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  1. You said some things will be reviewed under abuse of discretion is harder to overrule, does that mean over rule the BR judges decision??
  2. Thanks for explaining that.The reason I posted this was to get feedback for a better understanding of this. I don't pay much attention to Kosnoff.Agagain many thanks for explaining this.
  3. Just saw on Tim Kosnoff's Twitter, BSA "appeal" to federal district court is "de Novo. De Novo review occurs when a court decides an issue without deference to previous courts decision. Trial de Novo occurs when a court decides all issues as if case is being heard for the first time. Evidence not docketed in BR court is being offered to district. Not sure what or why but it's beginning to look like a do over.
  4. How does it have little to do with co and Scouts when they are members of the church and Boy Scouts and have been for a very long time. I'm not understanding your comment or have I missed something?
  5. It's a shame the Boy Scouts didn't take this topic serious for 1 hundred plus years.
  6. I just got off the phone with my lawyer and he said he caught wind that the judge will not be making a decision untill the end of June.
  7. Get on his Twitter there are a bunch of his comments talking about it.From the start he has been pushing to shut the whole outfit down.He wants his name in history books.To me he is a showboat.At the begining he talks how he came out of retirement on his yacht in Puerto Rico for this case.Im just a electrician but even I can see that was for the money and to try and be the one to shut them down.I would bet my little 10 acres of land to say he ain't giving his clients any discount.He talks way to much trash about every other person involved in this case. Sorry if my statement tics anyone off bu
  8. Well it has made me aware that I still have some issue's that need to be dealt with.I will be starting more therapy next week.Im glad to the scab has been ripped of to because it has made me aware of what needs to be done.(Therapy)
  9. I'm just ready for this 40 year chapter of my life to be over.The money will be nice but being able to finally shut the door on all of this just so I can finally have some peace of mind far out weighs anything else.Having to open up this can of worms was far worse than I could've ever imagined. Especially having been through therapy,was in inpatient therapy for 6 months.The wound is just as painful today than it was 40 years ago.I guess that will never go away.
  10. Sure,you won't have to worry about your bills or providing.But all the world's gold won't take my nightmares away or give me back the past 40 years.This isn't an argument towards you or anyone else,just my thoughts.✌️
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