. A refreshing change from most of the ME/apple Generation. Yes, I don't like IPods or texting or cell phones for teens. In our area you can see them going on their mountain bikes, always in shirt, tie, helmet and backpack and always in a pair. Out doing their volunteer work, fantastic. Now I don't agree with everything they do.....but I like the way the style of child rearing and strong sense of family. So is a single parent household better or worse???????????????? Worse in most if not all cases.
  17. Even if your camp site is not on the approved list....It isn't a big deal to get it approved, with enough time of course. I cannot find it on line but here is the number Campsite Approval Form (No.103001)
  18. Whose son are you risking with this "loose cannon"? With prior knowledge and history. I think the parents and boys need to be made aware and they need to decide if he stays or go.... It is hard enough keeping an eye on all the boys with out having to worry about a ASM you have doubts about.
  19. In thinking about the whole matter today, I would ask the COR to decide if she should stay or go..... I am thinking this is probably just the start and you have already lost the family. Might just be the time to amputate the foot to save the body.
  20. I agree with most of the advice mentioned earlier. Make sure you always have a second person around with your dealings with her. I would definately have a chat with the COR and CC for sure. not very scouting that is for sure.
  21. Someone will have a problem with anything you do period. Do what you think is right or best for the boys and do not apologize or try to explain. I got a lecture for taking the cubs to the districts Halloween Night. Several People who were members of the charter organization where worried that the Cubs were celebrating the Devils Birthday, "big sigh". They were looked at the pictures of the boys carving pumpkins, dressed in costumes and sitting around the campfire listening to ghost stories, or actually a legend of the camp. BTW the boys had a blast. I was asked to take the pictures of the event off the bulletin board, Just sad. In your shoes, I would bring the cigar boxes in and an alternative for those who object.
  22. Have one or two of the boys bring his younger brother and then you have a couple of dens so no problem. All though I question a fund raising event to go skiing?????? The popcorn sale we use the old Send a scout to Camp approach. Send a scout Skiing just doesn't have the same ring. Don't for get to fill out the fund raising application http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf
  23. Have one or two of the boys bring his younger brother and then you have a couple of dens so no problem. All though I question a fund raising event to go skiing?????? The popcorn sale we use the old Send a scout to Camp approach. Send a scout Skiing just doesn't have the same ring. Don't for get to fill out the fund raising application http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf
  24. Wow that didn't take long. Candy Bars, For a buck a piece. Easy to sell and you can sell a bunch in front of the local walmart on a Friday night, saturday afternoon. Try this http://www.atfundraising.com/faq.html
  25. Anyone here have a utili-kilt. The carhart of kilts. You should see the look going into home depot. It is cooler, temp wise, than pants or shorts.
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