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  1. Am I reading this correctly? No Scout has to be a family member? Any JoeBob off the street can bring his tribe to Scout camp, send a few rounds downrange, swim with the dolphins, and hang out at the waterfront?
  2. Careful, lest you reveal yourself as partisan on the other side. Well, nevermind...
  3. I'm pleased to observe that 'Paul Bunyan' has returned. http://www.usscouts.org/advance/ScoutsBSA/PaulBunyan.asp In the mid sixties this was a hands on course offered over a few days at Scout Camp. I learned the skills from a great teacher, and stepped up to fill the void when he left. Our award had a button hole in the end of the handle and dangled on your right pocket under the flap.
  4. But Statutes of Limitations don't mean anything...
  5. Really? How do you know? Where's your proof? For someone who demands proof, you sorta snatched that out of the ether. The insurance companies contend that that's an OVERCOUNT fueled by aggressive lawyers advertising on TV. Why should we credit your point of view? Thx.
  6. If Statutes of Limitations can be waived (look back windows), why can't Sovereign Immunity be bypassed? Lawyers will argue "BSA doesn't have enough money to reasonably compensate the thousands of victims. Only government can afford the amounts necessary to justly compensate the many poor abused victims..." And our 40% will be...
  7. I've been waiting on one of our lawyers to chime in about the National Charter; but it hasn't happened yet, so: If the Local Councils can be held liable, and pass some of that liability to the Chartering Organizations, who are acknowledged as being mostly ceremonial, why isn't the Ceremonial National Chartering Organization, the US Congress, also liable? Lawyers look for the deepest pockets, and the US Treasury is pretty deep. Ask Joe Biden.
  8. I am cackling! The 'Promise to Parents' perfectly distills the BSA Pro's attitude towards volunteers, does it not? In a nutshell: BSA to Volunteer (who has invested enough blood and sweat to be Key 3): "You work for us (for free). You will work harder (because of our national follies) to meet our expectations (of high executive salaries), or we will fire you (thereby increasing your compensation by the return of your free time)." In the past, when BSA was a prestigious outdoor character program, being a volunteer provided enough self-esteem and 'give-back' sat
  9. I've read of the studies that say six months. The early briefings over at Emory, where I was working to add capacity, initially said that anti-bodies should protect you for 4 months. My tax lady was hospitalized with Covid in February, before they really knew what it was. She tested positive for anti-bodies 8 months later in September. And now vaccines are good for a year? My curiosity is piqued when your body produces a longer lasting immune response from a sparring match against a fake virus (vaccine), than is developed from a nine round title match against the real Covid.
  10. I caught the Covid from my daughter on August 1st, the first day of our 2 week vacation to Wisconsin. She was unknowingly exposed while teaching at tennis camp. She began to develop symptoms in the car with us during the 16 hour drive North. I was put down within 12 hours; wife held out for 2 days, and son resisted for 4 days. The whole family got it. I had 2 weeks of lethargy, dry coughing and brain fog, and a 3rd week that included high fever. Lost 27 pounds! Of which I have been able to find 20 back... I'm pretty cavalier about catching it again. I hear the second time isn't as bad
  11. Sorry @yknot, but I can't disagree more. The urge to get outside exists outside of 'Scouting'. The footprint size of a national organization is the only question at stake in this bankruptcy. The urge to get outside is actually increasing in the populace. I introduced 4 individuals to hunting this season. They approached me, I didn't have to recruit them. 3 of 4 killed bucks. March 20 is opening day of turkey season, and they're knocking on my door. High adventure? The Boundary Waters canoe area will still be there, with outfitters. The Appalachian Trail will still be there. W
  12. I fear that the DEI MB will make the situation worse. The racists will use DEI to reinforce their position: "Even the Boy Scouts are preaching the BLM propaganda!" The liberals will rejoice: "See! We were right. BSA admits to toxic masculinity! Nah, nah, nah nah-nah." Those in the middle trying to keep an open mind, which I hope includes most scouts, will keep their mouths shut; while their private thoughts gravitate towards the side with the most concrete examples. While the high-minded fantasies celebrate, the divide grows underneath .
  13. I say we make Cooking MB really mean something: "Catch, kill, clean, cook and eat a small animal native to your area." For diversity, you can require one fur-bearing animal and either a fish or reptile. Equity will allow the vegans to make acorn bread or cattail pancakes. Be sure to be inclusive of the condiments. Catsup makes anything taste good.
  14. I understand. I thought we were talking about the DE becoming a volunteer role in the future. A large national organization would want their new DEs to understand all the latest buzzwords and management conjectures theories. National also wants them broken and submissive to their chain of command. Hence college. A volunteer DE needs to be someone who can lead a team, inspire excellence, support struggling units, and takes ownership of their results. Does that sound like an NCO, a business owner, or a college grad?
  15. May I ask why? This would eliminate 1/3 of the ASMs that I've enjoyed working with. Most trades (carpenters, plumbers, welders, electricians, etc.) farmers and enlisted military don't have or need a BA/BS. Many of these individuals are self-employed, which allows them to schedule their time for volunteering. My 6 years of college were a lot of fun, but influenced about 1% of anything I did as a scouter.
  16. Do I trust the leadership of the local units? Absolutely. Their successors? Maybe. Their successors? The ways BSA has been trending, probably not. Hence the need for legal language to honor the intent of the donation. Do you trust Irving? I'd donate my mother-in-law to national, but nothing more.
  17. How much does and Airweight Smith and Wesson not weight?
  18. You need to be more specific. What hurtful/offensive language? If I hurt your feelings because I challenged your world view, you need to grow up. Hah! It will get better if we don't talk about it? The debate is over? I reject your basic premise and what's more, with that line of persuasion; so do the boys. By making this merit badge Eagle required, BSA is elevating 'Diversity' and 'Inclusion' to the level of the 12 Scout Law tenets. For 100 years, the Scout Law was inviolate to the troops. Now the political winds change and suddenly we're adding virtues? Maybe thos
  19. Nope. I believe in valuing individuals for themselves. I don't seek out individuals based on their group identity. "I need a black friend." "Why?" "Because he's black." Duh. "I need a girl friend." is a different topic... Attributing value to people because of their group identity is setting them up for failure.
  20. And furthermore... If you try to degrade the quality of comradeship of seven white boys on a patrol campout, because they have no blacks or females; you are lost. Would you try to argue that seven black sisters would improve their esprit de corps by adding a male cracker to their campfire?
  21. Nope. I have a very open mind. In fact, I invite you to convince me. I ask that you use simple words that an adolescent would understand. (We are talking about a Boy Scout merit badge, right?) Inherent truths such as Diversity and Inclusion should have no need for cerebral academic studies. Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, et al. were easily explained in layman's terms without high minded government funded research papers. These new three ephemeral precepts should be easy, yes? Go for it. Before you dismiss me as an avowed racist chauvinist, know that I have served with / work with bla
  22. I can think of no better way to push away what remains of the old guard. Those of us who never bought into the concept that girls were required for the betterment of BOY scouts, are now being asked to support a hastily shammed up Eagle required merit badge that twists that knife. No one can prove that diversity and inclusion are strengths; they are buzzwords from the left. Now councils are supposed to be half female? Do the Girl Scouts' lawyers know that yet? Folks like me are changing our wills. Don't bother with an FOS request. A small bitter part of me hopes that the perv ban
  23. SO, when BSA exceeds the stated goal of 50% female membership, do they become FSA, Female Scouts of America? Girl Scouts is taken...
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