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  1. It does include uniforms! Not only that, today I picked up a nice sleeping pad today. I just happened to go today to get my boy a bigger uniform and scored the 25% without knowing it.
  2. If it comes down to wearing only only 1 patch, think of it this way. BSA's org chart is upside down, meaning youth are at the top. Then direct contact leaders, then Unit support leaders (i.e. committee), then district and council leaders are low on that org chart. Unit leader position is more important than a District Commissioner. So I would wear your unit leader position over commissioner patch.
  3. As a district commissioner I break out the Venturing uniform every once in a while. Great way to show support seeing how my commission is also over Venturing Crews.
  4. It depends on the size. The 38 and 42 long are the only ones listed at 19.98. All others are 99.99.
  5. Not sure if that is really needed. After the arrowhead honor, we have the commissioner's key knot, Distinguished Commissioner's award knot and the commissioner's college knot. Granted 1 takes 3 years to earn and the other two over 5 years but still. Most commissioner's probably don't feel the need for any more. I am interested to see the criteria.
  6. It is called "Uniform Washable Wool Jacket" I would assume it is Uniform similar to the red one, so probably yes. I like the traditional red for tradition, but I love the green scheme.
  7. In the insignia guide, it shows specifically how to place the patches for non-unit scouters without the pocket and it is the old way. Personally, I like the idea of the arrowhead honor being in the place of the unit numerals and would make sense to keep it that way even without the pocket on the sleeve. But per the guide, the arrowhead goes below position patch if there is no pocket on sleeve.
  8. The Scoutmaster believed that only 3 of those 5 campouts could count as troop activities..." That's ridiculous. I'm going to surf over to failblog.org so this won't remain as the dumbest thing I've heard today. -Agreed
  9. Online tour permits are way better than the old way. Use IE and you are fine. No more signatures, and all parties get a .pdf of the tour permit that is approved! Very cool and no more paperchase.
  10. Why not buy some like these http://stores.uniforms-4you.com/-strse-18/Navy-Khaki-Garrison-Hat/Detail.bok (just an example there are lots of others) and modify them with a BSA patch or pin? Unless you feel the need to have official gear those may be your best bet to find sizes and a decent cost in a quick amount of time before the boys move on and you are able to collect them all.
  11. eolesen: True women leaders do not camp out with LDS troops, but there are many women leaders who are assistant scoutmasters in LDS troops working with the 11 year old patrol. Also, there are many Scoutmasters of LDS troops who are not LDS at all. They do need to agree to uphold to certain standards of substance use, etc. Just wanting to clarify. But CO's have control over their units in a lot of respects. Venturing can have co-ed units, but they can also be all male and even all female crews. Haven't seen an all female crew, but that would be cool if a CO felt that need for th
  12. There is a section under the Cubs Scouting tab that says position specific, but no modules in it yet.
  13. Yep, we are and the boys love it. Best week out there for an individual camp. They run NYLT for the older boys, but the Brownsea 22 course is for the younger scouts here.
  14. My son made one at Brownsea 22 this summer.
  15. The link is posted by our council. The letter came from an official BSA communication to the executives in our council, probably to all execs then my exec passed on to me. I suppose it was voted on during this weeks Nat. Board meeting. Check with your local execs and they probably received it too.
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