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  1. NealOnWheels

    One Scout dead, another injured climbing (OR)

    "$500,000 for burial service" Seems a tad bit high.
  2. NealOnWheels

    One Scout dead, another injured climbing (OR)

    "leaving the boys to go on an unreasonably dangerous hike without any supervision" This is exactly why we can't have patrol activities without adult supervision.
  3. NealOnWheels

    Medical Forms

    See the latest Guide To Safe Scouting. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34416.pdf Look on page 85 for the section "Service Project Planning Guidelines". "Look closely at page 88 for Health/Sanitation Considerations". It seems to me it states participants should provide health forms available (I would think part A & B would be appropriate).
  4. NealOnWheels

    Has anyone seen C.W. Fetter?

    My council lost most of their records to a flood. Because of that my online record shows I took Scoutmaster training in 1910.
  5. NealOnWheels

    Keep the Mosquitos Away When Camping

    Exit the tent first then apply. Not a good idea to get repellents on the tent fabric. Especially DEET which will attack the nylon.
  6. NealOnWheels

    Scout injured by catapulted potato sues

    Might be "soft" but still larger than a tennis ball.
  7. NealOnWheels


    According to the Guide to Safe Scouting the pavilion was not a suitable safe building. "Safe Building—one that is fully enclosed with a roof, walls, and floor, and has plumbing or wiring." As far as I can tell the Guide to Safe Scouting only mentions the recommendations of the National Weather Service. It does not say it is a requirement of scout units. But I would not want to take chances with scouts. The Hazardous Weather Training would be something good to review as well.
  8. I find this phrase curious... "Associating with organizations who do not have similar brand history, program portfolio, and track record for safety dilutes and tarnishes our brand, and allows Boy Scouts to leverage the reputation of Girl Scouts for their own purposes." I can understand wanting to maintain their brand identity but this just sounds like they have a superiority complex.
  9. NealOnWheels

    Skit in Underwear - JCPenny

    From the Guide To Safe Scouting Youth Protection & Adult Leadership section: "Appropriate attire is required for all activities.". Of course nothing defines what "appropriate attire" is for any given activity. Need to use some common sense.
  10. NealOnWheels

    BSA Adult Application

    Thank you for volunteering!
  11. NealOnWheels

    Campfire Smoke Allergies

    To stay warm it is important to change into dry clothing periodically. Scouts often don't realize their clothes have dampness from perspiration even if it is cold. Also avoid cottons as they lose insulating ability more so than wool or various synthetics. A hat helps a lot.
  12. NealOnWheels

    Campfire Smoke Allergies

    Sounds like my son. He had similar symptoms after many campouts. One year after summer camp we had to take him to the emergency room as it triggered an asthma attack. Over time we learned to be diligent with allergy medications before and during campouts. We had prescription medications. We learned to keep a distance to the fire and not to be downwind of the fire. Scouts like to be as close to a fire as possible so this is indeed a learning process. As far as cold weather camping if you dress properly you don't need to be near a fire. In fact a fire can be detrimental as it can easily increase perspiration (especially those scouts who like to be as close as possible). Dryness is a major factor in staying warm.
  13. NealOnWheels

    What happens after you report?

    The form: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/680-676_WEB.pdf
  14. NealOnWheels

    What happens after you report?

    Something that will happen is the Scout Executive or designee will interview the reporter and will complete an incident report. What happens after that depends on what is included in the report. There is an official form. I know from experience.
  15. NealOnWheels

    Youth Protection Policy Does Not Prohibit Retaliation

    Do you really think a Scouter willing to violate a youth protection policy would be likely to comply with another policy?