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  1. Pack, ASM915, all I did in fact move to St. Louis and then back to Gainesville and last summer took a job in Louisville, KY. A little closer to ASM915. I've been inactive in scouts for the last year, but I'm getting active now on commissioner staff. The wife and kids are still in Gainesville, so life is hectic........ but peaceful! Don't worry, everything is fine with the family life, we just haven't sold the house yet, you know it's a soft market. Pack, It's called gross anatomy because the body is studied on a large (gross) scale, ie the whole body. Not because it i
  2. One of our esteemed colleagues once said: "Nothing prepares you for more in life than backpacking." I'd say, backpack as a troop often, even the car camping trips, pack in, pack out, at least 1.5 to 2 miles so everyone gets accustomed to it by carrying their own gear on each campout. Then, when they're ready, encourage them and let them go as patrols.
  3. I agree with Beavah it's not worth fightin' over. On the other hand, 18 is 18. HooHah, set a better example. The 70 yr old guy is wearing it on a hat and not the shirt, clearly, shouldn't be worn on the hat, but he is volunteering at SEVENTY!!!! Let the old guy slide, and no, there isn't some arbitrary age to let old guys "slide", just know when to "pick your battles" Make it a great day! Hello to fellow scouter dot com posters, I've been busy over the last year! I hope to post more often, Gonzo1 "survey" 1 No 2 Yes, 1980(This message has been edited by gonzo1)
  4. ASM411, It doesn't sound like you have an Eagle Mill. I think it's OK to have themed outings, it makes them interesting and fun. But, I personally think it's mill like to sign off requirements for a particular badge on the campout because everyone lashed a gadget, built the fire, served as MC, etc. I think most parents have their heart in the right place, but I also agree with Beavah that the typical 11 year old probably could not successfully pack, hike, camp, perform first aid, fix the stove and organize the rescue. Becoming an Eagle is an adventure, a way of life, not merel
  5. Happy New Year everyone!!! Who said he has to "hire" experts, perhaps he could recruit expert volunteers from the local cement company or an expert at church, or some other source of the subject matter expert. Perhaps the expert can train the volunteers. Gee, that way you get educated in some new skill, save the money and do the project. I dislike the idea of paying for labor for any service project. Sorry I've been away so long. Gonzo1
  6. GWD, I'd agree with Beavah in that all the scouts who cycle should have servicable bikes that fit. Have a "chase vehicle" with tools, parts and can carry gear and food, then the scouts and adults can cycle instead of worrying about gear. I'd suggest a minimum of at least 5 speeds for all bikes, and maybe a short, one day trip, maybe two one-day trips as warm ups and to work out the bugs. Then, I'd just do the trip. If a scout wants to apply it toward a merit badge, that would be up to him, rather than having the troop trying to pigeon hole people into one badge or another.
  7. Sheesh, Can't we celebrate WITHOUT alcohol? It's a kid getting the award, no alcohol. If the parents can't skip the alcohol for one day, send them to Alcoholics Anonymous.
  8. FScouter, That's easy, the "example" is that "this" is the new uniform and this is how it is worn. Whenever the military changes uniforms, the brass begin wearing them to show the troops what is looks like and how it's worn.
  9. I don't think this has anything to do with waivers. It has to do with the boyfriend going on the outing and where does he sleep since he isn't married to momma. Either he marries her, gets his own tent or stays home. I suppose he could also sleep in the car. Maybe he could arrive for breakfast and leave after the campfire, but he can't sleep with the kids or momma.
  10. The price in my area at the pump 7/29/08 is $3.699 per gallon.
  11. I too feel your frustration. However, I can see some of their points. An impressive Tap Out ceremony is big. Yes, I said Tap Out, just don't break any collar bones, that's crazy. I also believe there's more to the ordeal than sleeping under the stars. So, a separate weekend is waaaaay better in my opinion than doing the ordeal at summer camp. I also like chapter teams rather than lodge ones. Good luck.
