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  1. I cannot envision a situation where an active Eagle Scout (youth) would not have a uniform. If he has a uniform he should wear it and wear it correctly, especially if he has a role in the ceremony. I agree that the uniform shows off the accomplishment of being an Eagle. The only reason that I can think of where he might not have a uniform that fits properly would be if he has been inactive (youth) for some time (i.e. he earned the Eagle as a young age and hasn't been active since) in which case I would question whether he should have an active role in the ceremony. When all Eagle Scouts are ca
  2. In spite of what may or may not be worn under the kilt, I believe that I have learned the answer to a question that I have wondered about. It seems that most of you are okay with the kilt, just have questions about the proper way to wear it. Many states have adopted a tartan. So district tartans can always be worn. Few tartans are restricted. But good taste would say that you should a least know something about the tartan you are wearing. BTW, as far as I know I don't have any Scottish ancestry. But I do appreciate the Scottish history associated with Scouting.
  3. gwd, It sounds to me like you have a good foundation. If you continue to get new boys you should be fine. As far as joining with other troops, I wouldn't recommend going as far as we did yet. You might have your SPL get with the SPL of another "small" troop and plan some joint outings. I found lots of benefits from that early on. Our reason for blending the units was to provide an opportunity for our boys to get to know the other troop with the intention of looking for a place for them. I and the other leader (mostly just the two of us) saw the signs that we were struggling and most li
  4. Eagle92, Actually, what you have suggested is very similar to what we have come up with. One half red the other blue. From the front it looks like two different color "tails". The boys from "my" troop are mostly older, more experienced. So they joined in with the older/more experienced patrol from the other troop. On the roll it looks like a large patrol, but many of the boys have caught the "fumes" so participation is about the number of a normal sized patrol. The other patrol is made up of new scouts, most of them crossed over from Webelos last Spring. A good sized active patrol.
  5. wingnut says, "No such thing, it's a large troop with several openings." I like the way you think. packsaddle says, "Went to NC State." "Where the winds of Dixie softly blow..." Spent my freshman year of college at NCSU. Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  6. NWScouter, Have you been looking over our shoulder at Scout Meetings or PLC? :lol: Those are precisely the different troop necker colors and that has been a suggestion. One of the boys has designed a logo that we are looking into having embroidered. Since the numeral colors have changed, the thought was, since we were looking to order new numeral patches anyway, to see about getting the lightning put on the patch (either logo, lightning bolt, or text) instead of the numbers, if that was kosher.
  7. Please excuse me. Let me be totally clear. Local councils can prohibit fixed blade knives. My council is one of them.(This message has been edited by Packhound)
  8. As I mentioned before, the adult leaders of my troop are meeting with the youth members of my troop to find out THEIR sentiments. If THE BOYS are okay with "merging" the two troops, then we plan to do so WHEN WE RECHARTER (in January). (You should consider that there would be some sentimental reasons for continuing the current charter.) THE BOYS from both units wanted to do something that celebrates the blending of the units. The troop numeral patch just seemed like a logical idea since THE BOYS like to refer to themselves as such rather than by number. The other SM and I discussed this l
  9. BTW, Accessories can be found relatively inexpensively as well through the above links. A sgean don't (no blade to keep with BSA policy) can be made simply from a leather sheath and a carved wooden, bone, or antler handle attached to a wooden blade (or no sgean dubh at all). A tool belt from Home Depot can be dyed black and a sporran (think of it as a fancy hip pack) can be purchased for as little as $25.00 (or made yourself). My personal kit includes a DIY traditional tartan kilt (about 40 hours and $30.00 worth of materials), a Stillwater sporran ($25.00), and a tool belt for Lowe
  10. You can find fabric at a local store in "suit" material that can be used for making your own kilts in tartan. However, a kilt doesn't have to be in tartan and a very functional kilt can be made of canvas (like the utili-kilt) and constructed using instructions for an X-kilt (can be googled and downloaded for FREE). Average time for someone with sewing skills and making enough for an honor guard would probably be about 5 hours each. (I would not suggest using the x-kilt instructions for a tartan/plaid fabric.) I have considered making one or two x-kilts in hunter green fabric (ex. Scout g
  11. Just so you understand unless you are the institutional head of one of the chartering organizations you have no authority to merge the troops. The Charter that allows the unit to exist is between the BSA and the chartering organization and not between the BSA and the Scoutmaster. "The assets such as money, equipment etc, belong to the chartering organization and not the troop. While you may want to go to another troop that does not mean that you can take the monney and equiupment with you or that the CO must give up their charter. They are free to find new leadership and new scouts a
  12. Here is a popular place: www.stillwaterkilts.com/ Another place to learn more about kilts and other sources/vendors is: www.xmarksthescot.com
  13. I think that Calico is right on target. If he has met the Merit Badge requirements. Made it through his Leadership project (I just go home from a Roundtable where the focus was Life to Eagle.) by getting the proper approvals from the benefiting organization, SM, TC, and District and/or Council Advancement or Eagle Committee, BEFORE beginning the actual work on the project and then executing it properly. AND has completed six months of service in an elected or appointed leadership position should ask for a SM Conference and Troop BOR. (And if he has completed the requirements leading to the SM
  14. I am a kilt wearer myself and am fully aware of the cost of a "real" kilt. However, there are reasonably priced kilts of decent quality available "off the peg" for about the same price as a pair of Scout pants.
  15. In all honesty, we will probably merge into one unit with charter renewal. Blending these two troops has definitely been the right decision for these boys. The idea of keeping my troop charter active for an extra year is more sentimental than anything else. We are planning to talk with the boys from my troop and if they are willing to go ahead and merge (and I suspect that they are) then we will do so at rechartering time. The Lightning Troop, however, is a celebration of our coming together and the name is symbolic of our coming together. The boys want to make this a permanent part of
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