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  1. No Point nothing will be done(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)
  2. While watching the broadcast at lunch today, I noticed a leader and a scout in the first row directly behind the Presidential hopeful. Didn't national send out a letter regarding scouts participation in political events? If memory serves, scouts could be a color guard but you are to exit immediately after your job. And not appear on stage or in any way to endorse the candidate. It is cool they got to do it, just ashamed this guy couldn't abide by nationals wishes.
  3. We have had several boys sign up and never come to a meeting. We have called and spoke to the parents the scouts have spoke to the boys at school and showed them pictures of events. No clue as to why you would sign up for scouts and never go?????????
  4. In rereading the thread, I saw someone mention the homosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles. I am not agreeing or disagreeing but I will offer this to the group. Over the course of the last year I have noted that in the newspaper and TV news that MOST if not ALL of Child molesters that have been accused recently have been Church leaders or youth pastors. I say accused because I honestly don't know the outcomes of the trials. To my knowledge none of them were known to be gay or lesbian before the incident. Less we forget the whole catholic church thing. Being a church leader does not make a man or women safe or less capable of getting their freak on if the situation presents itself. IMHO they are more dangerous because they use god as a tool and a stick to keep from getting caught. Not a judgment, Just taking you clowns out of your comfort zone. I have met a number of church leaders who I wouldn't trust my children with.
  5. It is easy to be progressive and liberal from the safety of the suburbs or rural areas. How many of you actually live in a ethically, culturally diverse neighborhood. From what I have seen scouting is a suburban white thing. Sure there is a slight ethinic mix, but for the most parts the District with in councils are broken up by social classes. in our council the rich whites have their districts, there is a couple of rural districts and a couple of inter city districts. Yep my district is referred to as the bad news bears district. Our boys come from predominately single parent working/welfare class family's. not an excuse just a statement of class separation. Yep, sure easy to be liberal and progressive from the cheap seats. Explain to your 5 year old son why those grown men are holding hands, arm in arm, or kissing. Explain why the lesbians making out on the park bench. Yep I have been down that road. Explain Kwanzaa is and why they don't celebrate xmas. Explain why the neighbors pray in the backyard a couple times a day. Yep sure is easy from the burbs. Explain why the signs in the grocery store are not in english. Sure is easy....... Explain what that funny smell is from the neighbors kitchen. I will tell you it tastes a lot better than it smelled. How many of you had to alter a camp menu because of religious beliefs? Have you had to deal with little Johnny's two "Dads" at a camp out? I wouldn't change where I live or my situation for anything. It infuriates me people calling themselves liberal or progressive from the safety of their rich white suburb. Continue to debate something you have no clue about. You need to live it to understand it.
  6. Doesn't look like much down hill to me I looked at the pictures. I would pre-ride it and judge for your self.....I know that I have traveled routes and walked prospective hikes before an event too see for myself. As stated earlier 17 miles is a long way for an 8 year old on a bmx bike. Do you have a contingency if you have a few boys poop out at 5 miles, 10 miles???????? You know your boys the best......maybe do it with the weebs first.
  7. And their off. Dazed and Confused yet? Hang out it will get worse. While your being confused have you taken the new severe weather training required for your tour permit.
  8. Keeping the money flowing into the camp is what is important. If they did receive a bunch of money for the ROTC good management. Far as being further to the dining hall and such. Most boys and adults could use the additional exercise. I attended a cub camp this summer were a church group rented a portion of the camp. My only objection was the ATV's they brought with them and the messes they left behind. But if it helps keep the camp open then I am all for it. We are well beyond the selfish needs and wants of scouting, I also believe we are way beyond the point of benevolent endowments to cover the costs of these camps, Lets face it scouting isn't cool in the eyes of the public anymore.
  9. You have absolutely nothing to say about the arrow of light. I would not get into it with the CM especially if you want to continue to recruit out that particular pack.
  10. Advancement. I have a problem with the CM advancing a boy who has completed only half of the requirement for his rank. The rest of the den was able to complete it. So how do you answer "Daddy why did "bob" get his wolf, he didn't have all his beads?". I told him, he did not earn it but the CM gave it to him any way and We hold ourselves to a standard higher than that. I called a dad's submission of the NRA shooting award BS. I was there and his son did not shoot that target, his son did not even hit the target. I did email the CM about it. he awarded it anyhow. The boy still can't shoot but brags about the shooting award. Scouting is too often about parents ego's. My son will never receive an award he did not honestly earn.
