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  1. Net means revenue less expenses. So, profit (or loss in this case). You would have to know the expenses charged to really know. Was the Development personnel salary included? How about the SE? Did your camp charge for use of its facility separately? Any allocation of operating overhead to support (which might have to get paid even if you didn't have event?) Worth asking about though if they are not profitable and costing cash.......
  2. Shooting Sports – Fiesta! September 18-24, 2022 –PHILMONT TRAINING CENTER https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/ptc/ptc-conferences/ Register by this link. The Shooting Sports Fiesta is an innovatively spicy program for BSA Shooting Sports. We will be introducing you to several zesty activities to do with all your Scouts. Some examples of things being planned: · Shoot rimfire rifles out to 200 yards!!!! · Introduce and shoot a rimfire Shooting Competition · Muzzle loading shotguns – What a blast · Know Your Limi
  3. New manual has been released into the wild. Go to the page to see if updates are occurring..... https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Shooting-SportsManual_02.11.22.pdf
  4. 1. No. MBC are registered as Code 42 or 42F (required to pay fee). The District Dean of MB will OK the skill sets required and approve the MBC (hence District involvement). The MBC has the option to list as "Troop Only" or willing to accept any scout. 2. No. They are generally all listed on a district wide available list. However, as noted they have option to be their Troop only 3. Answered above.
  5. When you don't look, you don't see the very problem that is in front of you. So, to answer...No....
  6. @GiraffeCamp Please reach out to me to discuss further. glaacshootingsports @ gmail .com BSA and Shooting Sports should always be inclusive. I have been advocating and promoting this for years.
  7. What are the issues you would want to see covered for DEI with regards to shooting sports?
  8. Awesome posts. FYI. Full Blackpowder Instructor course is being offered at Philmont Training Center Sept. 26-Oct 2. Will cover both the Basic course and the Instructor course. W
  9. So, it appears that National is eliminating certain sub-committees for specific outdoor programs. Why in the world would you shut down successful teams that support local councils in the delivery of our core programs? This is not an issue of a professional being let go, but telling volunteers they are no longer to offer support in your area. Isn't outdoor program the core of what we do?
  10. Who is allowed to wear the "National Committee" shoulder patch? Is it only those directly on the board, or does it include membership on the sub-committees?
  11. Interesting question came up, that I can not find an answer too. Why was the Beaver selected for the Silver Beaver? Beaver, Antelope, Buffalo.... Shouldnt have been a Deer? (I know there was a Fawn for awhile)....... So, why a beaver?
  12. BSA is not Babysitters of Anyone. Inform the mom that we are volunteer run organization. As such, we look forward to the helping a wide range of youth with their advancement in the program. However, that only happens when the adults volunteer to help guide the youth. Given that her child requires additional attention, this is a great program for her to go get trained and be an assistant den leader. This will insure that her child experiences the best of the program. Ask "dont you want the best for your child?" Then state that the volunteering to help will fulfill that desire. Ther
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