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  1. Thanks for the advise so far. Gunny-thanks for the tip on weight. The conccern that I have is torso size, not capacity.
  2. I am scheduled to go to Philmont next summer with my daughter and I am in the process of trying to purchase a backpack. The problem is I am tall. Meaning I need a pack to fit a 24" torso. I have been measured twice using two different measuring devices. I have been searching through all of the sites and stores, but I am unable to find one that will fit. Any suggestions
  3. HEY REMEMBER ME The plan that we are developing is for the Troop Guide (A Youth member/POR) to use as guidelines as to what needed to be covered. It was not a lesson plan. It was a list of the requirements that were out there and a suggestion on how to do them. It was not broken down into weeks, but monthly suggestions as to what should be covered. AT NO TIME DID I SAY AN ADULT WOULD BE RUNNING THE PROGRAM?PATROL. There would be an ASM assigned as a mentor and advisor for the TG. This would help to lift the burden off of the SM who has other things to do. We are trying to get the NSP going and trying to keep boys in the program. We are just trying to make sure that they have all the resources that is needed for this task. Thank you to those that have actually given me some advice. It will be helpful.
  4. Basement The problem is, there is no program. The troop needs guidance. The boys that are going to be joining the NSP is a new concept. They have always just thrown them into the patrols and that was it. We are trying to improve things in the troop. Three boys just went to NYLT this month. There is a need for a NSP. There is a desire from some of the youth. The prospective TG is one of the boys who went through NYLT. They are still learning about PLC's and boy led programs. Some of the youth leaders are having issues getting the other boys to listen. It is a work in progress and we do not want to lose the new scouts due to lack of planning.
  5. I understand that there are many different ways that the whole NSP can be run. One question I have is; does anyone out there have it down in a document on how their troop does it. I have talked with the SM and we have determined the need for the NSP. I started one program, but my computer powercord is broken, at the connection with the computer, and I cannot get the program off the laptop. If anyone has any documents, it would be appreciated.
  6. ghermanno I can tell you this about the directors communicating. They have a problem with this. The Council Professional does not always give the information and does not give the PD the time or authority to do it. As for volunteering, this is run by the Summer Camp Staff. Not to mention I have volunteered for this CD and I have seen some of these issues. Plus I paid to go there and spend time with my son. They are paying staff to be there, and they should be aware of their program and what is expected. They should also be given enough time to plan and prepare. I talke with the PD and he said that he is going to be doing some of the planning for next year and try to avoid some of the others. As for the parents, we were not Den Chiefs/Leaders. There were not that many. The council does not require parents to attend if the scout is attending with his unit. Those are just some of the things that I saw.
  7. I just got back from Cub Resident Camp and I was wondering about a few things. For those that have gone to a summer camp, Cub or Boy Scout, have you ever had the kitchen run out of the food that it was supposed to be serving. There was a shortage of Food at lunch one day, and this was after they had a very skimpy breakfast. Not to mention, the staff were trying to do the events, but they did not have enough lead time to do the proper planning. I was told that they got the plans at 1130 PM the day before the events started. No real time to plan. This was noticed by more than just I. I heard other parents mentioning it. I talked with one of the staff members and the PD, they were telling me that even though they asked the Camp Director (The one from the professional staff) for the schedule of events for several months, they still only got it one day before the event. There was also a kid that cut his finger at one of the stations. There was only one staff member there and he did not even notice. Another parent helped this kid. I have been to these events before and there have been better ones in the past. Then I can also understand that some of the staff members are probably of the attitude that this is the end of the year. They also neglected to include religious services for sunday morning. I have not finished the evaluation form yet, I am reviewing some of the things and going to, not only point out the issues, but give suggestions. Anyone have any advise or had problems like this at their camps for Cub Scouts.
  8. The problem with finding a pack that is Ultralight and weighing 3 pounds is there is not enough capacity. According to the 2011 Summer packing guide that is provided by Philmont, you internal frame pack needs to have a capacity of 4800 Cubic inches. The ultralight is 600 cubic inches shy. Or maybe I still need to spend more time looking for some. I have searched REI, Campmor and some on Overstock. Any other places that I need to look. Please remember that this is for a 7 day trek at philmont.
  9. I have also found this pack on Ebay for about $165
  10. I know that this has probably been gone over for many years and I know that there are many schools of thoughts on this topic, but I have narrowed down my choices: I am looking at two different Kelty backpacks. They are both Red Cloud models: Red Cloud 90 http://www.rei.com/product/811560/kelty-red-cloud-90-pack Red Cloud 110 http://www.rei.com/product/811563/kelty-red-cloud-110-pack I am tall 6'5" to 6'6" depending on when you measure me. There is a $10 difference in the cost of the two backpacks, but a 1050 cubic inch difference. This bag is also being considered for a 7 day trip to Philmont. I hope that this is the information that you need for some advise. I am looking at reviews, so I can see how other people felt about the pack. Others in the troop are also considering this pack too. So what do you guys and gals have for input.
  11. My son is a leaders child. He find it is fun sometimes because he gets to run around and play with his friends after the meeting. He does find that he has a lot more expected of him. I wonder at times if that bothers him. He has fun, and lots of it. Like others have said, he gets to see a lot of the projects before everyone else. As for the question about why the original poster was setting up the tents when someone else used it. Sometimes if you want something done, and done right, you have to do it yourself. I loaned a tent out, (Personal tent) and the person using kept it for a year. (He did not come to meetings that much, Split family, mother for meetings, father for outings) Then when I did finally get it back, the next time I went to set it up, the shock cords were broken. One pole was split. I should have just taken care of it myself and I would have had my inventory and it would not have been damaged. You live and learn, and sometimes you have to do the work yourself.
  12. I think that all of the "Squeeze Cheese" has been sold to the US military for the MRE meals. Must have been purchased on the same order as Charms.
  13. Thanks for the info. I have found an Irish cheddar called Dubliner Cheese. Hard cheese stored in wax paper. I thought that would be a good cheese. Tastes good too. By what you are saying this will be a good example. Keep the suggestions coming.
  14. I have been looking at some of the backpacking meals that are out there and some of the ingredients that they recommend to take with you. One of the things that I have a question about is the cheese. What kind of cheese can you take that when packaged in tight wrapping and stored out of direct sunlight, can you take without it spoiling.
  15. There are many different levels of the Hornaday award. Some approved locally, some by National. My questions is, It says Troop Crew Team. But could it be done as something like an OA chapter/lodge service project. Or would those scouts go in as a troop? We have had a local recreation area that has trails and camping areas that we use that was majorly damaged by some tornadoes. The trails are blocked by trees and there is a lot of debris that needs to be removed. Sorry to hijack the thread but that was a question that I had.
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