  12. I can only see how this must be delegated to an ASM in the absence of the SM. Forget that the scout had almost 7 years to git-r-done, but look at a "mega troop" of 100 scouts. If each scout were to advance only one rank per year, the SM would do nothing but conduct SMC's, so yes, an ASM can do this one, if the SM delegates it. It is afterall the Scoutmaster Conference, not the "Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman's Conference."
  13. There's another option, boy friend stays home. Since he's not married to the mom, he can stay home, see the importance of being married to mom and then boyfriend doesn't put a burden on the system of requiring more tents to accomodate HIM. I don't believe they are denying this "family" from an outing, but rather, setting an example that a family is a married mom, dad and kids (insert stepmom, stepdad as necessary) Additionally, the new DE can use the learning experience by asking the SE or other more senior DE's for the answer - he's gotta learn sometime. Crew_21 Adv, I think the a
  14. On a snidefree side of things, perhaps the unit could hire an off duty police office. Then, perhaps the DOT will be happy - if it's really about "safety".
  15. Way more fun GW, way more. There have been however, incidents at rest areas where travellers have been attacked. But, since the two deep would be in place, there shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps suggesting a third adult or fourth. Good luck. G
  16. John-in-KC, I earned Eagle in 1980, and cooking was optional. But, we had Skill Awards and like you, nearly everyone earned Cooking MB by assembling the parts like Camping MB. I wish they would bring back Skill Awards, it would mean more practice and instant recognition. Gonzo
  17. Gonzo1


    I had a really good limerick for here But its' tone was not of good cheer I decided against it sans snideness or foul wit I think I'll go have me a beer GW, seriously, tone down the snide comments. When you're serious, you have good comments.
  18. Bob White, Thanks for the info. Kinda like when someone shared info from a "forum lurker" about the new uniform. Narraticong, You think this is bad? You should join us in the Issues/Politics section. Sheesh!
  19. Bob White, I suppose some of it is a judgement call. That is, if it is a serious enough infraction, either call the parents and send them home OR, call the police and send them to jail. Then, once the adult leaders on the group have taken sound, swift and timely action, the committee can sort it out. I for one would not allow hoodlums to remain. The 1% or 2% of the scouts who need 98% of the attention are a drain on the adult and the system as a whole and in this case need to go and probably should have been tossed sooner. G
  20. I've seen the green one online also. There is a company that makes a high quality knock off of the BSA red wool jacket, can't remember the name, I think the main difference is the pockets are on an angle instead of straight or something like that. Does anyone remember who the other company is? Also, I think the price is nice too. G
  21. I gotta agree with John-in-KC, Sorry Bob White, but this is clearly a program matter as it relates to the Scout Oath and Law. No scout should be allowed to do what these boys have allegedly done. Stealing fuel, flags, vandalism, etc has no place in scouting. These boys are darn lucky they didn't get hauled off to jail and have the denying mommy and daddy bail them out and have to go to court. I also agree with Stosh, it's these boys who can benefit most from scouting, but it doesn't seem to have worked in this case. Too bad for these boys, hopefully, they'll get straightened o
  22. FGoodwin, Excellent point, and, I agree. However, the SM has not yet identified the MBC for the badge as young Gonzo started it at summercamp and has a partial, but would like to finish it. So, after reviewing this one and another partial, young Gonzo wondered about the mobilization requirement. He knows I'm on the forum a bit and asked me to ask ya'll. BTW, thanks for great responses, young Gonzo can now formulate a plan for a mobilization with the SM and whoever the MBC is. Thanks, G
  23. Camp Plano in Plano, ILL. Forerly of the DuPage Area Council.
  24. WildernessStudent, So far, it looks like lots of good info here. Send me a PM, maybe I can elaborate some, especially about the knees. I'm also a chiropractor. Gonzo
  25. I gotta agree with Scoutmaster52 on this. Most training should be offered at summer camp and camporees. The people who need the training are already there, the boys are off doing something else anyway, may as well conduct training.
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