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  1. GW, The more I read your posts, the more I am convinced that you are Brianbuff. I was a scout from 74 to 80 and ASM from 80 to 82 and off and on while I was in the Navy. I happen to prefer the 1970's era uniform. Though my first Boy Scout uniform had the red piping (that's trim for you GW) around the edge of the pants pocket that could be folded over and buttoned open or closed. Heavier shirt too. I prefer the permanent pressed, comfortable shirt that stayed tucked in no matter what. There was no need for a "class B" uniform. G
  2. gkcobb, Welcome, Don't be sorry about anything. After several posts related to the topic, there is usually some sort of drift off topic and sometimes becomes quite amusing. FScouter, I laughed my rear end off (LMREO) Thanks, Gonzo
  3. BeaverIII, Welcome, I attended WB back in '94. Our Scoutmaster (CD) presented some sort of immediate recognition item to one patrol at selected times for something done well. He called it a "warm fuzzy" As it was a red fuzz ball on a leather cord and would be placed on the patrol flag. Gonzo1
  4. Mr. Boyce, Welcome! I don't much care for the epaulets, I think it makes a scout look like Captain Crunch. I'd rather see a green shirt and pants combo (like when we were scouts). Gonzo1
  5. emb021, You seem to get upset when someone says venture instead of venturing. May I suggest you develop a clever tag line like Barry and "I love this scouting stuff" or evmori and "1 Peter 4:10" All the best! Gonzo1
  6. Excuse me??????? or is that Well excuuuuuussee meeeee I don't particularly care for the current collar, I think it looks hideous. The flyer seems to show a smaller collar. I've always prefered the 1970's style, green shirt (with collar) and green pants.
  7. Yeah!!!! The Elvis Collar is gone.
  8. AAaaahhhh, ya gotta love a good Ed - Merlyn show. Once in a while, I disagree with Packsaddle. I do believe that Jonah was in the belly of the whale and the other "stories" in the Bible. Especially the one about the flood. I believe the ark has been located on Mount Ararat. Hmm, I believe the Earth was mad in 6 days. I also believe there were probably a bazillion years between each day. I just have a time believing man crawled up out of the muck and started walking or that we evolved from apes. I just don't buy it. I also agree with Eagledad, no one is going to win thi
  9. A way to get "re-trained" is to recruit different scouters to serve on staff for various training sessions. That way, other scouters will get re-trained by being conducting training and by being around and hearing the material.
  10. Gern, That's right, LFL has a different set of rule than BSA eventhough BSA owns LFL. Look at it this way: the NFL is a football league. The NFL also owns the Arean Football League. There are different rules for both eventhough they are both owned by the NFL. Different program, different rules. Done.
  11. Gern, Amusing, but I disagree. I think it's important (without going on witch hunts) to maintain a standard - otherwise, there isn't a standard, just words on paper. we disagree. Gonzo
  12. Trev, If a person doesn't qualify for membership, the person doesn't qualify for membership. Are you a veteran? "Back in the day", you know, before "don't ask, don't tell" it was actually asked on enlistment documents if the applicant had engaged in sexual activity with a person of the same sex. If the person answered "YES", the applicant would NOT be allowed to join the military. But if the person answered "NO" and it was discovered later that the had a homosexual past or engaged in homosexual activity later, the person was discharged under Article 83, Fraudulent Enlistment. Ag
  13. For whipping the ends of rope, try waxed dental floss. It's small, inexpensive and comes in a handy carrying case. Plus, it's great for the actual intended use, flossing your teeth!
  14. GW, the airfoil design has been proved to be correct. Air flows over one wing surface faster than the other creating lift. Helicopters on the other hand have rotor blades that beat the air into submission
  15. If they don't like it, leave, and that appears to be what they are doing. However, liberals always look to the dollars spent on something and in this case. it will be many man years and many many dollars WASTED to try to re-create (reinvent) the wheel. Ha!
  16. Gern, I think you're off your rocker. We (the forum) have been over this time and again. The Boy Scouts of America has a set of rule in place. If you don't like it, leave it. You know, I'm not on a witch hunt, but to be honest, if I knew of someone who is a member (youth or adult) and happens to be gay or an atheist, I would make sure their membership is revoked. You can't voluntarily join a club and agree to live by its rule and then not abide by its rules. You can't have it both ways. Tall dancers club ISN'T improved by forcing in short people. BSA is not improved by forcing in gay
  17. Scout pants. That's right, the pants. This shows the extra committment by spending the extra $40 bucks (2 for one for another week) and of course the Eagle knot and WB beads.
  18. Gern: "Gonzo, if allowing gays and athiests into LFL doesn't spoil the program, why do you think it would spoil the traditional BSA programs?" Because gays and atheists are not allowed. Period, that's it. It's called Boy Scouts of America. Not Boy and Girl Scouts, BSA has for decided what will be admission requirements, not you Gern (or Merlyn). No gays allowed, no girls allowed and no atheists. Again, if that doesn't make you happy, go start your own group or go join another, like Spiral Scouts or Campfire (they used to be Campfire Girls but later admitted boys) or some other group
  19. Thanks for the tip. Our council will not normally honor the discount, but if the customer asks for it, they'll honor it.
  20. Well well well. Another good program gone that could be helping youth. I gues it will be better that the kids are out to do all kinds of evil on the streets. Gern, I suppose you think the Boy Scouts should now allow gays and atheists because gays and atheists didn't make Learning for Life a "bad" program. It's not the same.
  21. I agree with scoutnut, have a separate ceremony. When I was Web II Den Leader, one boy's parents refused to let the scout cross over until AFTER B&G because they "paid" for B&G in their dues, they were gonna get that ham dinner and rolls! G
  22. Lisa, GW did in fact learn something........ how to skate! More to the point, that is what the lad would be doing by trying to apply RR achievements in BSA. The only way I could see around it is if the scout were enrolled in both at the same time and had permission to apply servie hours for both or home repairs stuff etc..... still seems like double dipping, shouldn't really be allowed.
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