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  1. Did I miss something or did the BSA discontinue the raingutter regatta boats to only the catamaran style kits? Does anyone know if these will fit a standard raingutter?
  2. April-D

    Smart Mouth

    I will say that when he said "like I'm going to stab you" it wasn't a QUESTION... he was making a STATEMENT... like I AM going to stab you. I have found out today that these two boys definitely have a personality conflict... and the instigator seems to have a way of wanting to just say things to hurt people's feelings -- I've witnessed it first hand at Day camp this June, it was pirate themed, he went out of his way to tell another boy that wore a pirate hat for the day that he was stupid, that his hat was stupid. He just isn't "nice." Not that I can expect them NOT to be nice all the t
  3. April-D

    Smart Mouth

    So I have a large den of Bears. And, of course, we have some personality conflicts. Who doesn't. Generally, I let the boys work things out on their own and move past it. Tattle Tails and pettiness drives me batty! But at my last meeting, one of my bears was being THE BIGGEST smart mouth to my assistant den leader. basically telling him that he didn't have to do what he said or listen to him because he's not his dad. Well, I'm not his MOM either but he BETTER listen to ME! My asst. den leader was BESIDE himself . I, too, am STILL quite irritated about the entire thing. So, wo
  4. I read this on a Yahoo group I'm on -- no one has answered but I'm curious as to the answer for the same reason she is... anyone heard anything? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Does anyone know if advancements (ranks, patches, belt loops, pins, etc)are going up in cost? I received a general notice from BSA on-line catalog that they will be increasing costs throughout their catalog beginning August 15th (which also happens to be the day that our national scout store will have the new uniforms in stock - coincidence?). We were hoping to mail out our end-of-summer newsletter, fall flyers, and p
  5. Has anyone ever prepared a Christmas parade float? What worked? What didn't? Any ideas, suggests, comments?
  6. I'm on another scouting Yahoo group and someone had a suggestion for Blue & Gold 2009... here is a synopsis of her e-mail: The theme for this year's Blue and Gold is American ABC's. As an assistant cubmaster and with the help of the current cubmaster we came up with an awesome idea but are unsure of how to reach scouts across the nation. Our idea is to request postcards from dens, packs, and troups about what is new with them for the year and have them mailed to us in Plattsmouth. When we receive the post cards we will send one out from out pack. The postcards will be then
  7. We pretty much follow the guidelines that have been mentioned in this thread. Our Round Table is the 1st Thursday of the month and our Pack Leaders Meeting (that's what we call it) is the 2nd Wednesday of the month. For July we are discussing the following -- just to give you an idea of what we cover...  Treasurers Report  Re-charter (we have a woman that has done it for the past several years and she won't be doing it again this time so we're goign to have to be sure all our den leaders are up to snuff on making sure we have all their kid's information for packmaster.)
  8. Do any of you prepare either or rely on the BSA documents for your handouts? I'm interested in knowing what, if anything, anyone does for their new leaders... as well as new parents coming into Scouts.
  9. Yeah, I've been around for a little bit... so OA -- Order of the Arrow -- that's a BS thing (ooh wait, those initials don't translate ideally)... that's a BOY SCOUT thing right? I honestly don't really know what they are... any resources to look it up? I mean, I found on the internet http://www.longhorncouncil.org/oa/default.htm which is one near me... ?? but it still doesn't tell me WHAT it is.
  10. At Roundtable meetings and at our council camps and such I see some wearing a patch on one of their pocket flaps... can someone tell me what these are?
  11. OH my GOSH that so cracked me up. Yes, that'd be like telling them they're a broken record -- I made the mistake of doing that to my own son and he asked what a record was. Times times times... Any-who, I would love to see a photo of whatever version you come up with!
  12. We are having our crossing over campout this weekend and we're (for the first time to my knowledge) wanting to do a scout sunday service... no one stepped up so I'm going to do it... I was told to make it completely non-denominational as we have several different faiths represented as well as a Jewish family. I have NO clue how to accomplish this...does anyone have anything you'd care to share as I don't want to offend but do feel it is important to have one.
  13. Thank you so much for posting this! This is great information.
  14. April-D

    New Uniforms?

    On a message board group I frequent, I've read rumors that the BS are changing their official uniforms... is this true? I haven't been able to find anything to substantiate this claim but was curious if anyone has heard.
  15. I created some awards featuring a Norman Rockwell scouter image and we printed them off on 8x10 photo paper. Everyone was very happy to receive these. E-mail me off list and I'll be happy to e-mail you one. aprildriggers@sbcglobal.net
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