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  1. Our districts weeb camp had 40 register and only 16 showed up. The cub camp only had 40 out of 100 spots. I don't get it.
  2. Interesting, Looks like they have to catch a fish on an artifical lure to qualify and provide a picture.
  3. Two confirmed shop lifting incidents. You have to ask an opinion???? The answer is heck no, no way a boy who wishes to be an eagle should steal. It is absurd, shop lifting, must have been from the camp store???? It is as silly as the boy smoking weed on a camp out not being punished. I would definitely ask about it. And base my decision on what he says, but going in to the BOR I would be leaning NO. He would really have to dance around the issue like Johnny Cochran for me to change my mind. I wonder what the SM was thinking to sign the application, I think the DE should probably pay him a visit or some one have a chat with him at the round table.
  4. I am confused by the sports being more important than scouting. They do it because we let them. I have scheduled things and the boys that participate in sports that miss did not receive the award. Their parents were pissed and the boys were upset. The parents voted and asked the meeting day be moved. I said fine, find a location cause the room in the church is booked. The day and time has not changed because no one is interested finding a new meeting place. It wasn't on purpose but it inadvertently sent a message. To me scouting is infinity more important than baseball, soccer or football. BTW my son particpates in a youth soccer league that does not conflict with scouting.
  5. Post it for download on the internet.....Post a paypal link for donation to help with development. If I download a program and find it helpful, I always donate to the author. Just a thought.
  6. There is redistributable versions of access and it is available very reasonable. Or why not write in in MYSQL which is free as well. or how about doing it in open office, that is free too. Excel really isn't a database. Yes it is easy . Before you sell your creation you may wish to read your user license agreement. The Evil empire wants their cut, per copy.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)
  7. here is why 1 Explain the rules for Safe BB gun shooting you have learned to your leader or adult partner. 2 Demonstrate to your leader or adult partner good BB gun shooting techniques, including eye dominance, shooting shoulder, breathing, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, follow through. 3.Practice shooting at your district or your council camp in the time allowed. With out leading them by the hand, I not one of the boys at the camp I attended had any right to claim it. Not one, my son included. The range master asked questions and drug the answers out (parents whispering to the boys). I expect for them to be able to be asked the question and provide a relatively complete answer. These boys were from wolves and bears. Our camp was 4 days with 4 days of shooting. Is that sufficient to qualify?
  8. Getting pins, belt loop and patches isn't a race. Who care how many they earn as long as they are having fun and are enjoying it. I think your way out of line. Your boys represent less than 10% of the attendance at the camp and what you are demanding is way more than your share of time and attention. The camp already has a program in place and they worked hard to develop it. Your telling them their program isn't good enough. There is no way the boys can earn archery or BB at one camp unless they are already experienced. I have seen parents and leaders rubber stamp it if they participate, but they should to be able to answer the questions and demonstrate understanding. I do admire your enthusiasm, as pointed out contact the head of the program and ask for help. You have no right to demand it.
  9. Gee here is a novel idea, why don't we tear down most of the levees and let the river use most of it's natural flood plain. The levee's make the problem worse. In New Orleans the people were/are addicted to the goverment taking care of them and simply put could not take care of themselves. I also believe that the Mid westerners are more affluent and better able to take care of themselves. Lets face it, it is hard to feel sorry for a guy driving a $60,000 king kab turbo diesel pulling his possession in a 30 foot horse trailer, while he complains to the news crew he lost everything, as pointed out earlier, sure he lost everything, but it was hyper insured and will be replaced bigger and better.
  10. A scout parent created an unathorized pack website on Myspace. The pack committee voted and asked it be removed. The problem is required membership, The posting of pictues without scouts or parents pictures. posting of events and too much personal information. Weird friends pictures. Boy scouts and Myspace.....sure. Cubs and myspace no way.
  11. I believe that you should not use one activity to complete multiple requirements. Each badge should be earned independently. Is it a race to get badges.....I sure hope not. Nothing makes me madder than asking a young man about an award on his shirt, and he has no idea what he did to earn it.
  12. You were lucky it was only spit. I remember a really funny picture of a bunch of young men, cough cough, whizzing off of a cliff. Your focused on the lie when the focus should be on the inappropriate action by the group.
  13. So what is appropriate etiquette for arranging rides to camp? More to the point should the driver call everyone to pass the info, or should the passengers call? Silly I know, but I have been wrong about so many other things I thought I would ask.
  14. After months of recruiting I gave up and registered my son and I for cub residence camp at the local district camp. Well just before the registration deadline the cub master registers another boy to go..... hmmmm, To me it seems to violate two deep leadership and to be real honest it ticks me off he signed this boy up with out asking me first. Before I tick a bunch of people off and tell them I will not be responsible for him with out another adult. Will the camp team me up with another group to achieve two deep leadership? Lets face it I don't want to have the boy lose his registration fee, and I don't want to show up and be hassled about being shy an adult. I have been asked at this camp whether my son was my son or not in a one on one situation. I do not want a week of it. What can I do to avoid this in the future?
  15. I guess that I hit a nerve, sorry. I am still new and enthusiastic. To answer your questions. I have not bought rank advancements out of my pockets, But I have bought activity patches out of my pocket, such as zoo, museum and aquarium trips. I have restocked the first aid kit out of my own pocket, I paid for gas for a number of trips out of my own pocket. I have stocked the cooler for the pack overnighter with snacks out of my own pocket. Started a uniform pool (30 shirts now) out of my own pocket, there is nothing sadder than a Cub without a uniform. The smile when they receive it is reward enough. No, I don't give it to them, the Cub Master handles it. I do this,not because it was expected, but it was a nice thing to do for the boys.
