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  1. One of our parents wants to be an assistant leader. However, he did a stint in a Mental Health facility when his wife took off with the kids 3 years ago, and then did a week in the county jail for nonpayment of child support. Now, depite how this all sounds he really is a great dad and would be a huge asset on camping trips. What I'm looking for is to find out if he should even bother to put in an application? Would his 'past' make him ineligible?
  2. One of the leaders is contacting the charter org rep today, I will relay all of that to her. Problem is, our CO isn't very involved, and honestly up until this year we never HAD a CO rep. This year we got one of the parents (who is in both orgs) to do it, but she stopped showing up apparently because she'd had some problems early on about the CC. Oh, and the CC WAS a member of the CO at one point, but "was asked to leave". Should we notify council? and what would we tell them if we did? And I'm pretty sure we can't stop her from attending things as a parent, i'm just worried about
  3. A while back i'd posted for advice on how to deal with a controlling CC who was pushing people out of the pack. I followed the advice, she calmed down somewhat and we minimized pack evens that she would have contact with our parents and kids. And some of the other leaders are so fed up that the decision was all but made to split off and form a new pack in June. Well, tonight this CC went absolutly Exorcist on us. She started screaming and cursing and throwing things. She accused the other leaders of plotting against her, and called a leader several choice names, dropping the F-bom
  4. As the treasurer for our pack, our budget includes: -one big ON trip (zoo sleepover, ect) -all campouts -all awards (but only once- IE ONE fishing BL, not one per year) -recruiting supplies -B-n-G -pack meeting stuff (fees, materials, ect) -rechartering -Boy's Life -and basically anything pack related. Now, we only pay for the Cub for trips, B-n-G, extra stuff, parents and siblings pay thier own way (ex: we figure out the cost pp. for a campout and do chagre non-scouts that price). And we often do more than one expensive trip, but only the one following the popcorn sal
  5. our boys loved this the few times we've done it. We have a team of 2-3 boys build a car- and so far we've had enough wheels and axles, ect. from past cars that the cost has really been minimal. We did it with both seat belt and without- you can cut actual belts out of old junkyard cars. But they honestly seemed to make spills worse- the kid falls off and the car falls on top of him. if it's a gentle enough slope they won't get up enough speed to get hurt from falling off anyway. We also tried the launch ramp and a push start- the kids got some serious speed using the ramp (we o
  6. i agree that much of cubbing is "artsy-craftsy". When we moved up into Webelos, we really tried to get away from that... and the boys were thrilled to be building rockets and catapaults instead of sock puppets. If the kids are burnt out by the time they get to boy scouts, then the Webelos need to rethink thier programs. we kept 'em active and busy (most boys in the past 2 years earned thier 20er award), and they are now all enthusiastic boy scouts. i'd reccommend getting away from the sit-at-the-table den meetings. get out and go someplace. Instead of the DL doing readyman, visit
  7. how about if you allow ALL the boys to cross over the bridge, and have the appropriate boys go to the troop, and then the boys not continuing on go to thier parents as a kind of "crossing over into 'manhood'" ceremony? yes, i totally agree that the crossing over ceremony SHOULD only be for the boys who actually are, but at this point you just need to get thru this year without arguements and 'fix' the situation next year. I would explain every meeting until the B-n-G what is going to happen- that the boys crossing over into boy scouts will go across the bridge first, then the rest.
  8. I wasn't actually suggesting you go off in the woods alone with a kid; you can very easily give some 1:1 sitting around a campfire, or while on a hike. I guess I should clarify for the literal-minded among us! Spend some time talking to the boy, asking him how he's doing, take a personal interest in his life. *ahem* within site of others, of course. The G2SS is, by definition, a GUIDE. It doesn't mention anything about going above and beyond when you know a kid is having trouble at home, but I personally am in this to help kids, not shut them out. Besides, if dad has an RO against h
  9. good grief, I wouldn't make it thru 4 1/2 hours, never mind the boys! Re: the tigers: if you can, step up and take over the den NOW. maybe a phone call to the official leader and ask if she needs help, or ask if she wants to "let you know" next time she can't make a meeting, and you will run it, or point blank ask her if you can take over. Do you know if the other Tiger parents are planning on attending the b-n-g? if none of them have older siblings and HAVE to go,maybe it wold be better to just skip it? I can't imagine making 6 year olds sit there for that long (jeez, they don't
  10. I'm gonna wear a couple different hats right now... as a divorcee- before you do ANYthing regarding this father, get confirmation. Divorces can get reeeeal ugly. Check. As a mom- do NOT let this father alone with ANY boy, including his own. Even in sight but out of earshot. Just because scouting hasn't caught up with him doesn't mean he isn't under a restraining order from his own kid, which he would be if he is even under investigation. As a social worker- at any rate, this kid is going thru hell, phisically abused or not, there is some serious emotional stuff going on.
  11. gcan

    AOL ceremony?

    thanks for some awesome ideas! I will run a few of 'em by the committee tonight, but we definalty now will have something to work with.
  12. gcan

    AOL ceremony?

    thanks for the great ideas! i really like the bridge 'challenge'- maybe we could 'challenge' each boy as they go across with some tenent of the scout law? I like the plaque idea, too...
  13. gcan

    AOL ceremony?

    We want to give the boys certificates and gold arrows (If I can find cheap arrows to spray paint). But having seen this exactly once before, I'm kinda flying blind. How have you all made the ceremony special? What have you given the boys that's worthy of displaying next to all dad's sports trophies? Is the AOl ceremony seperate, or presented to each boy after the rest of his awards?
  14. ok, so you all think that it won't take too long to do the crossing over? I've only ever seen it once (last year), and the troop was new so maybe the boys just didn't have that much experience? It could be a disaster if we designate an hour and it only takes 20 mintues! I do like the idea of wrapping up awards as presents. And I REALLY like the idea or putting Bios in the 'program'- how much cooler can THAT get for an 11 year old, lol?
  15. I honestly don't think you NEED too actively 'pitch' your troop- have a table/display set up advertizing 'what you can do as a boy scout', which obviously has all the activities that your troop has done, lol. And put your boys and your signs right out there for everyone to see- they will get the hint. have your most outgoing boys 'socialize' with the parents, too- THAT will really impress 'em!
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