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  1. Its to many powerful people associated with Scouts including politicians. Aint no way they are gonna let the BSA get shutdown.And that opinion came from from a trustworthy source.The Boy Scouts case is entirely different from the others. The Boy Scouts has produced fine outstanding leaders.To many important folks are involved with BSA,the ones that weren't abused.They see the BSA as a wholesale bunch that is good for America.This case aint gonna get shutdown.
  2. My lawyer told me since the trust is up and running he doubts very seriously that the appeal will delay distribution of funds
  3. I am glad I found this forum.Just reading others comments from the abused and the ones that wasn't abused has helped me. Especially the ones that wasn't abused.It means the world to me that y'all took time to send kind words,your compassion,let us know that you would be willing to just listen if we ever needed to just decompress.I could never show just how much that means to me.Again thank you all. ✌️
  4. https://mediatbankry.com/2023/04/11/boy-scouts-plan-pays-all-claims-in-full-100-and-is-affirmed-on-appeal/ Check this out and share your thoughts on this.
  5. That information was changed before we voted for plan the first time.
  6. Reading that rule 8 was like me trying to read Japanese.Anybody want to break it down please.
  7. No you didn't say to much. I appreciate you explaining.
  8. You said some things will be reviewed under abuse of discretion is harder to overrule, does that mean over rule the BR judges decision??
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