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  1. So, like most women theres nothing I love better then taking a nice shower or bath or whatever and I love the different kind of scents you can get with shampoos and soaps especially the kind that leave you smelling good. J Well I heard fairly recently that its dangerous to go hiking/camping/backpacking when you smell either floral (honey suckle, violet, sweet pea, lavender) or like food (peach, wild berry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla honey etc, watermelon) because of wild animals. Now granted I wouldnt rub steak all over my body before camping in bear countrybut from what Im hearing it almo
  2. Hmm so I was wondering if anyone on here might know whats going on. I think I mentioned that I have a bad knee I hurt it several years ago in a judo accidentwe were practicing taking someone down a move where you push the persons knee backwards and their heel forward at the same timeresulting in them falling over. We werent supposed to actually do it (because of possible injuries) by my partner got a little too excited and the next thing I know I was lying on my back. She did forced my knee backwards and hit hurt a lotI limped around the rest of the day but it didnt swell or anything so I f
  3. Hehe, Weight is actually not one of my concerns (amazing I think considering I am an American female!) I am a college student, therefore, I can't afford snack food, munchies or fast food and am I at the mercy of the school cafiteria...meaning when I do eat I don't have problems with overeating (lost a lot of weight freshman year...actually believe my stomach shrunk a bit)My parents were health nuts growing up too, so I didn't grow up in a home with chips, soda etc. When I go for snack food I go for nuts (Love the new Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix), yogurt, plumbs etc. I don't like sitting
  4. Hmmm, yeah, I will have to check into some of those things... I had started running several months back...figured it was a good way as any to get into shape. Running on roads and such really killed my knees and ankels so I was told to run on grass like a soccor field. This worked for a while, but eventually it too started murdering my knees to the point where while walking my bad knee kept trying to pop out of the socket or would suddenly give out. So, I gave up running, I was told to get a knee brace for hiking backpacking and such...haven't gotten around to it yet but really hiking doesn't
  5. So, some of you might know, but I will be backpacking and doing a lot of hiking starting in August. I hike all the time but the idea of backpacking scares me to death so Ive been trying to get in condition for itwhatever that may be. I thought someone might have some exercising tips? So far Ive been doing palates mostly concentrating on my core especially my back muscles (my chiropractor told me to do this for my back problems). I do these exercises three days a week as well as lunges with weights. Two days a week Ive been riding my bike for about 30 min. followed by leg exercises. Also, cause
  6. Hey all! So, I haven't been on in a while because I've been busy working at camps and such (love it!) but I had a quick question. A couple of us have talked about going canoeing but every lake around here (which would be North East GA) seems to be dry or severely low. Not that we have had much time to visit each one (apparently there are quite a few). Does anyone know of a lake up here that is still ok to canoe in? Thanks!
  7. So, Gwd-scouter, I am also from the South and actually had no idea that palmetto bugs existed until I read your post (thank you so much). My only comfort now is knowing that I have a dome tent and as long as I zipper it no bugs can get in! On the other hand, last time I went camping I found a beetle in my sleeping bag (that is after I had been in it a while...*shudders*) and the tent had been closed for a while, which means it probably rode in on someone (like moi). As for snakes being poisonous I guess they aren't...at least people eat even the venomous ones down here (though I personal
  8. I was just wondering if anyone had seen this show on the Discovery channel and what you thought about it. I watched an episode and it seemed stupid to me..."let's take people from the city who have never been outside before and make them live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska and we could film it!!" yeah...great idea. watch episodes @ http://video.discovery.com/#(This message has been edited by WildernesStudent)
  9. You know I have never had a problem with snakes. Now it's one thing if I didn't know a snake was there and it pops out in front of me, but if I'm walking on the trail and I see a snake I just go around it. I think they're kinda cool actually, sspecially the poisonous ones! I used to say that I'd rather get bit by a snake then stung by a bee or wasp of course I used to have an irrational fear of stinging insects...I'm working on it now. Though...it might be cool to be bit by a snake just once...think of the inspiration it would give you!
  10. Hmm Interesting. I dont know I think it just takes time and getting used to bugs. Take me for example, I used to never go outsideseriously I am not kidding. When I went outside it was to go from the house to the car or to the house from the car. Now, I practically live outside! You cant keep me from hiking, canoeing, or camping and we all know there are loads of bugs when doing that! Now, I do admit that I really dont like bugs and am actually terrified of the kind that sting (bees, wasps, hornetsick) but I think when it hit me that bugs are outside and I will see them and of course the
  11. Maybe I should mention that this ins't for a troop. These activities would be for college age people.
  12. I dont think that everyone should be required to carry an EpiPen in their first aid kit its situational depending on where you are going (away from civilization), whos going (someone who can use it or who needs it) etc. As is aid were not even required to have a first aid kit much less carry EpiPens in one, but were doing it because of the situations we know well be in. Were also considering it because of the training the officers haveif they werent WFRs we probably wouldnt be have thought about carrying syringes filled with epinephrine much less on how to get them with the purpose being that
  13. "Wilderness student. My point I was working toward is that to carry every medication t=you might need for any possible emergency is not practical, especially for your level of experience." Carrying every medication one might need isn't practical believe me I know (I have a history of diabetes in my family and you don't see me carrying around insulin just in case) I do want to state though that one of the reasons the club has been thinking about this is because of their training (While I might not have experience remember that everyone else is a certified WFR). I know at least four people
  14. "I am unsure what the dimemma is here? Are you aware of someone in your group who is highly allergic to bee venom, or for some other reason requires to have epinephrine on hand? If so wouldn't they have a prescription and epi-pens on them?" BobWhite I am confused by what you mean? What I'm trying to say is what if someone who has never been stung before gets stung and has a reaction....I know that I have never been stung by a bee I hate any kind of bugs and avoid them (also, I have lots of relatives who are allergic to bees in my family). If I've never been stung then I wouldn't kn
  15. Dilemma Soyou are out hiking with a bunch of people and someone gets stung by a bee. Within moments the person is having trouble breathing and other symptoms of anaphylactic shock are evident (I wasnt actually trying to be poetic here I simply forget the other symptoms) As everyone turns to the victim asking where they keep their EpiPen the person looks at them with eyes wide with panic and says I dont carry one, Ive never been stung beforeI didnt know I was allergic! (Oh crap) what do you do? My question is something the oc officers (those who are already certified that is) have b
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