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  1. Michelle, Best of luck. Stay in touch. Gonzo
  2. I agree, it is up to the MBC only. Bsides, by the time makes it staff a summer camp, he probably already has camping MB. Eamonn, it does sound pretty comfy.
  3. In this case, I think the course director is trying to do the "right" thing, but really, with cubs, what's the harm of them saluting in or out of uniform. It would probably make them feel more like a "team member" if they salute in the camp uniform. I know, it's not the absolute letter of the law, but they're cubs. If the "uniform" is the camp t-shirt and some kind of hat, let 'em salute. Boy Scouts too, if that's the uniform. In the military, we referred to the "uniform of the day" which could be anything as prescribed by the commander, including civilian clothes. BrianTShore,
  4. Acco, Huh? He may use a week of longterm camp, not a month, not 6-8 weeks, he may use a week. I do not believe he must use a week, but he can if he wan't to. I think you'll agree a week is somewhere ---- aw nevermind. you get the idea. (answer address to acco and Eamon)
  5. I would not count 20 consecutive days and nights as 20 is great than one week. I would accept up to 7 nights. Maybe the scout left early, whatever.
  6. I agree with Lisa. Also, I think the the awarding of a third bead by the NYLT program may be a way to intice volunteers to staff the course and "get a third bead" without staffing WB.
  7. National should have some pamplets available for starters, videos too. Next, find a local Hispanic church. Approach the pastor with your situation and ask for volunteers. You may get more adults and youth. See if there is a bilingual person where you work or go to church, maybe that person can help. Buena suerte! (Good luck) Gonzo
  8. WB beads should be for WB only. If I were to staff some training session in the future, and someone said, "hey gonzo, for staffing this event, you'll get a third bead, are you in?" I would decline the bead. There are many forms of management - one minute, servant leadership, management by walking around, etc. For Boy Scouts, the Patrol Method should be the only method for leadership. Unfortunately, some parents get in the way. Kudu, in this day and age, you will not find many parents willing to send their 11 or 12 year olds out into the woods or along a major highway without ad
  9. Of course not! The beads are the award and representation of the COMPLETION of the ticket. BTW, I know a scouter who wears WB articles, but no beads, my guess is he didn't finish the ticket on time. The beads also show others a common bond between scouters, that there is an expectation BEYOND the minimum. I also would not accept a third bead for staffing some training session other than WB as was mentioned in another thread.
  10. We allow electronics on the trip to camp, but they must then stay in the cars during camp. Access is not allowed during camp, besides, there's too much to do without electronics. G
  11. Wilton, I agree with most except the tan shirt for Webelos. I think having Webelos in tan shirts makes the cross over less dramatic and just a change of shoulder loops and neckerchief is basically all that happens. Also, I don't care for the tan shirt - PERIOD! The color is just OK, I prefer the green, but if the fit and cut were the older style, the tan would be OK. The red topped socks are OK, but I think old timers (way older than me) who wear the red top socks with garters and tassles just look ridiculous. I'd also like to see the red and white numerals stay! G
  12. Bob White, I think Mr. boyce was referring to the basic "look" of the old version uniform. Green shirt / green pants and neckerchief. Sure, the fabric changed, town and stte strips vs coucnil patch, green bars vs round position patches, etc. I like the older 1970's era uniform. Permanant pressed green shirt, green pants, though I prefer the red and black patrol patches and the oval, multi color rank patches. We had red and white town and state strps, followed by a red and white CSP, then a multi colored CSP. Either would be OK with me.
  13. When I was a scout, we did a pancake breakfast the first Saturday in December. We sold tickets in town for 3 or 4 Saturdays before, then did the event, brought in lots of money, the troop still does it today, 30 years later. The troop my son is in puts on a spring festival and fall festival. These festivals are huge money makers. We get the town to block off the street, we round up vendors, the scouts have their own booths. This works!
  14. Yeah, the BDU's were nice, the Desert uniform was nice, except for that darned Elvis Collar. Like many soldiers in my unit, we tookk the uniform to a tailor to cut down the collar to regular size. I retired before I had to buy ACUs, so I didn't.
  15. A quick check at weather.com shows a heat advisory or something for Alexandria, VA. It's hot outside, it's practically summer. Get out the watermellon, hose 'em down or do a water balloon toss. If they won't camp in the "heat", they won't camp when it's raining, snowing or anything else less than perfect. Make it a great outing the the fair weather folks will wish they didn't miss. Gonzo
  16. Kahuna, The shirts of the 70's were WAY better, they remained tucked in and could accomodate a neckerchief easily. Bob White, I'm 46 abd always carry a handkerchief, I have for over 15 years. I wish neckerchiefs were larger too. Community strips would be nice, but probably won't happen UNLESS and only UNLESS a troop special orders them from their local embroiderer.
  17. I think I'm lost with the alphabet soup. KISMIF? LMFAO? FWIW, LMNOP, PDQ, ASAP. Arghh
  18. Lisa, The internet sure is fun, but as mentioned in other threads, there is no tone or facial expression, etc. to fully convey thoughts and ideas. But we do get those little symbols ;) and so on.
  19. Since you're right there at Warner-Robbins, you might check with the Air force base. I know they have camping available, just ask. Check by calling the base operator and get the number for "Morale, Welfare and Recreation" office, they can help you out.
  20. I just spent the day yesterday at an outdoor event sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). It was kid and family oriented, skeet shooting, archery, BB shootin, moon walk, etc. The guys from the local chapter of NWTF, the local fish and game supply store and the state DNR guy all wore shirts, embroidered with their name, store name (or DNR office), fishing club name, had pockets galore and epaulets. The shirts even had the fancy vent flap on the back. The color was lighter khaki than our shirts, and the fabric weight and feel seemed about right. Still not a fan of epau
  21. Lisa (and Gunny) I know it's 'wrong' to assume, but I really did think that Lisa's question was about weekend camping. As for summer camp and the intermittent situation, I like the regualt "army cot". Fabric place to sleep, durable, affordable, out of the way when folded and for me, comfortable. We had a scout try to bring a cot on the last campout, he was told to leave it behind. Sorry Lisa, aand gunny, didn't mean to offend.
  22. I agree that Congress probably shouldn't get involoved. BUT, if the BSA wants a commemorative coin, there are private mints who can make a coin, much like the Army makes challenge coins, by using private coin making companies. Don't worry public money hawks, money for coins generally come from the actual person who wants the coin or from some special fund, but not (generally) "tax payor dollars".
  23. Gunny, I know now that I came across as rude, but I didn't intend to be. My presumption was that the question related to weekend camping as the original post had to do with non-backpacking. I would assume that the summer camp would provide a cot for summer camp use. I think it's ridiculous to use a cot for WEEKEND camping. I could have added other smart alleck comments too. Gonzo1 (retired soldier)
  24. Lisa, Gunny, and the rest: You've got to be kidding!!! Cots for weekend campouts? C'mon, get with it, get a pad and sleep on the ground.
  25. Berets look sharp when and only when the wearer's haircut is a military cut. Men with moppy looking hairdos and most ladies just look like pizza salesmen - poofy. The beret must be shaved of extra fuzz, is impractical but looks sharp when properly cared for.
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