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  1. My son has had his project approved and is now trying to raise the funds for his project. There are several scouts in the troop that are at this point and several parents are wondering if there is a "required" amount of time that these boys need to put in toward their project. I cannot find this information anywhere in the Eagle packet. One of the boys was told that he needs to put in a minimum of 100 individual hours and at least 50 hours of leadership. I don't think my son will have any issues reaching these numbers but I really wanted to know if that information is correct. One site st
  2. Well, that's how I was interpreting the information. However, the scout leader told us that all of the merit badges needed to be completed before he could even submit paperwork to the troop for approval.
  3. Hello, I did a search prior to this post and could not find an answer to my question, however I did read some very interesting topics that were helpful. My question is...can a Life Scout begin working on his Eagle Scout project prior to getting all of his required badges? Thanks!
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