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  1. I attended the World Scout Jamboree in 2019. I got a very small glimpse of what Scouting is like in other countries. Based on those observations, I’d suggest two areas of improvement: 1) Reduce barriers to entry. As discussed elsewhere, with registration fees are going up. There probably is not much we can do about that, but do Cub Scouts really need to spend so money on uniforms? A t-shirt and jeans/shorts are enough. 2) Other countries have very active Scouting programs for 18-25 year olds, and they leverage those 18-25 y/os to provide leadership to the younger Scouts. Colleg
  2. It appears that the Form Council Letter of Intent was intnended to be included for reference purposes. However, it may have been at the top of a 20-page stack of documents, when it really was intended to be an exhibit at the bottom of the pile. When the LOI is the first thing that the CO reads, it is easy for that CO to conclude that someone is asking them to contribute assets, when that isn't the case. If your CO gets this package, they should just focus on the FAQ document first.
  3. I just saw the package that was mailed to Charter Orgs. It included an FAQ document, Notice of Confirmation Hearing, and a sample Form Of Letter of Intent from Councils in which the Councils commit to contributing to the Settlement Trust. That Form LOI (which as I recall is in the approved Disclosure Statement) also calls for Councils to disclose real estate assets, etc., relating to the real estate portion of the Council contributions. My sense is that the documents might have been put into envelopes out of order, leading to some confusion.
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