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  1. You talk about abandoned and/or historical scout camps.There was a camp that was sold near where I live, This is Camp Roosevelt on the Chesapeake Bay in Calvert County,Md. It closed in the late-50s or early 60s after 20+- years of operation.It was run by National Capital Area Council,until Goshen in southwestern Va.was obtained. It is NOW an upscale housing development,with the same name. (Prime real estate!)A few of the buildings have been refurbished,such as the dining hall,which serves as a so-called community center.Does anyone remember camping at Roosevelt? Any cool stories?
  2. My troop attended Bayport in 2010. They liked the program,and it is the closest camp to where I live.The food was good,and the staff very helpful.It will remain in our "loop".However,they seemed to prefer Brady Saunders.They really like Saunders COPE course,and rifle range.Plus,the James River trip has high marks in my troop,also.
  3. My troop is considering attending one of these camps (Goshen or Brady Saunders)next year. Pros for Goshen A. It is our council camp B. It has been in operation for over 40 years C. The troop is familiar with this camp D. The older scouts like the Lenhocksin Trail program F. Being the council camp,the scouts can earn discounts through popcorn and other council programs. Pros for Brady Saunders: A. The younger scouts prefer this camp B. The distance is about a third of the distance to Goshen C. The staff and food are exemplary judging from previous expierence D. The program is more suited for the newer scouts E. The fees are cheaper than Goshen. F. Like Goshen,this camp is over 40 years old. G. Exceptionally well maintained CONS about Goshen: A. The food and staff are notably lesser quality in recent years past,most notably 2007 and 2008. B.The distance is roughly 250 miles,and with a small troop with limited resources,and adults,this preents a challenge if something were to happen. C.Cost is higher per scout and adult CONS about Brady Saunders: A. The scouts are "wearing out" this camp,meaning they have attended 3 times in past 5 years. B. The older scouts are less interested. Another camp in consideration is Powhatan,however,this camp is 300 miles away.I need 4 adult commitment to confirm the scouts were to attend either Goshen or Powhatan. With a troop of 11,and adults spread very thin,this is not an easy task. Any suggestions? C.
  4. I find Powhatan to be a great camp. My only issue (for me) is the travel distance.(roughly 6 hours)as other camps are a fraction of the distance,and also have programs that my scouts like.I do like to keep it as a backup,and is in my loop(once in every 5 yrs.)
  5. I am a committee member in charge of summer camp planning. I go and physically scope out the camp beforehand,if I have never been there. Otherwise,I study their website.My concern is that some camps seem to pussyfoot around when it comes to posting info for next years program.Or they have outdated sites.This has been the case for several camps. I need to get this to the troop committe asap,to properly provide the camp program for the scouts,and so they can choose and plan their yearly schedule.I detest being put on the spot,and procrastinating this.But,through no fault of my own, I have a short time to present the info to comm. and the scouts/parents,get the deposit,and reserve our desired site/week/program for camp. If these camps were serious about scout attendence and quality programs,then they should present their next years program in a timely manner,like in Oct. at the latest,instead of Dec.,Feb.,March,and in a recent case first week of MAY!!!,then have the gall to ask for deposits within a week or 2 of their posting!i CAN NOT and WILL NOT plan my troops summer camp program like that.Any one else have anxieties about this issue?
  6. Have you looked at the possibility of "adopting" another local troop for camp this year?Having this Josh kid,and a parent to go with another unit for the week? See what camp the other troops are attending,and go from there.Does he have high functioning autism,or Aspergers?If my troop were closer to you,I would think about this. I had a kid like him several years ago,and as a troop leader,always wrestled with the idea of taking Aaron to camp.My only stipulation was a private parent meeting and one parent attend camp with him.As for the SM,it sounds like he is only a SM for his kid and the "normal" scouts,and therefore not much of a SM in my book.A SM needs to gear the program for ALL of the kids in the troop,weather it is modified or what.This kid has the right as a troop member to be included in any age appropiate troop activity without any discrimination.I've been there with this issue with Aaron a few years ago,with not only the boys shutting him out,but some leaders as well.So,if he needs to hook up with another unit,so be it. It may be a blessing in disquise. Me-as a committee member,I would raise this at the next comm.meeting before changing units,away from his friends.You can PM me if you wish to discuss this any further.(This message has been edited by tagguy)
  7. Looking at these for 2010,but still open for any other suggestions.Travelwise,Bayport is the closest,and Powhatan is about 3X the distance. Going to Brady Saunders this year. Want a different camp for next year.Have older and new scouts.
  8. In response to the above, in Maryland,per the Adopt a highway guidelines,the minimum age of participation is 12 years of age.They must be facing oncoming traffic.We do not clean the median.That is left for the county corrections.(We have a dual lane road)I strictly adhere to that with the scouts safety in mind. We clean up in small groups at different sections,with 2 adults per group,to speed up the process.It usually takes about 4 or 5 hours to clean up 2 1/2 miles of highway,up and back.Great for service time for rank!(This message has been edited by tagguy)(This message has been edited by tagguy)
  9. My troop does this twice a year,spring and fall,as our schedule allows.(The state recommends 4 times a year.)For the lower ranks,this counts as their service project.It also is credited towards school service requirements.We have since added a movie night at the Scout hall the night prior.What do other troops do as far as this is concerned.
  10. I am considering Bayport for my troop in 2010. This year we are attending Brady Saunders,which also has a good merit badge program,and Trailblazers for new scouts. In 2008,my first time there, I had 100% troop participation.(A troop first!)Of 42 merit badges signed up for, they had 39 completions.and the older scouts enjoyed the James River Adventure,a 50 miler canoe excursion.The scouts overwhelmly voted to return again this year.On the other plus side, the adults liked the close proximity,due to economic and fuel concerns.For my troop, it is about a third of distance to Goshen, our council camp. This is also true with Bayport.
  11. Your troop situation is eeriely similar to my troop in 2004-05. We went through 3 scoutmasters in a 2 year period,and had the unit commissioner intervene. We were down to 6 boys,almost none who were really committed to leading the troop.We were having weekly parents meetings,and had no concrete plans for future activities. Instead the parents were at each others throat,with their own personal agendas in leau of the troop's.Summer camp planning was either seriously flawed or non existant,until the very last minute as an afterthought.Other troop activities were not done at all. My troop was on the fast track of folding "at the next meeting".To add insult to injury,word got around about this debacle of a troop. Should it have folded? devine intervention was sent in the form of a serious minded new scoutmaster,and totally reorganizing the troop from scratch.Then the troop committee was reorganized with new and dedicated members,some who had gone on hiatus because of the so-called debacle.today,we have a good program,summer camp that the boys like,high adventure plans,and solid commitment. We are now up to 14,and 3 webelos prospects.I can only hope this current trend continues,and thank God for his devine help.( We are sponsored by a Catholic church)
  12. I am searching for new ideas for future service for my older scouts.
  13. If you feel the need to impress girls by becoming a scoutmaster,than you have some real issues to work out.Besides,what kind of impression does that give the scouts?
  14. Long gone are the days where a scout troop can benefit from retired school buses,and 15 passenger vans to take boy sto outings and camp.I remember fondly my old troop bus,back in the mid-80's.Insurance is now grossly out of reach,and the liability issues are enough to scare away any thoughts of even using one.I haven't even seen one in over 10 years.Does anyone have a vehicle in their troop?
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