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  1. Yup, my inaugural comment was off base. However, I believe that continued to change the rules is not the way to go.
  2. So much for previous statements that the program would not change. Now they change the rules to make sure there will be a female Eagle Scout in the inaugural year. Where were the adjusted rules when they opened registration to homosexual scouts. Those scouts did not get any benefit to being able to join and obtain their Eagle if they did not have enough time.
  3. Donald Jr. already did. Donald Trump Jr.†Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJrFollowFollow @DonaldJTrumpJr More Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Ken Dilanian Strange, I thought that's what the Girl Scouts was for???
  4. Also not sure how this is going to help families with boys and girls to participate at the same time except for Pack meetings. The pack in our area have den meetings on all different nights, so unless the siblings are twins or in the same grade, they wouldn't have meetings on the same night anyway. I assume some packs have all den meetings on the same night, but don't see it working in our area.
  5. Yes it was sarcastic, they are desperate for money. Could see it especially when they are now requiring all adults attending summer camp to be registered with the BSA and pay dues. We had an event recently that required everyone to be registered with the BSA and I countered with the council program director that this has to include MB Counselors as they are registered members of the BSA but do not have to pay dues. Loophole to the "must be registered" rule IMHO.
  6. Since the BSA will be getting more registration dollars with this program, where is the push to cancel the membership rate increase we are all going to suffer this year?
  7. As SM, I have refused completed blue cards issued by summer camp that I know and can verify were not completed. Namely, I had 2 scouts take the camping merit badge which were marked fully complete even though they did not have the 20 nights of camping under their belt. Basically we would inform the scouts of how many nights they had completed and hold the blue cards until they fulfilled the requirement. We would try to plan extra campouts to help them complete them faster.
  8. I really like what you put together as it is very informative. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. What I don't understand is that the Scout Executive for President Ford Council told us during this year's summer camp that the 2 camps in our council were the only 2 in Michigan that had both an increase in kids and were both profitable. So why not keep both open to Boy Scout Summer camp? Instead, they only make the northern camp a Cub Camp (while keeping the other southern Cub Camp open) which I doubt will see an increase in youth and profit without the Boy Scouts using it next year. The issue with driving longer distances is that we had numerous troops that rotated leadership during camp week due to work schedules. This is going to be more difficult with longer drive times.
  10. Luckily they could not sell our camp in Traverse City since it is owned by the Rotary and not the council. They did however not make it a boy scout summer camp next year, just a Cub camp. Grand Rapids, the other council we merged in to make our FSC, got both a Boy Scout summer camp and Cub camp. Then it made more sense when I saw the transitional board members and found our council had 1 member and Grand Rapids had 3. Once the merger was proposed, I thought that there would be a new Michigan Crossroads Council shoulder patch and everyone in the mitten would be wearing it. Now I hear that each Field Service Council is going to have their own. That's a bummer for us in the north now have to wear the name of the council to the south, which didn't change much after the merger. The other 3 FSC's created new names for their legacy councils, ours was the only one that kept most of their identity. They went from Gerald R. Ford Council to President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council. Actually they got tired of writing so much so now they are calling it the President Ford Council and even dropped the Field Service from their documents. I think our FSC is the only one that kept the Scout Executive from one of the legacy councils and not hired an outsider that did not have an interest in any of the merging councils. I am done venting for now.
  11. The SPL and ASPL were neither appointed or voted in as it would have been a moot point having the troop vote for only 1 person who wanted to be SPL. Even if we said he was elected by the troop, therefore he can be Patrol Leader, they just came off of their stint as Patrol Leader and others need their shot at becoming Patrol Leader. And if an election is held for Patrol Leader and they didn't win, where would that leave their training? I love eating pickles, but I hate being in one. I spoke to my ASM and CC (previously SM) last night to come up with any ideas that we could offer the boys when they meet all together if they get stumped. I also spoke to the SPL during our SM conference for his Life rank last night about the direction we may take. The idea we are leading to is keeping the SPL and ASPL in their positions for a 1 patrol troop. I know...not necessary. I told the SPL that if things stayed the same, there would not be much for him to manage as the PL would be doing most of the work. He could help guide the PL, but not trump the decisions the PL made as long as they were sound. We think this could work if we tweak the SPL and ASPL positions (let the PL lead his patrol) and focus their work to recruiting efforts, big event planning, skill instructions during troop meetings, and work closer with the adults in training the youth. And yes, two small patrols did not work well for us as we barely had enough for 1 patrol when it came to outings. I think focusing their efforts to recruiting will help the troop in the long run.
  12. Sentinel947, The SPL and ASPL are both NYLT trained. They were each the outgoing patrol leaders for their patrols and began their term back in March. Now it is time to re-elect patrol leaders which we do every 6 months. That is my other issue is that by forming 1 patrol and "making" these boys the PL and APL, no one else in the patrols that were eager to be on the ballot get a chance. Until they finish the PL election, the APL's are stepping up to the plate to fill the role of PL. I would really hate to see the SPL or ASPL get disgruntled over the issue that myself and the last SM (now committee chair) began when we requested they take NYLT so the troop could elect an SPL. The troop paid half of the course fee, but there was still the other half they paid for and the time they spent from their summer break. I have been striving for a boy led program as much as possible. When I came aboard as ASM, the troop was 80% adult led (from leaders no longer there). I took Wood Badge and one of my goals was to turn the troop around to boy led. This is why I am trying to keep from telling them what they need to do. Maybe until I can get all 9 together, we will function for a week or 2 as we are with the APL's running their patrols and postpone the election until after the group discussion.
  13. The other issue is getting the remaining 9 boys together at one time. With sports and band heavy until mid October, we have just over half attending troop meetings and outings. We may have to go with the makeup now, and hold elections once sports have let up and boys can actively participate. They would like to have a larger troop and have tried recruiting with little success. Currently there are no Webelos that will be crossing over next February. Also, the schools in our area do not allow any groups to come in and do any kind of recruiting. Our DE has tried multiple times.
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