  11. Have a dad in the Pack with Adults only rated tat. The Pack leadership asked him to keep it covered while at scouting events. We also have a leader with a family portrait tattooed on his back. The first time I ever saw a baby with a beard.ROFL
  12. I must be missing something here. Please enlighten me. Boy scout skills? What exactly are those? Our Cubs have been family pack camping (3 times a year minimum) since they were tigers. They know the deal. Most the boys wolves and bears will tent together and are required to setup and take down their tent when doing so. They boys for rank advancement plan the menus and cook. Some meals are better than others. I think they are fairly well prepared. The only weakness maybe taking direction from a boy slightly older. But if they know their business then the boys will respect them.
  13. The problem with the tigers is it requires adult participation. I have seen more than one adult turn around and leave as soon as they found that out. The other problem is the back lash against organized religion. Lets face it most of the CO are churches. I had one mother yell at me and tell me that the scouts had no business in a church. what do you say to that? "Well, scouting is about family, god and country, what did you think it was about, Oh, camping, well that is part of it, BUT...." The boys want to play and organized sports give a young man just that. I have been shopping for a new pack of late and you would be surprised at what goes on. Boys seat down an do crafts for an hour, or get lectured for an hour, or just work on rank advancement whats the fun in that?
  14. For those who are interested and provided helpful information. I did contact the CC, COR, CM, Parents of the youths involved and the DE and emailed all of them the information on the incidents. I cited the Guide for safe scouting and asked to have the matter resolved.
  15. Bob you are not being even remotely helpful. Feel free to add my name to your ignore list.
  16. We have boys that wear them all the time and we have some that just wear them at pack meetings. I think pack meetings or other special events.
  17. One is the Cub Masters grandson who is weeblo age. The other is bear age and a son of prominent member in the CO. Should the DE become involved? Bloody noses and bruises for the most part. So how is that documented, I reported it to the Cub Master, I am sure that is as far as it has gone. I have witnessed the boys squaring off and intervened before the punches flew. This group has told me to leave the pack on a couple of occasions, this may just do it. Bob.....The information is not in the cub leader book, it is in the guide for safe scouting, But it fails to call out any procedure for documenting the events or what to do if pack leadership does not respond.
  18. We have two scouts that seem to get into a lot of fights. they play excessively rough and have injured several scouts. They have both been counseled but seems to no good. How many fights are too many and what can I do?
  19. I believe as scoutdlr does regarding spouses and the legal system. Brings up a valid point I think that the H&W should be brought up in training.
  20. I think a trail is a great idea and I would feel comfortable using something of that magnitude to satify both requirements. We do invasive species removal, garlic mustard and japanese knot weed. There are also a couple of other projects we complete each year, the swamp romp which is a trash clean up and a couple of other eager beaver stuff.
  21. Since I am always at camp I have to look forward to the Grandpa and Grandma weekends. Ahhh a date night with the wife. Japanese steak house, yes the hibachi table, warm sake and a non disney/pixar movie nice. Sleeping in oh the joy. Both my kids are early risers, 7:30 am is sleeping in. So sleeping in and taking a nap, half an hour of uninterupted snoozing in front of the TV. A week if I only had a week..........
  22. Movie night that is a hoot. We go camping to escape from it, not bringing it with us. I don't think emailing is needed, remember the parents are using this for a vacation of sorts. I had a sick wolf at the council camp, He borrowed my cell phone to call mom. Well, Dad answered and yelled at him for calling home, and to only call if it was an emergency. Poor kid was in tears.
  23. My son is 3/4 of the way completing his wolf and he has yet to attend an official wolf den meeting. He has also completed 15 electives. IMHO they can start right after school ends. He can do the swimming stuff and complete the flag ceremony and such at summer camp.
  24. What a wild and weird twist.............I wonder about the scouters motives too. Vindictive and sad. The incident was 4 years ago..... The way the story read it was like it happened a couple of weeks ago.
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