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  1. It looks like a fundraiser. It smells like a fundraiser. Must be a fundraiser.
  2. At a Tiger Cub den meeting dealing with the "Down on the Farm" theme I gave each scout a chance to tell the den what there favorite food was and I would ask them where it came from. I was trying to make the point that most of the food we eat comes from farms. The first few scouts could not get the connection to farms without some help. But after a while the scouts picked up on where food comes from. When I got to the last scout he proudly announced his favorite food as hot dogs. I then asked him where hot dogs came from. I was confident that after hearing his fellow scouts he woul
  3. Lisabob, He is making two statements: 1. He does not feel the government should dictate this matter to the BSA. 2. He would like to see the BSA change its membership policy. Not really talking out of both sides of his mouth. Rather pandering to both sides of the issue.
  4. Do talk to your Scoutmaster now. Ask your advancement chair to get a copy of your advancement record from the council to check for discrepencies. There is little time for errors. As far as requiring the application to be turned in by your 18th birthday I know of no councils that require this. There are six requirements on the application. Requiring a Scout to turn in an application by their 18th birthday amounts to a seventh requirement - something a council is not authorized to do. Do check with your Scoutmaster, however, as this is something you do not want to argue over.
  5. This is a "recomendation" from the National Flag Foundation and not part of the US Flag Code. I did notice however that the US Flag Code says the flag should not be a part of an athletic uniform. I distinctly remember my son's baseball uniform having a flag. I don't recall which sleeve and don't recall if it was facing foward or backward.
  6. This needs to be addressed immediately. Regardless whether or not BSA policy was violated he may be endangering his children if he is driving them to and from the meeting under the influence. Making someone in this condition wait in the parking lot is not good enough.
  7. Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly and they do the right thing without putting other obstacles in place. When does the Council Advancement Committee meet? Keep us informed of your progress. Hey, now that you are good at hoop jumping perhaps you should consider a job in the entertainment industry.
  8. I once had a Scout with spina bifida and needed alternate requirements. I had the parents get a letter detailing the scout''s condition. I also wrote a letter to the council''s advancement committee proposing alternate requirements. I had my troop committee aprove the requirements. I then made enough copies of the two letters for all the council advancement committee memebers. I took these letters to the next council advancement committee meeting and made this proposal in person. A short discussion about the proper procedure was held and it was decided everything was handled correctly
  9. Requirement #1 states "Learn and say the Cub Scout Promise..." Requirement #2 states "Say the Law of the Pack..." Notice one is "Learn and say" and the other is "Say". I interpret this to mean the scout must memorize the Cub Scout Promise but does not need to memorize the Law of the Pack. Do you all agree with this?
  10. You stated "I know the requirement is met as written". As leaders we can require no more nor no less than what the requirements state. Therefore he has met those requirements.
  11. Yes there is a lot of preperation. The amount required will vary from person to person depending on skills and experience. You may also be asked to promote the course. Once the course completes you may be asked to be a ticket counsellor. You should discuss this with the course director and get his or her expectations. If you are able to commit to the expectations then I highly recomend you accept. Woodbadge staff was one of the most satisfying experiences in my Scouting career.
  12. No scouting food at my wedding reception but I did have a dozen or more woodbadgers there. At one point during the reception I and all the fellow woodbadgers lined up, pulled the pantlegs of our tuxes up to our knees to simulate scout shorts, and broke out in one of the most exhuberent renditions of the Gilwell song I have ever heard. I am sure my bride of only two hours was wondering what she got herself involved with... and those in attendence who have had no exposure to Woodbadge must have been left very confused.
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