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  1. There was a National Maine High Adventure Area at one time (ceased operation in 1991?). That would have been located in Region 1 in the old 12 region system. I have never heard it called Region 1 Canoe Base.
  2. Thought I would share a positive story on the world brotherhood of Scouting. Recently a scouter in our district was on vacation in London and suffered a major heart attack. This Scouter has been a volunteer for many years and has been our District Executive for the past few years. I am the Scoutmaster for his two grandsons. One daughter was with him but the other daughter had to make an emergency flight to be with him. The daughters have been fundraising through Go Fund Me for expenses for this ordeal as they do not have enough money for their expenses for the several weeks this Scoute
  3. Have not found an official statement from the national office but several councils have posted this... http://www.cornhuskercouncil.org/news.html/article/2017/09/01/2017-membership-fees-increase Like last time I don't like the timing.
  4. That is too bad. Not sure if we will go either. Transportation wise it is a logistical challenge for us. Their alternate choice is Isle Royale. They will be making their final decision soon.
  5. That is exactly what I was thinking. I have never used canisters. From the pictures I have seen they look to small inside and too bulky outside.
  6. Our scouts know all about bear bags. They have experienced black bears but this will be their first trek in grizzly territory. Seems the park requires the use of bear canisters unless the campsite you use has bear boxes. The park will actually provide a loaner bear canister for each crew. Not sure why bear canisters unless at these altitudes the availability of trees are limited.
  7. I see that this was a Hobie Cat. I used to own a 16 foot. Somewhere around 1986 they recalled the all aluminum masts and replaced it with a fiberglass tip to help prevent exactly this scenario. Not sure what the configuration of the boat was. Even with the fiberglass tip you would not want to tangle with power lines or any other overhead hazards. Constant awareness is important.
  8. Your profile says you are from Omaha. So you are in Mid-America Council correct? If so your Scout Executive is Chris Mehaffey. Is this who was at your committee meeting? I would doubt it since the council covers 58 counties. Chris Mehaffey is who you need to contact.
  9. Find out who the council's Scout Executive is. Call him directly. Explain the event. Ask him or his designee to complete an incident report. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/680-676_WEB.pdf Then find a different unit.
  10. I can't imagine, at least in my state, that youth could legally sell them.
  11. From the Guide to Safe Scouting... "The selling of fireworks as a fund-raising or money-earning activity by any group acting for or on behalf of members, units, or districts may not be authorized by councils."
  12. Interesting read... https://phc.amedd.army.mil/PHC%20Resource%20Library/PetFleaandTickCollarHazards_FS_18-009-1115.pdf
  13. Xcar, Most of your observations apply to non-LDS units as well,
  14. If a summer camp knew they had someone from national visiting them they would get a very different experience than the volunteers get.
  15. Not at Philmont but elsewere we did exactly that with a large 2.5 gallon container (about 10 liters). The Scout only needed to carry it 2 miles to where we ended up camping for the night. That scout (a good sized 17 year old) struggled with that. Decided then that was not the way to carry water while backpacking. It does not seem like much until you carry it a while.
  16. The "we" comments are concerning me. This is his project not yours. You jeopardize his chances for Eagle if you make it your project.
  17. He needs to demonstrate leadership in his project. If he has no helpers it is difficult to show leadership.
  18. What would a trained leader have to do with it? He does not need a leader trained or otherwise.
  19. Here is the article... http://www.kansascity.com/living/religion/article147857619.html
  20. Today's April Fools joke was not the Tour and Activity Plan... http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/04/01/bsa-to-open-fifth-high-adventure-base-in-2019/
  21. Sure enough the National website has been updated. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/TourPlanFAQ.aspx It must be real.
  22. The past April Fool's jokes were entertaining. The further you read into the "news report" the more ludicrous it was and became obvious it was a joke. And they were released closer to April 1st. This latest memo was written in a completely different way. It sounds serious and sincere. If this is a hoax, Richard B needs to make sure the story is set straight. A lot of units now believe it to be true. A lot of Councils, including my own, do as well.
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