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  1. I have done research, but my conjectures in the past have been based on speculation. However, I still looking for the pot of gold, someone else has mined. I was truly taken aback that our National organization does not have this data readily available.
  2. So, in our area we have a 0.9% market share of total available youth. That leaves 99.1% not in scouting. Does anyone have survey data on what this 99% are doing with their time and their kids? Not looking for personal stories, I am looking for true survey data that has demographics, economic, social, and interests data. Anyone???? (Yes I asked at National)
  3. Completed it with fake email......Ya its a donation pitch
  4. Same here for getting info. Better hear than my BOD. and thank you Eagle94-A1 for your work on this here.
  5. Heard somewhere "Change Happens" and you need to roll with the flow. My favorite is "Do you want the windows of the Church broken from the inside or the outside?" Our personal uniforming can be a reflection of the ideal. However, I want "them" at the meeting, so at least the see the ideal. Just a thought.
  6. Life should be a rainbow. A wide spectrum of variety that motivates each individual. In 25 years plus, I have worked from the den level all the way up to National committee. What I like to do is find out what motivates any given individual, and get it for them. If you love patches, I will find you patches. If you love pins, I will find you pins. You love being recognized by your peers, then Ill make that happen. Have uniforms with knots, pins, etc. I have uniform with nothing on it. I just want people in our organization and I want them motivated to do their best. Give back,
  7. Net means revenue less expenses. So, profit (or loss in this case). You would have to know the expenses charged to really know. Was the Development personnel salary included? How about the SE? Did your camp charge for use of its facility separately? Any allocation of operating overhead to support (which might have to get paid even if you didn't have event?) Worth asking about though if they are not profitable and costing cash.......
  8. Shooting Sports – Fiesta! September 18-24, 2022 –PHILMONT TRAINING CENTER https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/ptc/ptc-conferences/ Register by this link. The Shooting Sports Fiesta is an innovatively spicy program for BSA Shooting Sports. We will be introducing you to several zesty activities to do with all your Scouts. Some examples of things being planned: · Shoot rimfire rifles out to 200 yards!!!! · Introduce and shoot a rimfire Shooting Competition · Muzzle loading shotguns – What a blast · Know Your Limi
  9. New manual has been released into the wild. Go to the page to see if updates are occurring..... https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Shooting-SportsManual_02.11.22.pdf
  10. 1. No. MBC are registered as Code 42 or 42F (required to pay fee). The District Dean of MB will OK the skill sets required and approve the MBC (hence District involvement). The MBC has the option to list as "Troop Only" or willing to accept any scout. 2. No. They are generally all listed on a district wide available list. However, as noted they have option to be their Troop only 3. Answered above.
  11. When you don't look, you don't see the very problem that is in front of you. So, to answer...No....
  12. @GiraffeCamp Please reach out to me to discuss further. glaacshootingsports @ gmail .com BSA and Shooting Sports should always be inclusive. I have been advocating and promoting this for years.
  13. What are the issues you would want to see covered for DEI with regards to shooting sports?
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