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  1. Rather than planning something for your pack only, volunteer to help staff the event. Plan many of the suggested items, but, try to incorporate them for the whole event and not just your pack. For my part, it doesn't rain the the Boy Scouts, it rains ON the Boy Scouts. Don't play with lightning, have a back up plan.
  2. Eagle92, Thanks for additional clarity. In my youth, scouts wore web belts with the skill awards, but, once a scout went to Philmont, he had the option to wear a leather belt.
  3. Gonzo1

    Old scout hat

    You paid $37? I'll give you $40
  4. Perfect example of why this isn't a very well designed uniform.
  5. Brotherhoodwww: Let's see, Stevejb is writing about them in his blog and taught them as SM Desertrat77 said that he recalled the instant recognition CHLees3rd observed that they marked milestones on a scout's way to his rank and that relative to hiking SA that a heavy dose of the skill was involved, not just a check in the box. He also commented the his old SM and SPL used other boy leaders to teach skills to other newer scouts. In another post, he commented on the long term memory and recall of the skill. Eagle92 focused on skill mastery before going on to another ski
  6. Skill awards were awesome! They provided for instant recognition AND boy leadership. Our patrol leaders taught the skills and signed them off. SM or SPl presented the belt loop at that meeting or the next meeting.
  7. I disagree with SctDad about keeping non-perishable food on hand, If the scout didn't wake up, he's out of luck. The message here is "why get up, I can sleeep and still eat, I don't even have to cook or clean... SWEET!" If he can get up for school, he can get up on a campout. Loud noises or banging pots and pans is OK, but I don't like dropping tents, especially nowadays, some are really expensive.
  8. Gern, There are lots of things that happen that are not "in" the constitution. Remember this about privatizing social security, GWB only wanted to allow you, if you wanted to participate, to privatize 2%. And that's if you wanted to participate.
  9. Roasted Chicken I like to take 2 whole chickens, place them in the oven, season with garlic and pepper (McCormick's Montreal Chicken is great) and then add your favorite veggies, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, onion, whatever, if the lid doesn't quite fit, that's OK, it will settle, place on a bed of 15-20 coals, 12 on top, after 40 minutes, start a new pile of coals, 20 minutes later, add fresh coals on top and under oven. after 2 hours total, use a meat thermometer to measure for 165 deg F.
  10. Wow, a post by Merlyn in a non-atheism related thread, and even more rare, I actually agree with him . . . . this time! I heard Obama on the radio today say that he plans to send man to an asteroid, an asteroid? Any manned flight to Mars is a death sentence. There would be no way to get anyone back from the surface of mars.
  11. Gonzo1

    uniform tents

    When families pick out their own tents, I have found that they tend to go to the cheapest place and get a $20 tent that leaks like cheese cloth. I think troop owned tents make sense. Everyone in the troop kows how to set them up, take them down, to care for them and so on.
  12. Gonzo1


    Is it just me or has Yann disappeared?
  13. NJ C S, I'm glad you have ruled that YOU decided it's unconstitutional! I thought it was the SCOTUS, at least since 1803 in it's landmark ruling in Marbury vs Madison. It's settled, NJCubScouter has spoken! I hope the remaining 12-15 schools that charter units will stop, then and apparently only then will this matter be put to rest.
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