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  1. BSA is not Babysitters of Anyone. Inform the mom that we are volunteer run organization. As such, we look forward to the helping a wide range of youth with their advancement in the program. However, that only happens when the adults volunteer to help guide the youth. Given that her child requires additional attention, this is a great program for her to go get trained and be an assistant den leader. This will insure that her child experiences the best of the program. Ask "dont you want the best for your child?" Then state that the volunteering to help will fulfill that desire. There are no written statements that anyone is required to look after another persons child. She is more than welcome to contact any and all professionals, who should/will tell her the same..........
  2. Context is important. Privacy about a DUI and loss of license, while still driving their kid? Privacy about domestic abuse or drug dealing? Privacy about a medical condition. Also, while not an ASM, still a parent in the Troop? Danger to themselves or others? You really need to be much more specific if you are seeking moral/ethical guidance on disclosure. A recent bankruptcy was caused by this very issue.......
  3. The Charter Org. Rep (COR) is responsible for the leadership of the Troop. While I would go to the district first and ask about any issues, the ultimate person to decide on leadership is the COR.
  4. Anyone out there putting together a virtual Halloween event for Cubs? I am doing some videos for our council. Would like to share with councils doing the same.
  5. Thank you all. The feedback on setting it up was well noted, as was the cost. We are now looking at Flipgrid as well. I hear they are going to address virtual on the National call next Thursday. I am going to wait to hear that outcome and recommendations. But, thank you again for the input, it is appreciated.
  6. Any scouters out there familiar with a product called Canvas? Used by teachers to put together a landing page and center point for running an online classroom. Interested in use in virtual scouting events. Please contact me.
  7. "Scout, when you bring your son/daughter to show what you did for an Eagle project; will you be proud of this accomplishment?" Will you be able tell him/her how you lead your team in getting this done and how you overcame obstacles? This is your chance in Scouting to leave a legacy, does this represent the best in you? Would could you do to make this a project better, so that every young scout in the troop points to it as the best they have been involved with?
  8. First stop will be https://www.scouting.org/awards/journey-to-excellence/ You can see all the resources and were to find them. There are sections that explain where the data is coming from and how to retrieve it. Next, you will realize that it usually requires one of the professional staff to have access. Then, you will find they either ignore your request or do not know how to find what you need. Refer back to step one. The idea of coffee for the Register is best one......(but I would bring box of chocolates) Lastly, garbage in garbage out for the data. Most is from ScoutNet (controlled by professional staff). You will find things like a person double registered and not showing up as expected, merit badge counselor (without the associated badges covered), training not correct due to any number of errors from both volunteers and professionals. Camping data was input from a spreadsheet submitted by the Director of Support Services to National (and lord knows she/he would not fudge those figures to look good)............
  9. I am pretty sure this is listed as a prohibited activity. Non-motorized ride in a glider for Scouts BSA youth?
  10. Probably afraid you'll get pancake sauce on uniform...........can you imagine what the uniform police would have to say then.......🤣
  11. Is prohibited.....https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss07/#b #9 7th item. Wonder what they would say about the wind tunnels that allow you to practice?
  12. Its about time they looked at this. I cringed and knew it was an issue, the first time I read the new rule. Not to kick a hornet nest, but what if the female leaders were LBQT? Gasp....... Hawkin is right, trained should be the only requirement.
  13. There used to be a mention in the Uniforming Guide that mentioned the Distinguished Expert Medal from NRA in same position as Eagle and other medals. It no longer states that. So, I am not aware of any official guidance that allows it. Having said that, I have never been, nor plan to be, a Uniform Police. (If you catch my drift.......) ;) I have a shirt I wear on the range with all my NRA and USAA insignia. w
  14. When I read the list at first, I was "totally makes sense". I would still pack a pocket knife and three feet of 4mm cord. Just in case...... The "just in case" got me thinking.....Be Prepared........and the 10 Essentials..... and why are they essentials? Is it just THIS hike you are training them for, or are you preparing them for ANY hike they may take? Would make for an excellent discussion for PLC: Why are the 10 essentials called Essential? Are there any scenarios where you may need something on the list even in an urban hike? (like first aid to bicyclist who crashed). Could we use both modern tools (GPS) and old ones (Compass) to practice our skills? Do modern tools ever fail or worse run out of batteries? Just thoughts from an old guy......;
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