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  1. Congratulations to you and GoodKid for making Eagle. I've usually seen one ceremony at at time, but I also recently saw 7 scouts, that's right, seven, get their Eagle at the same time. Mine was solo as are most. You can check out the following link for some guidelines and scripts and you may want to combine elements of one with another. http://www.scoutresources.org/bs/index.html Since your troop doesn't have much of a tradition for Eagle CoH (as you said), it's about time to start some. Each scout should probably do his own invitations but they should be printed
  2. Gonzo1


    I had a tan one in the early 80's. I thought however that we are not allowed to mix "old" and "new" uniform parts. Gonzo1
  3. How about this: We combine many, but not all of the suggestions in this thread, update uniforms, or return to green shirt green pants, mayber better materials, zip off pants, whatever, more colorful patches, update merit badges, etc. We get Spielberg to do the TV commercial with interviews or comments made by famous Eagle Scouts and also make an exteded version to be put on a DVD for use at round ups and recruiting drives, presentations to potential new chartered organizations and to give to the public in general. Each TV ad and DVD could have BSA's website on it where potential new mem
  4. The best way to recruit new scouts is by scouts inviting a friend (and parent) to a meeting or outdoor activity (other than campout due to registration and insurance reasons). When the friend experiences quality scouting, he'll WANT to join. Gonzo1
  5. Gonzo1

    fleece pants?

    Lisa, Depends on your part of the country, Way up north or way down south? Go to an Army Navy surplus store and get regular type long johns for moderately cold weather or army "issue" polypropylene (commonly called polypro) for colder weather. A polypro neck gaitor workd well to keep neck and ear covered and warm as well. I'm not sure about sleeping in the stuff, I usually sleep in the skivvies, no t-shirt (you'll probably want one just in case) and I use a sleeping bag rated to zero degrees and I and warm when I wake up. I hope this helps. Gonzo1
  6. Packsaddle, One last thing: We can agree to disagree on this. Now I'm done.
  7. Packsaddle, If you are indeed trustworthy and meet all requirement, then you must be straight, so don't be defensive. If you are hiding, take of it yourself. If you are straight and support gays in BSA, I disagree completely. It's not so much that we disagree, I've read many of your other posts and agree with many of them. We have anonymity here. I suppose I could go to Scouter Terry, but I don't have proof, no real admission. I'm not in the thought police business, I hope none of us are. Regarding your 'edited' part, I'm not accusing you so much as you alluded to it. You
  8. I meant: I submit the same for an adult who drinks or smokes on outings or in front of youth.
  9. Packsaddle: The military's don't ask, don't tell isn't hipocritical, it's the law. The military says the homosexual activity in the military is disruptive to good and discipline. When I enlisted in 1982, THEY asked, I said no because I'm straight. If someone was found out to be gay, they were dischared. Nowadays, with don't ask, don't tell, if someone outs himself, he's gone, if he is outed, he's gone, but the military establishments can't ask. Gay people can join the military, BUT THEY MUST NOT ENGAGE IN HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY. The know the rules before joining, even about abstain
  10. Lisa, Don't decline, sit on the board. Ask the questions that need asking. Those questions will 'put him on notice' and let him know he is being watched. Also, talk to the SM and have the SM get with the SPL / ASPL to put the peer pressure on to not bully anyone. The SPL will be a better influence than the scouts parents. If you see a problem and don't take any corrective action, yo're wrong.
  11. Apparently, Trevorum and packsaddle don't get it. Of course, in a group where there is a rule prohibiting something (like homosexualtiy), some will defy the rule and hide in the shadows. Sounds like illegal immigrants, but that's another story for another time. Trevorum: If some judge rules that the BSA must allow homosexuals into membership, the BSA becomes weaker, not stronger. While tolerance is a virtue, and I have no real problem with homosexuals, tolerance is not one of the 12 points of the Scout Law. Packsaddle: It's not fear of them, it's assurance that they should
  12. It seems that the love that once dared not to speak its name is now the love that won't shut up. Homosexuality is not allowed, atheists not allowed, girls in Boy Scouts not allowed, girls are allowed in Venture. BSA is a private group. A group, any group will NOT be made better by forcing into it a membership segment the original group doesn't want. Members today know this and potential members are made aware of these rules/restrictions. If you can't abide by them, start your own gay scouts. I have a young daughter who will probably become a girl scout when she's old en
  13. Welcome back, and Welcome Home. Bravo Zulu shipmate. Gonzo1 ex AW1
  14. I meant to say that he should be paired up with an older scout his age and an ASM. He may not have the skills necessary to be JASM, at least not yet. Advancement is how this gent can learn the skills and and have some fun. C'mon, join and be Tenderfoot in about 6 weeks (gotta do improvement for 30 days in push-ups, etc.) and then second class and first class, he learns basic skills, has fun and will do well. Put him with older boys,
  15. It seems that playing with scouts should be OK, but any contact or perceived contact could be taken wrong. Make sure the next time you play British Bulldog you pair up with another adult (of the same gender), same for Steal the Bacon but you should be fair game on Capture the Flag. Gonzo1
  16. Brianbuf, I agree the uniform needs some change, maybe other parts of the program too. I didn't have to learn Morse Code, but I did have to earn a merit badge to become a Tenderfoot. Many new Merit badges have been added since I earned my Eagle Scout award. When you volunteer to go someplace (woodbadge) and they say to wear the full uniform, WEAR IT! I bet you knew in advance what the uniform would be before you arrived. Hat, shirt, green belt, the same green pants that everyone else wears, dark socks and shoes, not the Brianbuf unorm of the pants of his choosing. Do you like fo
  17. No, Sell all of them from the sheet. My son sold over $2,200 and did it with some effort, but not a great deal of effort. Map out the area where your scout will sell and keep track of which house bought and which didn't, were'nt home, etc. After closing the sale, have the scout ask if it is OK to leave the popcorn at the front door when it arrives. My wife printed up little thak you for your purchase notes, he wrote his first name only for the thank you note and these procedures sped up the whole thing. Gonzo1
  18. It should be the COR, UC and if resistance is met, bring them back with the DE. It should be done privately, but the COR should announce to the committee ONLY what happended and why and who the next chairman is. Gonzo1
  19. Many good points here. I think the whole "secrecy" of Woodbadge and the ticket is to allow for your own personal experience, not what you heard about your friends experience. The "secrecey" also allows for "guided discovery". You'll learn many things about scouting, in the newer type WB, you'll also learn about it's other programs and review some basic skills. I'm glad I had no prior kowledge and I actually appreciate to this day the "secrecy" of the whole thing. It adds a little mystery to it. They can't hurt you. They won't beat you up. You'll actually feel like a kid aga
  20. If he wants to join, he's not too old. He'll need an older scout and ASM his age to mentor him along. When he joins, he should do as much as he wants at the pace he wants, Star is certainly achievable. Best of luck, Gonzo1
  21. There are many good points made here. It shouldn't matter much if it's July or August or the last day of school. The question remains as to whether the boy is active or not. LongHaul, a boy cannot be 'counted' present for meetings that weren't held. If a den didn't meet, nobody met, so he didn't attend 100% of anything. However, he could be 'active' if he worked on advancement items with his parent(s) but was unable to attend a couple of meetings if they were otherwise held. He should be considered inactive if he didn't attend any den/pack function for a month. That scout may have g
  22. I don't agree with most of Brian's comments, but we can all agree that a Scout is friendly, courteous and kind if nothing else.
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