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  1. My intention has never been to "kick" the boy out of our den/pack. I'm sorry if I've given that impression to some of you. I realize it is very difficult to offer constructive advise when not witnessing the boys' or moms' behavior firsthand. It also is not "my den" solely. As I tried to explain, there are 4 leaders (which is a whole other discussion itself)--1 of which is the mom of this child. We are the outsiders of this group, so to speak, so I was looking for some outside opinions before I "jumped" in to anything. Be cautious of what you wish for is a thought that comes to mind. I am a vol
  2. No, we're not afraid of guns or knives. In fact, my husband has been a police officer for over 15 years. The boys' actions have raised red flags in his mind, so I don't think I'm imagining this. As I tried to explain in the original post, though maybe not effectively, his behavior seems to be above and beyond the "normal". I realize that boys have active imaginations and yes, that killing animals is part of human behavior. Anytime there is an inappropriate comment, there is a teaching discussion to go with it and yes, to the point that it does become disruptive to the rest of the group because
  3. This is my first post, though I've read several threads from this network. We moved this summer to another state, thus changing packs. The new pack already had Wolf leaders, but were VERY eager for my husband and I to jump in and lead as well (we were the leaders of our sons den the year before). Our concern stems from one boy in the new den that appears to be completely preoccupied with shooting stuff and killing stuff. I'm not just talking about BSA BB gun and archery lessons or even legal hunting. From my first meeting with him, he has vocalized wanting to shoot the windows out of the churc
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