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  1. thanks Eammon! I have talked to some folks who are close to me and in the pack and realize that its a deeper issue than I first thought. I have done my share and now its time to pass the torch. You are so correct about that. Sometimes you have to be hit over the head with problems to realize some things cant be solved and fresh blood needs to look at it. And my daughter's troop and her friends are at an age where their issues are much more complex so they actually need me more at this point. Being there for teens I can see is so critical. This is when we can most impact them
  2. This is a good mix of folks I know have good insight. I am getting ready to pretty much fully divest myself of our pack. I just posted the gory details in another thread of mine you can find. The term I find interesting is this: "This Lady had over the years got a reputation for being very vocal and at times very emotional. While no one ever said it out loud, I think many of us (Me anyway!!) Tried really hard to avoid her and have as little dealings with her as possible." I guess this is me (not actually but my personality). Having worked years in a corporate position where my
  3. correction - I was inline to be the next CC/Commitee chair NOT cub master
  4. I have not posted for quite a long time but with what has happened in our Cub Scout pack in the last few weeks, culminating in being yelled at yesterday for putting my family above popcorn sales, I am out and have some input. Cub Scouts should be fun and about the boys. Yes its hard work and yes as with all organizations the few gung ho tend to do most of the work. But in exchange for the hard work the pack should be there for folks when they are struggling. I was in line to be the next CM. I had misgivings due to the time element and the fact that the person who started and was/is
  5. in response to NJ blog: 1) Yes Thin Mints are that good - Boy Scouts will never have the cache that girl scouts do with their cookies. Popcorn just isnt as good. 2) Disney I am sure purposely didnt ask Disney. Disney has had partner benefits for a long time (like most healthcare organizations) and is very much in the front line of support for Gay and Lesbian rights because a large percent of their workforce is gay compared to many companies. 3) I love Scouts but lets be honest - the Boy Scouts have a reputation for being overly religious and extremely discriminatory. I have had a nu
  6. If asked to give more for scouts I would be gone, period. I love scouts but enough is enough. I already passed on the FOS and if this singles me out, too bad. When I was in the corporate environ in healthcare, as a Controller/CFO there was a "voluntary" PAC contribution. And I knew 100% if I didnt contribute, my boss would be po'd and my name would go on a list that went to the CEO of the COMPANY. But that was a case of protecting my job. In this environ we have to protect our families and our spending. Yes there are folks that live in high priced homes with large payments. Many of
  7. We have a campout coming up and I will be doing the shopping and calculating of food. I thought I remembered years ago seeing something for large groups or Girl Scouts. Something that converts people to portions and shopping lists? If you have anything let me know. And yes I can guess, but the accountant in me is thinking there must be a more semi-precise way thanks so much
  8. I have been to Highlands Ranch, did a project with Centura years ago. Its a pretty sanitized version of Denver. Even the garage sale signs have to be pre-approved. I went through South Park and also Littleton. It was close to the time the shooting happened as there was still police tape up and the school was closed. Wow I guess then it was 10 years ago. South park is a microcosm of what people really think and talk about and brings together a variety of folks who push the envelope (did anyone see the Somali pirate episode, or the Jonas brothers one - the writers definately still ha
  9. to disqualify after the fact isnt fair. This is for the boys, NOT the dads, not the adults. I would bet money the kids could give a darn about most of it and its the dads that are the ones getting into a testosterone frenzy. Kids goal - make car with wheels, watch it go.
  10. WOW - that is a lot of events. I know with one cub and one middle school girl who is also a cadette scout, this is a LOT to put on parents. Also if the boy is in sports, there is no way you can do both. My son is in Baseball and there is a minimum of one game and one practice (some weeks we had two practices). Then at the 1st to 4th grade there are usually at least 1 to 3 birthday parties per month. Many of our scouts are also catholic and have requirements for church that are once a week. I think one pack meeting, one event and one or two den meetings is more than eno
  11. My 13 year old (girl) has seen PARTS of south park that I have taped. Trust me, middle schoolers have heard or seen worse with their friends. My 8 yr old cubbie, only the commercials for it. I like that they attack both sides equally. The pinewood derby episode had my husband laughing hysterically especially when the mom comes down as they are up into the wee hours and the dad says something like "Youre a girl, you dont understand how important this is to stan", and of course stan did nothing. And to be blunt, our beautiful car was mostly done by my husband (I stay out of the "pine
  12. just wondering why its insulting to see what looks like a cub scout pack in something cut in a similar manner and color to Brownie outfits? If I recall a while back there was a thread about the women on Deal or No Deal in Boy Scout outfits and as I recall the consensus of the (male) posters was "they looked hot". So women with big yabos can wear a boy scout uniform but if a boy is put in a brownie look alike outfit its a problem? go to "buycostumes.com" and key in camper girl adult costume. THAT is okay?
  13. this week South park will skewer the Pinewood derby - if you are a fan you know that this show attacks both liberal and conservatives. input?
  14. my bad - sorry I was reading 23 and thinking ALL, didnt see the little "b". Thanks for clarifying it.
  15. thanks - here is where I got the info - let me know - in Wolf elective 23 I believe you have to do ALL of these to achieve this elective: LET'S GO CAMPING (Page 222) Participate with your pack on an overnight campout. Explain the basics of how to take care of yourself in the outdoors. Tell what to do if you get lost. Explain the buddy system. Attend day camp in your area. Attend resident camp in your area. Participate with your den at a campfire in front of your pack. With your den or pack or family, participate in a worship service outdoors. from: htt
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