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  1. NealOnWheels

    EP YPT requirements

    Assuming there is youth at each collection point that is how I would interpret today's youth protection policy. That is two registered leaders 21 years old at each location.
  2. NealOnWheels

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    Our troop went to Grand Teton National Park in July. We have been many places and this has been the most challenging and most rewarding trek we have ever taken. Sounds like you use the High Adventure bases quite often. Have you ever considered rolling your own?
  3. Read my bible again and nope - no reference to church. Not surprising when churches did not exist when the commandments were written. If we want to discuss this further perhaps we should start a new topic in Issues & Politics.
  4. I am a Christian and I do not believe "going to church" is a duty to God.
  5. NealOnWheels

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the website described in the news article in the fourth post (clear as mud?). This website: http://www.makethemscared.com/ Seems to me they are putting themselves at risk. And the host (Google) could be at risk if they know the nature of the website.
  6. NealOnWheels

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    The one mentioned in the first post.
  7. NealOnWheels

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    I wonder how long it will be before the owners and hosts of this website are sued for defamation of character.
  8. NealOnWheels

    Scout dies while digging into sand dune (MI)

    Very similar to a death 10 years ago... https://www.deseretnews.com/article/700260449/Wellington-boy-killed-in-sand-tunnel-collapse.html
  9. NealOnWheels

    72 hour rule

    Thanks RichardB. That is exactly how I read it but was confused by the member care teams response.
  10. NealOnWheels

    72 hour rule

    RichardB who frequents this forum deals with health and safety at national. He would be a good person to answer.
  11. NealOnWheels

    72 hour rule

    They can intepretate it however they want but if they expect the membership to correctly follow the rule then they need to clearly comunicate it to the membership. The 72 hour period seems rather arbitrary to me. Why not 48 hours? Or 24? Why a time period at all?
  12. NealOnWheels

    72 hour rule

    The Guide To Safe Scouting says "All adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders". By using the word "the" it implies a single activity. Nowhere does it mention a one year period. I find it disturbing that a published policy guide and a national help desk give two different statements. Maybe RichardB could clarify.
  13. NealOnWheels

    72 hour rule

    That is funny. That is not what the Guide To Safe Scouting says.
  14. NealOnWheels

    Would you say anything

    The Scout Executive will have someone contact you and fill out an incident report. Where it goes from there we will see.
  15. NealOnWheels

    New Kayak and Boating Requirements?

    Need to follow all of the requirements of the Safe Swim Defense . There is a lot more to it than swim tests.