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  1. John Merriman's Lecture "Imperialists and Boy Scouts" in his course "European Civilization, 1648-1945" YouTube of lecture: Transcript: http://oyc.yale.edu/history/european-civilization-1648-1945/content/transcripts/transcript15
  2. Moderators: I'm posting this here, in I & P, because I suspect this topic will be more disturbing to many Scouters than either the 'Gay Scout' or the AGW topics. However, feel free to move it if you wish. Background: I'm working on a series of presentations about Scouting, for groups of home school parents. I expect few, if any, of these parents will have had any recent contact with Scouting. Many will come from conservative church backgrounds in which Scouting was not highly respected. But, it appears the groups will be larger than I'd initially expected. The list below, whe
  3. Horizon, only you know if people 'like you' are the sort of Scouters I've seen locally who ignore bad behavior in older Scouts. You associated your self with those people, not me. Locally, the adults who've behaved like this have fallen into two categories: 1. Wussies, who are too timid to confront anyone, & 2. Scouter-Parents, who are protecting their sons, or sons of their friends. Likewise, the bullies I encountered personally years ago were not the BMOC types, but wannabes who hadn't made it. The bullies I've seen in Scouting, with one exception, have been nerds w
  4. Gee, BeavAH. You're complaining about how other people argue, after you confirm for us that "Yah, as I've said, I don't know enough to comment about da science, eh?" So, you tell us you don't know what you are talking about -- something that Vol and I and Brent already knew -- and yet . . . you . . . keep . .. commenting? How come? I initially was impressed by your financial knowledge, and figured you might know enough math to understand what some of the problems were. But, then you went and spoiled it all when you came out with this little gem: "It's very hard to predict market
  5. Horizon & Dan; I don't understand how identifying a regular poster on a Scouter forum as an anti-Scouting activist is bullying. Perhaps you can explain that to me. Horizon I don't know, but Dan, I'm disappointed. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't consider identifying a anti-gay activist on a homosexual support forum to be "bullying". Regarding the statement that, "The worst bullying I see is from He Man Macho Scouts and Scouters", that may well be true in some cases. But the bullying I've seen was by nerds and wussies, doing it unto others. Regarding Scouters, I'm pre
  6. Merlyn (AKA Brian of "Scouting for All"), I've answered you which is more than you deserve. Given that you are just an anti-Scouting activist, I have no reason to reply to you further. OGE asked; "GaHillBilly, are you saying, based on your experience, that most scouters would rather allow scouts to be sexually abused rather than turn in a suspected child abuser?" No. I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to, but rather than try to go back, I'll state as precisely what I can, here. 1. On several topics including this one, I've tried to avoid "most" in favor of "ma
  7. "But, Merlyn, my problem with you has been, almost from the start, your dishonesty." I acknowledge that that statement has problems; it implies that I have known from the beginning that you were here dishonestly. However as you know, I have only recently discovered that for a certainty. I tried to rewrite the statement, but I haven't been able to find a succinct way to state what I meant, so instead I'll give you a list: + Not all dishonesty consists of telling overt lies. I have not accused you of lying in that manner. + The earliest perception I can recall, regarding
  8. BeavAH, the Guardian article is a good catch. But, if you'll check back, you'll see I'd already asked for the journal article. The Guardian did link that: [ http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v453/n7191/abs/nature06921.html ]. However, none of that justifies your original assertion that JoeBob & I were listening to the "neocon echo chamber". The fact that the Mail article has been quote or referred to in neocon blogs -- NONE of which I read, AFAIK -- in no way warrants your slur. I STILL don't even know if that claim is true, though I consider it plausible. But, unless you have ev
  9. "I'd say it's not specific, because not everyone can agree what it means. How do you know if you are being loyal the way the Scout Law means it? What does duty to God mean? Because different people, and especially different leaders, have differing interpretations of this, it makes it hard to hold people to some standard. It's certainly not a "standard" in the way that international standards are normally set." Actually, under at least SOME BSA regs on the topic, the CO should define the precise definition of these terms. Of course, I gather that few COs have ever been very involved. And,
  10. Brent, I think Beavuh has just been taking lessons from Merlyn (aka Brian Westley of "Scouting for All) and posting ABOUT the Daily Mail article, without actually reading it. It certainly makes it easier to post, when you don't have to deal with all those pesky facts. Beavuh, since the UK Daily Mail article is too long or hard for you, here's a quote: "Among the most prominent of the scientists is Professor Mojib Latif, a leading member of the UNs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has been pushing the issue of man-made global warming on to the international poli
  11. HiLo wrote "And GaHB, there's a difference between lying and misunderstanding. The latter is guaranteed with long posts on the Internet. (As you have already acknowledged.) I've already apologised for doing that, and hereby apologise for all future incidences." I do recall a sort of acknowledgment, but nothing that I read as an apology. However, you have clearly done so now, and I do accept that. So, we're good, now. BUT . . . my point wasn't about you; it was about the REACTION to the exchange between you and me. My point was that many or even most posters here -- echo
  12. I just finished running some early morning errands, and I had time to reflect a bit on this. After thinking about it, I believe your response, LisaBob, is the one I find most disturbing. Merlyn is just a distraction and a waste of time, because I already had a fair idea what atheist and gay activists think. What I wanted to know was what other Scouters thought, and how they'd respond to various arguments. But your response, LisaBob, is typical of many other Scouters I've encountered here locally and on this forum. Before I entered Scouting, I'd never encountered the term
  13. Hilo asked, "Do you want views you disagree with banned?" No, but I do think it's relevant to know who's party to a discussion. Merlyn's presence here, as an acknowledged anti-Scouting activist, is equivalent to a KKK member posting on an NAACP board, a PLO member posting on a Jewish board for kibbutz members. They are there, not to discuss, but as "trolls". LisaBob commented, "OK I think it is pretty creepy that you are keeping "notes" on posters" Ok. So you find that creepy. I find it creepy that people post under false pretenses. As a former forum operator myse
  14. Hey JoeBob; Just saw that lo-o-ng article myself -- kinda impressive. Started to post it, and saw you'd beaten me to the punch. If you dig up any of the underlying journal articles, please post them. Had a thought, though. I haven't checked, but my recollection is that most of us who doubt AGW do just that -- we don't think it's been proven, but definitely think it's stupid to spend trillions on stopping something that may not even happen. On the other hand, at least some of the true believers are SURE (hello, Beavuh!) that AGW has been proved. I wonder if we could get a f
  15. "No, Minnesota" I stand corrected. I had it right in the notes, but my memory failed me as I wrote the post. Regardless of that, your relationship to Scouting is 100% negative. As far as I can tell, you do not support anything that Scouting does, or is. The only thing apparently that you actually SUPPORT is mandating a maximal presence of atheists and homosexuals among youth. If you win your campaign against Scouting, I suppose you'd simply turn to something else, like trying to force religious colleges hire gays or atheists. You are here, not as a Scouter, but as a pro-gay
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