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  1. Hello to all, My son and I are currently out of USA right now due to COVID and scheduled for a return around mid-April 2021. We have been out of USA since Nov 2020. He still attended meeting because is a Online Zoom Meeting. Usually, troop collect next year's fees around Nov and Dec (BSA fees, Insurance, and Troop dues). But I have missed the troop's re-chartering due to oversea. And I think we are no longer on the Troop Roster because my son and I didn't pay yet. Troop know my current situation. So how do I register my son and I again? Do I call the Council Offic
  2. Hello, How to impeach a committee chairman. Reasons: -Spreading Fake News (already made scoutmasters leave) and spread fake news about MANY parents. -Abuse powers -Stop a scout from rechartering just he doesn’t like his parents. -Threatening parents to do what he said. (otherwise, spreading fake news until they leave). Any way to start an impeachment process? or scouting resources that can report the chairman. Thank you.
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