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  1. The Charter Organization is responsible for selection. They often use the committee to make a selection. But ultimately the Charter Organization must approve the selection.
  2. My first campout as a Scoutmaster I had a scout taken to the hospital by helicopter. So yes - every campout since I had a lot of anxiety. But it did put a lot of focus on safety and risk assessment.
  3. A few years ago our troop our made a backpacking trek through nearby Grand Tetons. This was the most beautiful trek I have ever been on. We met someone from Australia backpacking solo. He was in the US for a couple months and was traveling all over going to where he thought were the best backpacking locations. He only had a few days left and was torn between visiting Yellowstone and Wind River before heading home. He considered the Wind River the best backpacking the lower 48 had to offer but Yellowstone had thermal features that are rare and he might not otherwise have a chance to see.
  4. Our troop always rolls our own. Great adventures at a fraction of the cost of HA bases. We have gone to Shenandoah National Park and Smokey Mountains National Park. Both are practically in your back yard. Shenandoah not so much wilderness. The Appalachian Trail runs very near the main road. You always here car traffic. We took some side trails down the mountains and saw plenty of water falls and swimming holes. But the side trails had heavy hiker traffic. Smokey Mountains is huge you can find plenty of trails and if you are a few miles from any road you may only see a few
  5. I have already heard one family a year ago say if we have to wear masks in Cub Scouts they would not participate. I can only imagine what a vaccine requirement would do.
  6. As a mandated reporter I would send these Proofs of Claims to law enforcement. I don't know all the nuances of statue of limitation law. Let law enforcement sort that out. I would also make sure the individual is placed in the IVF. Then my relationship with the individual will be forever changed. I think, like you, I would want to avoid all interaction with him. The only abuser I knew was arrested and never left jail before his conviction which made avoidance easy. I remember feeling very disappointed in him. I question myself today about whether I should have been aware enough
  7. There should not be any issues. You will pay only one registration fee. Just don't stretch yourself out so thin you can't do either position well.
  8. Talk to your troop. Ask them if he is still on the roster. If so great. If not ask them to re-register him. And make arrangements to make your payment. Should not be a problem.
  9. The council advancement committee is responsible for maintaining the council's merit badge list. Start with them. Perhaps you have a district representative? Another option: Scoutmasters are supposed to have access to the list. Ask a Scoutmaster. They could tell you which ones you are approved to counsel.
  10. When you say "letter of reflection" do you mean "statement of your ambitions and life purpose"? If so then yes it is required before the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair sign. It is part of Requirement #6. By signing the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair are certifying that requirements 1 - 6 are complete.
  11. Ok, here is how I would analyze this: Does it fall under prohibited flying activities: Hang gilder - NO Ultralight - NO Experimental aircraft - NO if properly rated Non-tethered hot-air balloon - NO Search and rescue - NO Does it fall under the exceptions: Commercial aircraft - NO Flying - YES but see Flying Plan Checklist Tethered hot-air balloon - NO So it looks like it is a PERMITTED activity provided I jump through all the hoops in the Flying Plan Checklist which among its many requirements includes an appropriate Airworthiness
  12. Yah I know what you mean but that is how the proposal reads. I can imagine that it gets shot down in May's vote with the conservative faction asking "why should we leave?"
  13. It is a proposal that may or may not be enacted at a vote in May. The proposal allows the creation of a "Traditional Methodist" denomination to be split off of the current "United Methodist" denomination. Individual conferences and/or local churches can elect to go the Traditional Methodist direction. If they don't act they remain United Methodist. If they have a vote they can switch to Traditional Methodist. I am thinking many of the overseas conferences would go the Traditional Methodist route as the are generally much more conservative than the US part of the church. Across th
  14. From the Guide To Advancement: "Completed reference responses of any kind are the property of the council and are confidential, and only review-board members and those officials with a specific need may see them. The responses are not to be viewed by or returned to the Scout. Doing so could discourage the submission of negative information. For the same reason, those providing references do not have the option of giving the reference directly to the Scout and shall not be given the option of waiving confidentiality. Once a review has been held, or an appeal process conducted, responses sh
  15. The advancement chair is correct. Someone writing a letter of recommendation will be more open about a scout if they know the scout will not read it. For the purpose of the requirement we want to have both the positive and negative. Otherwise it becomes a mere box checking.
  16. "leaving the boys to go on an unreasonably dangerous hike without any supervision" This is exactly why we can't have patrol activities without adult supervision.
  17. See the latest Guide To Safe Scouting. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34416.pdf Look on page 85 for the section "Service Project Planning Guidelines". "Look closely at page 88 for Health/Sanitation Considerations". It seems to me it states participants should provide health forms available (I would think part A & B would be appropriate).
  18. My council lost most of their records to a flood. Because of that my online record shows I took Scoutmaster training in 1910.
  19. Exit the tent first then apply. Not a good idea to get repellents on the tent fabric. Especially DEET which will attack the nylon.
  20. According to the Guide to Safe Scouting the pavilion was not a suitable safe building. "Safe Building—one that is fully enclosed with a roof, walls, and floor, and has plumbing or wiring." As far as I can tell the Guide to Safe Scouting only mentions the recommendations of the National Weather Service. It does not say it is a requirement of scout units. But I would not want to take chances with scouts. The Hazardous Weather Training would be something good to review as well.
  21. I find this phrase curious... "Associating with organizations who do not have similar brand history, program portfolio, and track record for safety dilutes and tarnishes our brand, and allows Boy Scouts to leverage the reputation of Girl Scouts for their own purposes." I can understand wanting to maintain their brand identity but this just sounds like they have a superiority complex.
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