  16. I am not a wealthy man, but I could not imagine asking for a gas reimbursement. If it was offered I would turn it down. Yes I have a 10 mile a gallon truck for camping and the wifes minivan for day events. I drive a lot. What happened to doing for the love of it????
  17. What I am reading is that some here feel scout law supersede judicial law. I am with packsaddle on this one. Turn him over to local Law enforcement and DAD will have to deal with it. You wonder what impact an arrest will have on his future. Suppose he can't get into the college of his choice because of HIS CHOICE. Not my problem he is setting a horrible example for the younger scouts.
  18. I all fairness, the Pack is only three years old. Because we are in a rough area of town we meet as a group at a common time. The dens are supposed to be separate, each den has a den leader, but more often than not the den leader doesn't show or has nothing prepared. So I end up with them in the tiger den, I am not the tiger den leader, but the original resigned when he lost his job and went back to school. The CM is also SM is also the Charter org rep and the committee chair. And to be real honest the only reason we are still around is a sense of loyalty and responsibility to him. He needs the help and I don't want to be the one that kills the Pack. Maybe it needs killed, I don't know.
  19. You are incorrect in my ability to ban them from events. I will not take responsibility for them. It is that simple. NONE of the other leaders will either so de facto they are banned unless accompanied by a guardian. If that doesn't work, I will stop planning outings or find another pack. Just that simple. They are brothers, not twins. There grandparents are authority figures in the charter organization so nothing will be done from that end. Awarded rank advancements by the CM without doing the work, on and on. IMHO one is a run away risk, he has tried once on an outing, I caught him leaving the property bags in hand. I am not going to sacrifice the future of my family on these kids. There kin will sue and I will lose.
  20. Undecided about moving on, with that being said, We are attending a couple of pack meetings of other packs in June and den meetings of other packs. Ultimately it is my sons choice. With round tables and such it won't be long before the pack knows we are sort of shopping around. I understand that there will be repercussions. The cub master seems supportive, But then I wonder about the parents acceptance,they have been spoke to by most of the pack leadership all stating that they must attend future events with the boys. In the past they have barely slowed the car down when dropping their boys off for events. So we may end up with them whether we want them or not. So how do you deal with that situation(dropped off? Call children's services and have them picked up? Everyone is trained den leaders all the way up. No where in the training was this sort of thing covered. I have taken all the online training, position specific training, Baloo.
  21. There has been some bullying and not fist throwing but things like pulling the other boys off their feet by jerking on the sweat shirt hoods. In foot races if there is a chance of losing the competition is tripped or knocked down. Pushing the other boys around, on occasion off the stage. We are a very small pack, There is no den activity's to speak of, it is all pack activity's. These boys are bears and my son is a tiger.
  22. Well I tried to speak with the parents last night. Her response was she was expecting to hear from me. Interestingly, Her sons said that I was picking on them and treated them unfairly. The discussion went on but it serves no point to include it here. The parent made excuse after excuse and even attacked me. In a nut shell I am considering approaching the Committee about having the family removed from the pack. At a minimum they will never ever go on another out that I attend, parent or not. If the Cubmaster and Committee do not act I will find another pack. BTW, the only other adult on the trip is in full agreement and has put it in an email to the cubmaster. Again this is supposed to be fun for my son and I. It has become a burden.
  23. I tend to agree with evmori, discipline at home would be a great help. They are of average or above IQ it is merely a behavior issue.
  24. I have taken additional training to help me deal with ADHD. Not saying that is specific to this issue. To answer your questions, The boys do not respect anyone, parents, guardian or leaders alike. I believe they have been in the "system" long enough they know how to manipulate the people and situations to suit their wants. The time out doe not work, They will not do it short of someone physically holding them in time out, which is a big no, no. At one point I spent 20 minutes trying to locate one of them, who was doing his own thing. beavah, thank you for your response. It answers a lot of my questions and calms my concerns about babysitting them for a week at camp.
  25. Had an experience this weekend and have a few questions. I am an assistant cubmaster and new at that. Since last fall I have taken the boys on a bunch of outing and had a lot of fun in the process, except when two particular boys come. These boys have issues beyond behavior but I cannot address that here, so needless to say they are more than a handful. This weekend there was 10 boys with two adults, we had three but one fell ill and had to leave. We spent the entire event dealing with behavior issues with these two boys not listening, speaking over the presenters, just being disruptive to the group. The 8 other boys were all about what was going on so no issues. We survived the event and the boys were rude on the way back to the pick up point to everyone in the car and started fighting with each other. The person picking them up basically just pulled up and the boys ran to the car before I had a chance to speak with them. In previous discussions with them they just made excuses for the boys, They did not seem interested in hearing what we were trying to tell them. My Questions. What could have I done at the event to end redirect the boys or at least make the situation better? I have spoken to the Cubmaster about not allowing them to attend with out a parent or guardian in attendance, Can we do that? Can they be excluded from future events some how? I joined scouts to be with my son, I have fond memorys of my scouting experiences and feel there behavior is having a negative impact on the group. I hesitate to plan any events now because of these two boys, because they always attend, We are babysitters for their parents. With day camp and resident camp looming I am AFRAID of being stuck with them for a week. A parting note, These two boys and the thought of dealing with them has made me consider leaving scouting or at least changing packs. I was awake last night wondering what to do. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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